Pon-E: LIke Candy

Aug 24th, 2018
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  1. “Come in, come in, “ A man in a suit smiles to his guest walking into the room. The room is large, comparable to a physicians waiting room. It is painted blue, abd is mostly unfurnished save for a pair of folding chairs sitting to face each other with a coffee table between the two chairs. Nearby a blanket laid out on the ground, a pillow, and various other playtime accessories.
  3. “Would you like a seat?” he motions to the chair. The other man awkwardly shuffles in at the motion “was worried no one would answer the ad. Your email said your name was...Adrien, yes?” The man in the suit smiles when he receives a nervous nod in response
  5. The man in the suit smiles as Adrien takes the seat across from him, the room is so quiet sliding the clip board across the coffee table almost echoes with in it’s lightly furnished walls.
  7. The Man in the suit turns the clipboard around, pointing it non-threateningly to the other .Adrien takes the clipboard up, eyes running along the legalese as the man in the suit speaks “Waivers. Despite what we’re doing not being the, we do still have to take some precautions. Nothing to worry about, I assure you” It didn’t make Adrien not worry though.
  9. Minutes of silence pass awkwardly as Adrien fills the paperwork out. Eventually they are signed and passed over to the man in the suit, who proceeds to flip through each page making sure everything is in order.
  11. Adrien voice cracks slightly as he asks “so uh, what is your name?”
  13. The man hmms when he looks away from the clipboard with a smile, “Call me John.” he smiles and places the clipboard on the table “so have you ever tried this before?”
  15. Adrien shakes his head no.
  17. “Ah. a brave one, I see” He noticed Adrien tense at the statement
  19. “ this safe?” Adrien couldn’t have been older than 21...youngest he could possibly be was 19.
  21. “Oh perfectly. When you follow the rules anyway” John leans forward, reaching under the coffee table between them and pulls out a small almost briefcase.
  23. As John opens the case Adrien closes his eyes, obviously looking into his memories from the so far limited experience with Pon-E “Don’t name yourself..don’t do it alone, uh..” he drags off as his memory fails him
  25. John picks up where Adrien stops “no more than one in a 24 hours period.” He pulls out a small cylinder with a single blue pill inside. “Don’t mix with other recreational drugs, avoid sexual activity if possible”
  27. Adrien blinked with a look that implies he’d realised something terrible “don’t do it with people you don’t know or don’t trust” he fidgets in his seat a bit before commenting with a hint of worry in his voice “I’m breaking that rule right now, but-”
  29. “But you need the money..and we need someone willing to test this out”
  31. Adrien nods.
  33. “So what we are doing today. Is testing a new formula.” he says placing a bottle of water next to the capsule holding the pill. “You see, the chemicals used to create Pon-e originally while potent, had the misfortune of tasting like...Spaghetti”
  35. Adrien nodded along
  37. “And there’s nothing wrong with the initial flavor but, some dealers.” he would roll his eyes at the word. “Have noted that people who use the drug would like to have an alternative, so some of my associates who work on making it have been trying to find just the right combination of additives and things that could be removed to find a more suitable taste”
  39. At that he opened the small cylinder and tipped it over, the pill dropping rather unceremoniously on a small piece of cloth.
  41. “So it should be painless, to everyone’s knowledge anyway. Traditionally, most of the transformation occurs in a ‘blackout state’ and most witness accounts don’t mention any visible displeasure to the person changing.” John calmly stated as soon a cup just a little larger than a shot glass was placed beside the cloth with the pill on it, pouring the water into it.
  43. Adrien looked at the water, then the pill. A gulp of trepidation pushed spit down his throat. He’d heard stories, and had been terrified of them, yet he couldn’t stop thinking about this kind of opportunity, and had wondered how it would go.
  45. Admittedly he’d never thought it would be this formal.
  48. “Oh!” John smacked the palm of his hand to his forehead “before we begin properly, you’re going to need to remove your clothing.”
  50. Adriens eyes goggled at the statement
  52. “The process of change between human and pony isn’t exactly nice to clothing, unfortunately. And we don’t have any spare clothing for you when the process is done.”
  54. With a hesitant motion Adrien stands up beginning to pull his shirt off; shoes, shirt, socks, eventually laying his clothing down on his seat somewhere in the back of his mind a more logical, rational part of him asks the question ‘what am I doing?’ To which the other voice in his head less held to logic and rationale answered, reminding himself ‘getting a paycheck’
  56. With the click of his pen John smiled “And we’re ready to begin, you may take the pill when ready”
  58. He nodded and took the pill in his hand, placed it in his mouth, taking a moment to let it moisten on his tongue.
  60. “That does taste like candy,Like smarties actually” he commented
  62. John scribbled in a notepad he’d picked up “that’s a good sign. Now drink, we have to make sure the transformation progress is unchanged by the alteration to the formula”
  64. Adrien grabbed the water next and drank from the container, the water dissipating the taste before he swallowed, feeling the sensation of the water and the pill rushing down his throat
  66. From all the stories he had heard Adrien sat down, expecting his body to rapidly lose conciousness as the chemicals in the drug triggered triggered the brains response to avoid registering physical pain as much as possible.
  68. He was getting the impression that his friends might have lied until
  70. “Feeling anything? Light headed? Shortness of breath, Loss of balance?” John calmly asked observing the other in the chair
  72. “ nothing ye-” he suddenly leaned back in his chair surprised.
  74. John noticed “What is that?”
  76. “ whole lower body went numb” he shuddered and leaned forward as he looked down. His hands rubbed his legs all over the inner and outer thighs. the all over numbness that struck his legs felt jarring with how entirely sudden it had struck him. He flexed his toes as best he could with how heavy every fiber of muscle in his legs felt,finding the mobility slowly becoming less and less as the bones appeared to push and rearange in the skin of his feet “shit, I thought you said I was gonna black out when this happened” he looked to the older man
  78. Johns voice, despite the situation, was still calm “side effect of the reformulation, noting that, black out state does not occur in new formula” he mumbled as he rapidly wrote into his clipboard “any pain at all?”
  80. Adrien, watched as the skin of his leg stretched and shifted, stubble of light green fur rapidly asserting dominance over his skin, he shook his head.
  82. “Subject does not experience pain. Total numbness of body”
  84. “It’s...the most I have is a tingling sensatioon.” He closed his eyes tightly, forcing himself to lay back in the chair, clenching his hands around the seat of the folding chair, feeling the need to assure himself of their function, knowing that in steadily approaching succession they would undergo the same treatment his feet were undergoing right now.
  86. Popping and cracking occured as the joints in adriens ankles and legs pulled apart, there was still no pain but the tingling numbness acheived a height previously not known to exist as the way his legs shifted and pulled and grew, taking on a unguligrade shift in the way they bent and moved.
  88. “I’m going to need to ask you to present yourself...we still have to account the statistical odds of gender shifting with in those who take the drug” The voice was calm, making the entire scenario feel bizarrely dreamlike despite the very real and known reality to Adrien, he was now turning into a pony.
  90. “Present!” his voice was an octave higher and only appeared to be shifting more into a voice entirely unfamiliar to the voice they had had their entire life. With shaking legs he moved to shift his legs about as best he can, shyness making Adriens cheeks flush as he showed himself off to another man he’d met only moments ago.
  92. The green hair...fur was rapidly advancing up his thighs, signalling further numbness up to his body as the adrenaline forced his anatomy to react, his penis standing. Inversely Adrien had an awareness that just above his tail bone his skin was being pushed and stetched as entirely new bones were growing and pushing from his read end. He knew his tail was coming.
  94. “Size of subjects penis is...reducing.” Adrien could barely focus as their attention was focused entirely on the sensations..and lack there of with in his pelvis. Were he not trying to keep himself firmly held in the chair he would have likely been grabbing to hold on to his “self” despite not bragging about it nor feeling especially like it was the be all end all of his identity he still rather liked it. The tingling numbness asserted itself further, adding a strange buzzing feeling as he felt the physical reaction to the previous adrenaline spike seem to rapidly abate. His cock now entirely limp, shrinking and receding away. Adrien let out a croaking groaning sound that sounded all too female to hisears as his anatomy shifted and pulled, his sack squeezing and folding in, balls no longer outwardly present.
  95. A new damp emptiness between Adriens legs made him realise that he’d fallen on the positive side of ‘statistical odds of gender shifting’ as John had so firmly put. She’d or he would attempt to reconcile it, but they were far more focused on staying in the chair.
  97. In all the loss of physical male identity Adrien had lost track of things, just beneath him was a shining green tail that drapped down from the chair, the muscles shifting back and forth as he felt the entirely new sensation of the weight of hair pulling down from that new apendage
  99. Adrien's breath was sharp, quick, he felt like she was drowning, but unable to pass out as their torso squeezed and pushed in, their perspective shifting as the loud crunching and pushing sensations and numbness squeezed their torso into a barrel like tube much more befitting the resemblance to a cartoon horse she was rapidly becoming.
  101. “One Minute, subjects lower extremities, torso and sexual characteristics have transformed, no complications beyond the maintained conciousness” Johns voice carried on any real attention to the presented tone of the voice was lost in that buzzing tingle that had now pressed it’s way up into Adriens head.
  103. She dazedly watched as the palm of her hand slowly changed shape, fingers bending and pushing until they fuzed together, fingernails growing until they became hooves. His shoulders had shifted, readjusted a realisation that somewhere now they had harmlessly slid to the floor as they wiggled their new hooves in the air, the structure changing fluidly and rapidly now. New forelegs.
  105. Somewhere she could hear John saying something but her whole head tingled and buzzed like they’d been listening to music on full blast for far too long, a sensation of increased motion as their ears swivelled and twitched up and down atop her head.
  107. She was dizzy. Face elongating, jaw shifting teeth repositioning. A longer mane that went to their shoulders and tickled their collar bone just barely.
  109. And in just that moment Adrien seemed to snap back into reality.
  111. She was adorable.
  113. Everything seemed to blur a bit as she pushed up onto all fours looking up at john.
  115. John, continued his notes, mumbling “metamorphosis, complete. Time, two minutes 15 seconds one known complication” The man smiled getting up and taking the blanket that had been folded, and draped it over her, petting her mane “Thirsty?”
  117. She nodded breathing and looking around with a degree of worry and anxiety. The full gravity of the current situation dawning on her. He noticed and hugged her, not tightly, but enough to create a sense of security, before moving away for a second, presenting her with the bottle of water. He gently helped her drink from the bottle, disposing of it when she finished the contents entirely “You were very good” his smile was kind, and his voice assuring as he continued to hug her, seeming to be keenly aware of the sense of anxiety they were experiencing. He pet her mane gently and continued to assure her until she smiled.
  119. The Twelve hours were quiet, but went by faster than expected. Playtime, running around the large room, an ordered veggie pizza (John helped her eat it as best they could.) eventually Adrien falling asleep wrapped in the blanket with John sleeping in his chair nearby.
  122. They next day, Adrien now a human male again straightened his shirt and adjusted his jacket.
  124. “I feel I can consider the test very successful, though I am very likely to see if my friends in development can pinpoint the exact reason the blackout state never initiated.” John smiled offering his hand out for a shake.
  126. Adrien hesitantly reciprocated the handshake.
  128. “And, here’s your pay” John held up a small briefcase “as advertised, all there, all legal.” he smiled. And we’ll be sure to forward you a degree of royalties when we start circulating the new formula”
  130. “And..I’ll never see you again?” Adrien asked curiously, taking the briefcase, his tone hinting a sense of disappointment.
  132. “Well…”John smiled and extended his hand again, a flick of his finger presenting a business card “If you are interested in pursuing a business relationship of a sort, You can reach me through these means.
  134. Adrien looked down at the card, feeling himself break out at what must only be a wild Coincidence. The business had no phone number he could read, but a name ‘John. Q. Disc”
  136. When Adrien looked up, the room was empty. No table, no chairs, no blankets or playtime toys. And no John.
  138. Adrien, looked inside the briefcase. The money was there.
  140. He left, very quickly, keeping the business card in his pocket. As he left the building to head home.
  150. .
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