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  1. TAGS: consensual, creampie, Mg, masturbation, romance, safe sex, slow, risky sex
  3.                     CHAPTER 001
  4.                     “New Neighbors”
  6.     Wiping the heavy sweat from his brow, Alistair Reynolds looks out across the neighborhood of which he now lived in. It was mostly empty, a mere handful of homes were around despite the fairly large amount of streets present. The place had proved too perfect for Alistair as it was far enough away from the city to be quiet, close enough that it everything was no more than twenty minutes away and private enough due to the fact the housing development had gone under during the recession, the majority of the lots unsold and not built on due to that.
  7.     But there were some, built closer to the main road than his house. But even of those only one was inhabited according to Alistair’s real estate agent. Perfect for someone like him.
  8.     And so, Alistair smiles and pulls out one of his lawn chairs, unfolding it and setting it out in his front lawn next to a small lawn table that had a glass of lemonade on it. He needed to remain outside for the next moving truck and thought that this was as good a time as any to get some sun.
  9.     Laying down on the lawn chair, Al stretches out and adjusts a pair of sunglasses on his head before leaning back to begin his wait for the truck. Unlike his backyard which had a large tree in it, the front was Spartan, not even having a place to have a garden despite its relatively large size. The lack of trees or other obstructions made the sun beat down on him, the heat practically baking Al.
  10.     “Morning!”
  11.     Al practically jumps from his chair as a girlish young voice breaks the silence that had been around him. Looking around, he quickly spots the source, that of a young girl of maybe eight or nine and wearing glasses that hid eyes of malachite. Her hair, a little past shoulder length with some bouncy curls in it, shifted in a slight breeze. Dressed in a t-shirt with a Pikachu on it and what appeared to be a jean-skirt, the young girl takes a few steps closer to Al.
  12.     “Uh, morning. Do you live in the house down the street?” Shifting back into his seat again, the young man’s eyes scanned the girl from behind the safety of his sunglasses.
  13.     “Yep! Name is Victoria but most everyone calls me Vicki. You going to be my new neighbor then?” She stops a few feet off as Alistair nods at her.
  14.     “Yeah, guess I am. Name is Alistair, most call me Al.” Deciding to be more neighborly, Al sits up fully and smiles at her. “So, are you on Summer Break now?” The girl nods, her curls swaying in the process.
  15.     “Uh-huh! Mom keeps telling me to get out and get some air every day so I was walking around the neighborhood and saw you, thought I would say hi.” Giving Al a bright smile, Al could not help but reciprocate in kind.
  16.     “Well, enjoy it while you can. I certainly miss my own Summer Breaks. Now though? Have to work a whole lot.” He chuckles and stands up, gaining almost a full two feet over her in the process. “Would you like a lemonade before you get home?”
  17.     “Um… Mom said I shouldn’t accept gifts from strangers.” She fidgets a little, a bead of sweat trickling down her cheek.
  18.     “Your mom is wise. But I’ll be drinking the same lemonade as you so I doubt anything bad would happen, right?” He points to his own glass of the sweet yellow liquid. Spotting it, Vicki’s face quirks before she finally shrugs.
  19.     “Sure, I guess one glass won’t hurt. Just don’t tell my mom, okay?” Al nods and makes a zipper motion across his lips.
  20.     “Absolutely.” Stepping into his house which, so far, was still hot as the AC had only been turned on a short time earlier, he gets to his kitchen and pours out a new glass and heads back out to the girl who was now sitting on his lawn chair, her legs resting off of it. “Here you go.” He hands it to Vicki and she smiles up at him, thanking him before taking a sip.
  21.     “Woah! Sweet! How much sugar did you put in this?” Alistair laughs when he sees her face scrunch slightly before he grabs his own glass and takes a swig.
  22.     “Enough.” Finishing his own off with one long gulp, he sets his glass down before tapping the back of his chair. “So have you been doing a whole lot this summer? Heat sucks but that’s not slowing you down is it?”
  23.     Vicki shrugs and drinks some more of her lemonade. “Not much. I don’t have any friends, uh, nearby and the park they were going to build wasn’t. Mom says she’ll be getting us an above ground pool sometime but she said that last year too.” Al listens carefully and picks up a small peculiarity.
  24.     “Well, what does your dad say about getting a pool?” As soon as he asked he knew he had touched some button in the young girl.
  25.     “My dad died two years ago,” she said flatly, her lips returning to the rim of the glass and sucking down with a slurp some more of the drink. “Cancer.”
  26.     Alistair frowns, his shoulders slumping some. “Sorry for your loss. Never easy to lose someone.” Victoria sighs and nods before finishing her drink.
  27.     “It’s okay but thanks though.” Standing up, Victoria hands the now empty glass to Alistair. “It was nice talking. Thanks for the lemonade too, it was sweet but pretty good.” She smiles before turning towards the street and back towards her house.
  28.     “Same to you. Hey, come by if you see me out and about, we can chat some more or something.” She nods at Alistair but continues to head off. Sitting back down on his lawn chair, Alistair’s eyes trail the girl for a moment. “Sweet but pretty good, huh? I’ll take that.” He then leans back to take in the sun once more.
  30.                     CHAPTER 002
  31.                     “Poolside”
  33.     After several days of settling in in his new home, Alistair found himself getting a tad stir crazy. Maybe he was just bored or maybe he wanted someone to talk to. Being outside of the city proper was nice and quiet but he never realized just how quiet it could get.
  34.     In any case he felt like he needed some air and so, getting into some loose and light clothing, he steps outside and starts to make a “tour” of the neighborhood.
  35.     The majority of it was empty, large lots defined only by their driveways and the streets separating the various blocks. The whole neighborhood was surrounded by planted trees and shrubbery, giving a bit of an illusion of being in a forested region. But with only a handful of houses near the main road, it made the whole area seem a little creepy and empty to Alistair.
  36.     After about twenty minutes, Alistair had made the main loop of the neighborhood and found himself nearing the few homes near entrance of the empty neighborhood. Sitting out in their front lawn in a kiddy pool and wearing a simple pink-and-white striped swimsuit was Vicki, the young girl he had talked to a few days earlier. She looked cute but also horribly bored.
  37.     “Afternoon! Just getting some sun? And don’t tell me that was your mom’s idea of having an above ground swimming pool.” Al stops at the edge of the girl’s lawn and looks towards her.
  38.     “Nah, we’ve had this for a while. Don’t really remember where we got it, just saw in the garage last night and thought it would be nice to lay out in some water today. Did you know it’s nearly a hundred degrees out today?”
  39.     Alistair laughs and shrugs, his skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat from his walk and the heat. “Never would have guessed. You sure it’s not thirty degrees? I feel like I need to put on some jackets!” Victoria sits up and giggles at him as she splashes some more water on her upper half.
  40.     “I think you’d get real sick if you did that, Mr Alistair.” Al cringes slightly and shakes his head.
  41.     “Please, just call me Al, Vicki. I’ve never really like titles or honorifics personally.” The girl just laughs and falls back once more into her pool.
  42.     “Honorifics? Like –san or –sempai?” Victoria lets out another little string of girlish laughter before rolling around in the water a little.
  43.     “Do you speak Japanese, Vicki? How do you know those?” Even Alistair, a bit of an anime fan, couldn’t speak Japanese despite on-and-off attempts to learn.
  44.     “Hmm? No, we had a Japanese exchange student in my school named Jiro. He gave us a bit of a lesson on things like that and some of the other students called him Jiro-san until he went back home at the end of the school year.” Al was curious now since he wasn’t sure elementary schools had exchange programs. Taking a few steps onto her lawn, he kneels down near her pool but stays a few paces back, doing his best to hang back to avoid any problems if someone saw him.
  45.     “Exchange student huh? Your school sounds pretty good to have that program. I thought it was only middle and high schools that did that.” The girl stops rolling about and stays still for a moment before getting back to her back and looks up at Al.
  46.     “You’re right.” She looked a little different to Alistair, her face not totally unlike when she had revealed her father had passed. Raising an eyebrow, he looks her over, finally making out the little moons, stars and comets of her one-piece.
  47.     “So, uh, are you in middle school?” The girl sighs and stretches out before standing up and getting out of the little pool. Walking towards her porch, she picks up a towel and shakes it before pat-drying herself.
  48.     “I’m in high school.” Her voice was dry and flat as she said that, something that made Al very curious to say the least.
  49.     “High school! Wow! You can’t be older than, what? Ten? That’s pretty impressive, Vicki.” The girl shrugs before she starts to try and dry her hair.
  50.     “That’s what everyone says. It’s just another place to learn, that’s all.” Wrapping her towel around her, she turns back to look at him before giving Al a smile. “Sorry, I’m not a big fan of high school. It is fun, I guess, but it’s not really cool, if that makes any sense.”
  51.     “I… I don’t know. Kinda I guess, not so much too. Does that make sense, Vicki?” She shrugs before turning back to her house.
  52.     “I’m getting a juice, you want one too?” Al thinks about it and nods.
  53.     “Sure, I’ll take one. Need to stay hydrated in this heat.” Alistair smiles at her before she waves him over.
  54.     “Come on in, cool off for a moment.” She keeps giving him a smile as he holds up his hand.
  55.     “No, I think it may be best I stay out here. Don’t want you mom to get upset that you have a stranger in your house.” The last thing he was wanting was for her mom to call the cops on him.
  56.     “It’s fine, it’s fine. You’re not going to do anything, right? And in any case, my mom will be at work until late anyway, so as long as you’re out soon, you’ll be fine.” Opening her front door, she pads in, still a little wet from her dip in the pool and dripping slightly on the floors
  57.     “Well, if you say so.” With that, Al steps into Vicki’s house.
  59.                     CHAPTER 003
  60.                     “A Nice Little Chat”
  62.     As Al steps into the house, he looks around as a smile spreads across his face. “You have a pretty nice house. With your mom working you must help keep it clean, right?”
  63.     Vicki nods as she leads Alistair to the kitchen. “Yeah, a little. I try to keep my messes to my room though so mom doesn’t have to deal with them.” Opening her fridge, the girl bends slightly, Al catching the slightest glimpse of her swimsuit clad bottom before she turns to hand him a little juice box.
  64.     “Yum, apple juice!” Al chuckles as he pokes the straw into the top of the box.
  65.     “It’s my favorite juice so mom buys it pretty often.” Victoria begins to suck on her straw before letting out a contented sigh. “And it hits the spot too.”
  66. Al had to agree, nodding to the young girl’s comment. “That it does, especially with this heat. I’m going to have to make sure a gardener gets out tomorrow before the city puts a ban on letting people use water on their lawns.” Sighing, though not in a content way, Al wipes at his brow before finishing his juice box.
  67. “Well, that was very yummy. And considerate too. Payment for having some of my lemonade the other day?”
  68. Vicki just shrugs and finishes her juice as well, a slight slurping noise heard before he sets her box down. “I guess. So, uh, Al? Why did you move out to literally nowhere? It’s just you and me out here and my mom says that she doubts anyone else will move here in the next few years or so.”
  69. Giving her a shrug this time, Al hands her the box in his hands, not sure where her trash is. “I’m not real sure of that myself. I guess it was a couple of things. I’ve lived in an apartment almost my whole life and I have always wanted a house. Looked around and found the one I’m in now on the cheap, bought it up and here I am now.”
  70. “I hear you. Mom says we moved out here because it’s close to her job. I think it was more so we could move out of our old place. It was a duplex and was small but I loved it there. It was also pretty close to this cool shop of toys and games I liked going to. Can’t anymore unless mom drives me and it’s like thirty minutes away so I doubt I’ll get to go very often.” Vicki sounded a little bummed out as she spoke and Al just reaches out and pats her shoulder.
  71. “Could be worse. At least you have a real pretty house now. And who knows, maybe more people will move in and the developer here will put in a park or something for you to play at.”
  72. “I’m more of an indoor person, Al, but I get what you want to say. Thanks.” Tossing the two empty boxes into a nearby bin, Victoria starts for the door again. “Come on, I want to get in that pool for a little while longer.”
  73. Following her out, Al shuts the door behind him as Vicki’s towel slips away and practically skips to the pool, taking a short hop into it. As she starts to sit down, Al walks over and stands next to her, feeling the heat already bearing down on him.
  74. “Well, you enjoy your pool, Vicki. I’m going to go back to my place and look into getting an actual pool myself. If not, this heat may well kill me.”
  75. “You’re getting a pool?” That caught Victoria’s attention and fast.
  76. “I, uh, maybe. I’m not real sure yet.”
  77. “If you do and my mom doesn’t get one, could I come over and swim in it?” She had shifted to her knees, looking up at Alistair with large and almost puppy dog eyes.
  78. “I, well…” He fidgets a little as he looks down at her. “Listen, I’m fine with it I guess. But if you do I want you to always have your mom’s permission. She can come over and ask even, but no showing up unannounced and without your mom’s A-OK.”
  79. Jumping to her feet, she grabs Al around his middle in a hug. “Thanks! I’ll make sure I’ll do all that, Al. Man, I haven’t swam in years!” She smiles and Al slowly extricates himself from her, his shirt and a bit of his jeans now dampened by her.
  80. “Uh, yeah. Well, I’m heading off then. We can talk later Vicki.” Seeing him checking his clothes, she frowns and slumps back down into her little pool.
  81. “Sorry, I got a little too excited there. And yeah, talk later. But if you do get that pool, I want you to tell me ASAP, please.”
  82. “Will do. Now you have fun until then, Vicki.” Turning towards his house, he marches off, eager to quickly walk off the growing member in his pants, hoping beyond hope the girl had not noticed.
  83. [Dammit Al, she’s just a kid. Get a hold of yourself.] He grumbles as he opens the door to his house and steps in, pulling his sweaty shorts and shirt off, deciding a cool shower was in order.
  85.                     CHAPTER 004
  86.                     “Taking a Dip”
  88.     Alistair stands outside in his backyard and looks out over to his new pool. It had been a week since he had ordered the above ground pool and, after having it put up and filled with water, it was warm enough, he assumed, to be able to be swam in.
  89.     None too early either. With the heat wave covering the state the government had put out a ban that morning on wasting water. Thanking the fact he had had it filled earlier, Alistair walks over and pulls the solar mat back and dunks a hand in.
  90.     “Ah! Still just a little cool. But in this heat?” He looks up towards the sky, pale blue and without a hint of cloud and with the fiery orb of the sun bearing down on him. “I think it should be perfect.”
  91.     Stepping back inside, the raven-haired man checks the lemonade he had just brewed. Taking a sip of it, he frowns. “Not as sweet as I would like. Still, last time I made some…” He mumbles off before stepping back outside.
  92. Walking down the street, it was just mere moments before he was breaking out in a heavy sweat. Despite it barely being noon the heat had already spiked well over ninety degrees. Couple that with a recent spike in humidity and it was nearly insufferable.
  93. Stepping up to his only neighbor’s house, though, Alistair was feeling just a little too giddy. Taking a few deep breaths, he presses the door bell and stands there. A moment later the door opens and standing there, already in her swim suit, was the cute little brunette. “Afternoon Al! Is your pool ready?”
  94. Al gives the girl a little gasp and pats his chest slightly. “Oh? Is that all you have to ask? What if I was coming by to ask for a cup of sugar?”
  95. The girl blushes and looks down towards her feet. “I… I’m sorry. That was rude.” Al just laughs and pats her shoulder.
  96. “That’s fine, Vicki. I did, in fact, come by to tell you to grab your sunscreen and towel. The pool is still cold but, well, yeah.” Looking back up at him, the girl gives a little hop and shows him a brilliant smile.
  97. “Yes! Alright, I’ll be just a second.” Vicki turns and runs for the living room, grabbing her towel and a small bag, she quickly returns to him. “All ready.”
  98. “Good. Now, how well can you actually swim?” Al steps back from the door as she shuts it behind her, the two making their way to the street.
  99. “Hm? I’m quite good. Not Olympic like but I know a few swimming techniques. My mom taught me a few years ago.”
  100. “Good. Last thing I need is for you go belly-up like a goldfish in my pool. After that chat I had the other night with your mother about this, I swore you would be safe. Your mom threatened to do terrible and horrific things if you got hurt.”
  101. “I can take care of myself, Al. Have to anyway since I’m home alone all the time.”
  102. “That’s another thing, Vicki: you need to be more cautious with people. Telling people you’re home alone all the time is not a good thing to go around saying. You’re just lucky we live in a, well…” He looks around the neighborhood where barely any birds could even be heard.
  103. “Deserted neighborhood?” Looking to Vicki, Al sees her looking around too.
  104. “Yeah, that’s a pretty good observation.” As they get to his backyard, he steps towards his back door. “I’m going to grab my towel. Start putting your sunscreen on, okay?” After hearing her confirm she would, Al steps in and goes to his restroom, rooting around for a moment before grabbing a towel. Walking back outside, Alistair spots Vicki on one of the lawn chairs and struggling to apply the cream to her back.
  105. “Need some help there, Vicki?” She groans and nods.
  106. “Just my back though. I got my arms, legs and neck already.”
  107. “What about ears, nose and things?” The little girl groans again and squirts a small dollop of sunscreen on her hand again.
  108. “On it.”
  109. Grabbing the tube, Al puts some on his hand before looking over her back. Her skin was very lightly tanned but not really dark. Grinning, he slowly reaches forward and starts to apply it to her back, her skin smooth and warm to the touch. Gulping very lightly, Al rubs it in where her skin shows, slipping a finger under the very edge of her swimsuit.
  110. “Alright, I think you’re good. Ready to hop in?” Al takes a few more swipes at her back, fingers trailing briefly before finally stepping back from her.
  111. “Yep!” Hopping up, Vicki runs over to the ladder and scurries up it, Al getting thoughts that she was acting like a squirrel that was going up a tree. Snorting back a laugh, he quickly plays it off like he had something in his nose, rubbing at it briefly as she gives him a curious look. But once Vicki was at the top of the ladder she leaps from it and gets most of the way into a cannonball before splashing down into the water.
  112. “Careful!” Al shakes his head knowing full well had he been her age he would have done the very same. As he gets up and over the ladder, he slips much more gently into the water than the girl had.
  113. “You sound like my mom, Al! Come on, a little jump won’t hurt.” Splashing some water at Al, she rolls and kicks off the soft wall, torpedoing across the pool to the other end.
  114. “I just don’t want to be the person to explain to your mom how you broke your ankle, little lady.” Splashing some water back at her, Vicki laughs as a lot of water hits her.
  115. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll be more careful, Al. Just got excited is all. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to actually swim!” Doing some backstrokes, she lazily slides across the pool as Alistair dunks his head under the water briefly, the cold liquid feeling great considering the extreme heats he had had to suffer through while outside in the last few days.
  116. “I gotcha. Just wish I had some pool toys or one of those pool chairs you can float on.” Going to the railing, the man hangs onto it and feels the rigid framing bend slightly from his weight as he relaxes and lets his lower body float up. “Still, this heatwave is killer. So happy I got this. If my AC blows at least I can dive in here.”
  117. Vicki lays back, floating in the water now and barely moving. “Uh-huh. Mom had to up the AC to 85 today so we don’t burn ours out. Thankfully I’m here and not cooking in the house.” Sighing, she rolls over and looks at her neighbor. “Say, Al, do you have any brothers or sisters?”
  118. “I have a sister. Twin actually! She lives back in the city. She makes due with drawing a webcomic series.” Looking back at Vicki, it was his turn to raise an eyebrow. “Why do you ask?”
  119. The young girl shrugs before swimming next to him. “Just curious. I don’t have any and was wondering if you did, that’s all.” She sighs and dunks her head under the water again. Once Vicki was back up, she shakes her hair back and forth, the soft golden-brown hair sticking to her somewhat. “Ugh, why is it so hot out?”
  120. Alistair lets out a laugh before shrugging. “Could be any number of reasons. Just try to not make too much of it okay? If you dwell on it, it will just feel all the hotter.” The girl nods and splashes a little bit of water.
  121. “I guess. Oh, and Al?”
  122. “Hm?”
  123. “Thank you again for letting me swim here.”
  124. “You’re welcome. Come by whenever you want to take a dip.” He gives the girl a wink that gets a childish giggle from her.
  125. “Will do.”
  127.                     CHAPTER 005
  128.                     “The Thunder Rolls”
  130.     The heatwave continued unabated, Al finding Vicki all the ready to swim day after day due to the heat. It didn’t bother him in the least though, giving him some human contact. And she was a pretty cute girl to boot, getting worked up some every time she slipped and revealed just how smart she was, something that always blew him mind. To be so young and so intelligent should be a gift but Vicki always treated it more a burden than anything.
  131.     But one day the heatwave led to a rather unique event for the part of the state Al lived in, one he had not really thought would happen. Waking up one morning a little over a week after his pool had been put up, he found that the sky was a steel gray, roiling clouds to be seen from horizon to horizon. Checking the thermostat next to his window revealed that it was only two degrees cooler than it had been a day earlier, still well into the nineties.
  132.     Turning about, Al heads to his kitchen to make something to eat when the first peal of thunder was heard, soft and distant. “Great, maybe that means we’ll get some rain again.” Another thunder crack was heard, this time much closer. Glancing out the window, Al saw no rain but plenty of wind as the storm started up.
  133.     “Shit, a heat storm? Hope no wildfires whip up like last year.” He grumbles under his breath as another thunderclap is heard, this time shaking his house. Grabbing hold of the counter, he runs to the window where he felt had been closest to the thunder. He didn’t see any leaping flames thankfully, but it had been close.
  134.     Going to his living room, he turns on the weather channel to see the local reports. Sure enough a lightning storm had moved in but the meteorologist wasn’t sure if rain would drop at all. Another burst from the heavens shakes Al’s house, the man cursing loudly at it and then another noise. For just a brief second Alistair thought it was distant thunder but when it was constant his brain finally registered it as someone pounding on his front door.
  135.     Getting up and going to it, he didn’t even realize he was still in his pajama pants and a loose t-shirt as he opened the door. Bursting in at the smallest movement of the door though, something caught about his middle and nearly made Al topple backwards. Looking down, he saw Vicki clinging onto him and shaking like a leaf. “Uh, hey there?”
  136.     She looks up and frowns, worry tracing her face. “S-sorry. I hate thunder.” Another pop of thunder pierces their ears as Al slams the door shut behind his sudden guest, the noise making her grasp onto him harder.
  137.     “I see. Well, I guess you can stay here until the storm passes. Let’s head to the basement, it’ll be harder to hear the storm from there, okay? And does your mom know you’re over here?” Taking Vicki’s hand in his, he walks her through the house’s great room and down some stairs into the basement. The room wasn’t really finished, a number of boxes from his move in there but Alistair had set up an old couch and television.
  138.     “Here we go, just settle down on the couch for now. I have a server with movies hooked up now, let me just make sure the TV is synced with it.” Grabbing hold of the remote, he turns the television on as Vicki, still quivering, sits down on the couch. After several moments, he has the TV up and running and sits down on the couch next to Vicki.
  139.     “What do you mean by having movies on your server?” She looks over to him as he scans through some labeled folders on the television.
  140.     “I have a large server upstairs in my office, 12 terabytes actually, though 6 of those are RAID for… Well, long story short, I have a lot of movies. And shows! As well as things I need for work.” Finally finding his Disney folder, he opens it and scans through it.
  141.     “Disney? Do you have The Last Unicorn?” As another thunderclap is heard Vicki yelps and grabs onto Al’s arm, pulling the remote in his hand down in the process.
  142.     “H-hey! Easy. I’m here, we’re down in the basement and the thunder can’t hurt you. You’re safe.” He succeeds in pulling his arm free from the girl but, rather than return to his task, wraps his arm around her. “You’re going to be okay.”
  143.     Rubbing his hand up and down her shoulder, the girl calmed slightly. “Sorry. I don’t know why, I just, you know, never have liked them.” Fidgeting in spot, the little girl looked nervous beyond belief.
  144.     “You’re okay. I never liked thunder much myself growing up. Used to crawl into my parents bed until I was nearly nine I think.” Laughing, he smiles at Vicki brightly. “I won’t hold it against you. Just be yourself, Vicki.” Turning his gaze back to the television, his eyes not seeing the slight blush crossing her face as he says that.
  145.     “Sadly I don’t think I have The Last Unicorn, Vicki. I do have a movie you may like if you like that one though. It’s The Black Cauldron. Ever hear of it?” The girl meeps slightly but shakes her head.
  146.     “N-no. Well, I mean, I’ve heard of it but I’ve never watched it.” Vicki, for some reason, could feel her heart begin to increase its pace. “Is it a good movie?”
  147.     “You bet! One of the best ones Disney ever put out in my opinion. But I guess it was a little too much because the princess in it never gets any attention from Disney nowadays.” Starting up the movie, the television shows a small buffering symbol for a moment before it starts up. “Do you want a blanket Vicki? It is a little cooler down here in the basement.” Al’s own heart was starting to beat a little faster as he looks the girl over, her cute pink-rimmed glasses framing her eyes and her skin only slightly tanned despite her having spent several days in the sun including having swam in his pool just a short while ago. Whatever sunscreen her mother had had her use was working it seemed.
  148.     “Huh? Um, yeah, a blanket sounds fine.” With that, Al stands up and goes to some nearby boxes and roots around before he returns, draping a light purple microfiber blanket around her.
  149.     “There you go. Will that be good?” Sitting back down next to Vicki once more, Alistair stretches out, his arms coming to rest on the back of the couch. As he settles in he suddenly feels Vicki lean into him as she shifts the blanket around her.
  150.     “Yeah, this is good.” Raising an eyebrow, Al tries to turn and keep his attention on the movie as it plays.
  151.     “So, uh, Vicki? Getting comfy are we?” The girls looks up at him, the girl giving him the puppy dog eyes unconsciously.
  152.     “Can I use you as pillow please?” Victoria’s eyes were downright pleading him as she spoke. Alistair, already more than a little anxious, didn’t want to make the scene all the more awkward.
  153.     “I guess you can. Just don’t drool on me, okay?”
  154.     The girl giggles and nods, shifting to lay down and bringing her head into his lap. Biting the inside of his cheek, Al tries his best to keep his mind off the young girl who was growing all the more closer to him.
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