Under the hood (RenaultSistersxAnon, lewd) WIP

Aug 30th, 2017
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  1. >>How do you seduce a pony?
  3. >You don't
  4. >They're mares, so they're the ones seducing you
  6. >They'd watch you from afar for a while, wondering what kind of creature you are
  7. >They'd ask questions about who you are and what you do for a living and maybe where you're from
  8. >Then they'd decide to put the plan in action
  9. >They'd wait for you to be alone, or at least, away from any 'friends' you could have
  10. >To make sure they wouldn't try to interfere
  11. >Then one of them would bump into you
  12. >It'd be Twingo, the pegasus
  13. >She'd say she's sorry, that she had her head in the clouds
  14. >To try and make you laugh
  15. >You'd obviously realize that they don't have much experience with these things
  16. >But being the okay human being you are, you'd force a chuckle out to not make her feel so bad about her lackluster sense of humor
  17. >She'd ask you who and what you are, even though she'd already knew that
  18. >And you'd give her the exact same response you've been giving to ponies for years now
  19. >Her eyes would fall away from yours and stop on something behind you, and her wings would flutter against her barrel
  20. >But before you could decide to turn and look behind you, her eyes would come back up to catch yours
  21. >And less than a second later, the telltale sounds of hooves clopping against the ground would come from behind
  22. >And they'd appear
  23. >The unicorn would be giggling, as if the other one just told her the most ridiculous joke ever
  24. >And the other one, the earth mare, would sends you a gaze that could melt mountains
  25. >She's beautiful, you'd think
  26. >And her eyes would stay on yours from the moment she appeared until she was positioned next to the Pegasus
  27. >"Oh, who is this?"
  28. >The unicorn's accent would be way more pronounced than her friend's
  29. >You actually didn't notice she had one until now
  30. >"This is Anon, and Anon, this is Clio, and Megane, my sisters,"
  31. >She'd say, using her wings to point to her respective siblings
  33. "Hi," You say
  34. >It comes out as kind of awkward, the gaze of the earth mare still piercing a hole through your head making it hard for you to think of anything else to add
  35. >This'll have to do
  36. >"You really found an handsome one this time soeurette," (Sister)
  37. >The earthmare's voice is just as sultry as her stare
  38. >"Yes, he's really big too and seems really nice..."
  39. >You're not that stupid
  40. >You understand what's happening
  41. >You're getting hit on
  42. >Hard
  43. >By three sisters
  44. >It's not the first time a mare tried to get to know you, but it's far from being a common thing
  45. >You're still twice their size and a weird bipedal alien with sharp teeth
  46. >"Oui, but how come he's alone?" (Yes)
  47. >Megane gives you a pouty, worried look
  48. >"I don't know... where's your marefriend?"
  49. >They're really not being subtle about it either
  50. "I, huh..."
  51. >You cough, trying to clear your thoughts as well as trying to give you a couple more seconds to think about the situation
  52. "I don't have one,"
  53. >They know that
  54. >It's obvious that they know, but they still try to fake surprised expressions, and even a gasp coming from Clio
  55. >"You? Single? I can't believe it!"
  56. >This seems way too easy
  57. >It must be rigged or something
  58. >Maybe you're being filmed?
  59. >Maybe they're changeling spies?
  61. >"Il est encore mieux roulé d'aussi près~," (He's even hotter from this close~)
  62. >This obviously wasn't meant for you, but her eyes and intonation still let you understand that she was talking about you
  63. >Do changelings speak Prench?
  64. >Can they imitate accents?
  65. >But they don't give you the time to come up with a plan of action, and Clio's hoof making contact with your thigh nearly makes you jump in surprise
  66. >Even though the touch was obviously meant to be comforting
  67. >"My sister was saying that it was such a waste for a stallion such as yourself to wander these streets all alone,"
  68. >The other two nod, each giving a low hum of approval
  69. >"Would you like some compagnie?" (company)
  70. >Her sisters don't even wait for your response, already taking place by your sides
  72. _____
  74. >>30841091
  75. >"I'm certain he does~,"
  76. >Now on your left, the pegasus' side brushes against your thigh, her wings flaring and readjusting and a low coo escaping her throat as she does so, proving that this simple touch was already having an effect on her
  77. >"Come on big guy, we won't bite,"
  78. >You turn as you feel the tingling sensation of magic on your right hand, and sure enough, you see the blonde's horn glowing
  79. >"Unless you want us to~,"
  80. >Megane's smile turns in a devious smirk as she adds that last part
  81. >And as cliche as it sounds, it still has the desired effect on you
  82. >But you can't just get hooked by mares you just met!
  83. >Your eyes peek back and fro between the mares for a moment
  84. "Girls, could we slow down a bit?"
  85. >Clio's the first one to speak
  86. >"Awww, he's the shy type!"
  87. >You frown at her patronizing tone
  88. "I'm not shy--"
  89. >"It's okay, we'll go real slow and take good care of you,"
  90. >
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