(FR) Fluttershy does it wrong (A)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day Raritan liked my story for some reason in equestria
  2. >you're sitting at the kitchen table reading and sipping some weird drink you got in town
  3. >Pinkie wouldn't tell you what it was, but damn is it good
  4. >guess what happens next!?
  5. >answering the door your eyes behold a terrifying sight
  6. >Fluttershy is blowing Time Turner on your front lawn
  7. >worse yet she winks at you in both ways when she notices you
  8. >"*mm* Anon *mmm* sorry about *mph* this I bumped *mmmmm* into Time Turner on the *mmmmph* way and thought *mpbth* why not?"
  9. >she never took her tongue off that stallion for a second
  10. >you drop your cup and casually walk back inside
  11. >Fluttershy and Time Turner jump when you come back out holding a rolled up newspaper
  12. "Dammit Fluttershy why did you knock on my door if you weren't going to try and rape me or guess my fetish?"
  13. >you begin swinging the newspaper wildly
  14. "How am I supposed to enjoy my day when you aren't playing your role right?"
  15. >turns out that drink Pinkie gave you is the same thing that keeps her so hyperactive
  16. >spend the day chasing the two ponies around town with the newspaper wearing nothing but your shorts
  17. >you're not even sure it's a today anymore silly filly
  18. >"Heeeey Anon! Wanna party?"
  19. >Fucking Pinkie
  20. >literally
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