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  1. Mako pages, "Generic Notification Noise!" to Maynard, you, Sig(Z)[Elandra] and Skai.
  2. Skai pops away! Gotta go do a thing.
  3. Vesra has teleported in.
  4. Vesra has arrived.
  5. Kobalt waves!
  6. Vesra zips into the snugglepile.
  7. Skai has left.
  8. Kobalt snugs on Vesra in Skai's place, then!
  9. Nova waves to Versa
  10. Vesra wave!
  11. Nova looks at Versa, then check its roster. "Huh.. there is someone with the name Versa that works for VA but I'm sure that's a coincidence."
  12. Vesra chuckles. "That so? Hmm."
  13. [OOC] Vesra says, "That's the old iteration of Vesra, actually. ;>"
  14. Nova nodnods "Yes I'm kinda important to VA so I get a nice roster of everyone that for them on every planet."
  15. Nova squeaks, "that works for"
  16. Kobalt peers at Vesra, curious now. "You aren't secretly a machine, are you?"
  17. Vesra shakes her head. "Nope."
  18. Vesra holds up a paw, and conjures an icy crystal up above it, floating above her palm. "I mean. Far as Skai tells me, many of them can't do stuff like this easily? Well. Magically, anyways."
  19. mjoin mako
  20. MEETME:  Request sent.
  21. Kobalt vocalizes, "Didn't think so! Figured I should still ask though."
  22. Cherry Blossom Stage
  23. This is a grand stage, suitable for many different sorts of show. Please wait for a scenepost spoof to detail where you are!
  24. Contents: Kyizl, Sig, Maynard, Skai, and Mako
  25. [OOC] Skai says, "Well, there's one checked off. :>"
  26. [OOC] Kyizl laughs.  "That kind of night!  Also, this is my last night.. for a while.
  27. Freya has arrived.
  28. Sig pets Kyizl!
  29. Freya slinks in, waves to everyone [watcher mode, and not bald!]
  30. [OOC] Mako says, "That is everyone! One moment, scenepose incoming."
  31. ( At last, you seem to have arrived in the rainy town Mako may have once called home, at least in part. It rains here, constantly and almost forever. Our intrepid travellers have pulled up and taken refuge in the inn, a building with an open plan, refreshing themselves as they look upon the giant gates to a temple across the river to the north. From here, you could find out more, get a boat, or explore the town, which contains things such as a strange building on a hill, which resembles something an architect made while drunk. )
  32. Kyizl walks close Mako, not liking the looks they give her.  He thinks we were gonna use our collective charms to ask around, and find out more!  Maynard especially...
  33. Skai believes we had headed into the inn and were about to speak (or had spoken to) someone?
  34. Maynard is speaking with a scholar who mistook Mako for 'someone else', yes. "What, you think every cat looks the same?" he says with a laugh.
  35. Kyizl laughs.  Some do!
  36. Patashu sits and overhears Maynard's conversation, why not?
  37. ( "Ah, my error! The young lady resembles the lady of the temple. Not entirely, mind... the hair is different, but she is quite the striking figure!" )
  38. Sig thinks that answered the question he asked just when we ended last time! He hrms, "Say, does the lady of the temple have a proper name we should use when we leave an offering?"
  39. Kyizl says, "The temple nearby?"
  40. Skai cocks his head, having settled down nearby, as well. "Hmm. I'm also rather curious about the.. odd house up on the hill. Anything you could tell us about that?"
  41. ( The scholar adjusts his glasses at Skai. "That is the Archive. It contains some of the land's oldest tomes. Scholars from all around come to study. Alas, not everything is there, some are kept within the temple itself, but Lady Mizumi is picky about whom she lets see the Sealed Archives. It is her Domain that encircles this entire region. She graces us with her presence from time to time." )
  42. You vocalize, "Lady Mizumi is whom we want to talk to, I take it?"
  43. Sig nods his head a moment, and then looks to Mako, and then back to the scholar, "I think we need to do what we can to have an audience with her, surely."
  44. Kyizl mmms... "I think we've come to the right place." Glances at Mako.
  45. Maynard nods, "Striking figure eh? Well, looks can be deceiving."
  46. Mako is staring out over the water....
  47. Kyizl noses Mako, "You OK?"
  48. Patashu peers in!
  49. Skai blinks over to Mako, peeking away from the Scholar for a moment.
  50. Maynard laughs a little, "Speaking of looks." He waves a hand in front of Mako's eyes, "Ground control to Major Mako..."
  51. Mako says, "I don't think we will need to ask for an audience..."
  52. Cypher> Moriar arrives from Patashu's Personal Quarters.
  53. Cypher> Moriar has arrived.
  54. Patashu uh ohs?
  55. Cypher> Moriar drops Enchanted Hood and Jess Set.
  56. Cypher> [OOC] Moriar hopes it's okay to store that here. >.>; Innocent whistle.
  57. Kyizl says, "Why not?"
  58. cy ooc Sure :3
  59. Cypher> [OOC] Cypher says, "Sure :3"
  60. Skai hm. "Are.. is Lady Mizumi coming?"
  61. Cypher> Moriar settles down onto the bed, yawn. Zz.z..
  62. Cypher> Moriar has disconnected.
  63. Mako says, "She is waiting for us."
  64. Kyizl blinks... "I guess we shouldn't keep her waiting."  He looks around, "How do we borrow a boat?"
  65. Sig nods a bit, "I was about to just say the same thing - I saw some by the riverside earlier - let's go look there!"
  66. Skai nods. "Well, let's go then."
  67. Maynard laughs a little, "I guess we'll be going then." With a flick of a wrist he produces some coins which he uses to buy a round of drinks for the scholars. "You have yourselves a good thoughtful time now, all right?"
  68. ( There are boats at the pier. "We can probably borrow one... I don't think we could make it if we weren't expected." )
  69. Kyizl walks back out with Mako, heading for the boats.  "I hope they're covered.. otherwise we'll be bailing them out!"
  70. Sig's going to the boats, as well. "Well, I imagine they'er adapted to the weather. They'd be sunk if they weren't."
  71. Mako says, "I remember, vaguely. They're meant to be for travel. The fishermen have thier own boats."
  72. Kyizl gets in, and will compete with Sig to see if his boat can go faster. ;)
  73. Patashu snickers!
  74. Mako steps across the water on her own. This is not hard, for her. >.>
  75. Patashu huhs! That's cheating! *giggle*
  76. Kyizl ignores his girlfriend, and gets in the boat!
  77. Sig paddles along, then! He figures it could be an amusing race. "So, if you remember, this is a good sign?" He plllbs over at his boyfriend as he pushes off!
  78. Kyizl nods. "Uh huh!"  He gets started.... whisking whoever is in his boat across!
  79. Maynard remarks, "So the floating isn't *just* for showing off." He goes and hires a ferrycreature and blah blah etc.
  80. Skai has hopped into a boat, as well. He could just fly across, but..
  81. ( The river is remarkably calm for something that is constantly fed from a waterfall and rainfall. The gate on the other side has its own small dock. Beyond it... a temple. <More> )
  82. MEETME:  Vahno would like to join you.  Please respond with
  83. MEETME:  "msummon Vahno" or "meet Vahno" to bring them here,
  84. MEETME:  or "mdecline Vahno" turn down the request.
  85. page vahno=I'm in the scene with Mako - is that fine?
  86. You page, "I'm in the scene with Mako - is that fine?" to Vahno.
  87. ( The temple itself is made up of three buildings set around a big square, with an island in the middle. A roofed walkway runs around the edge of the square. On the south end is hte gate. On the east, what looks like a well appointed guest house. On the west, a workshop. In the middle, a small island with a tree and a bench, with lit stone lanterns, connected by a bridge to the western side. The north is taken up by some shoreline, and then what can only be described as a large manor/temple building. Deep in the water in the center you can see pillars of various heights stretching up from below. UP past the manor is what looks like terraces and a big waterfall. This may look familiar to some people. Mako wanders across the water like she's being called. Here, you can feel it, a presence, and hear the voice of a woman, singing in a soft, mostly aimless manner. )
  88. Kyizl says, "This feels really familiar..."
  89. Patashu perks, admiring the scenery. Pretty place! Where's Mako going, though?
  90. Sig mmms quietly, "Deja vu is probably a good sign." He looks to Mako, "Are you ready for this?"
  91. Kyizl says, "Sort of like Mako's temple... even with a workshop."
  92. Sig murmurs, "Like mother, like daughter, I'd imagine?"
  93. Skai hums.. He bristles his feathers some at the sensation. It almost feels like that pressure he's felt before. He stays quiet, watching Mako.
  94. Kyizl pantpants, standing on the other shore.  "Mako...?  Mako!"  He runs after her.
  95. Maynard steps off on the other side and ambles along at his own pace, taking in the area. "No matter how hard you try not to, you end up turning into your parents," he muses.
  96. Mako walks out onto the water. The rain is not touching her, and her feet leave hexagonal ripples in the water. .... You may not be afforded that same benefit. "<This one has little to fear from the water.>" Chuckcles a low, female voice. It echoes, in a language you won't get but still somehow understand.
  97. Kyizl looks to Maynard, "Is that really true?"
  98. Patashu perks up! Looks like we have company.
  99. Vahno pages, "Ah, ok." to you.
  100. Vahno pages, "Didn't know" to you.
  101. page vahno=: thumbs up!
  102. You page-pose, "Patashu thumbs up!" to Vahno.
  103. Sig looks towards the source of the voice as he follows along, fearless so far. "Lady Mizumi, I presume?"
  104. Kyizl bows in the rain towards the temple, respectfully, then hurries along and follows Mako more.  Not wanting to leave her side.  "Mako's mother?"
  105. Maynard smiles at Kyizl, "Is it? You don't believe it?"
  106. Kyizl shrugs. "I don't think it's pre-ordained, no."
  107. Skai huffs, following along!
  108. Sig murmurs, "Learned behavior is strong, but I don't believe in fate, either."
  109. Kyizl shrugs, "Still, I suppose there's some truth to it..  partially."
  110. Skai grumbles something to himself, but keeps his attention on Mako, trying to peer around and see where this voice is coming from!
  111. ( A figure floats before the manor. "<Every child is the product of thier parents, like it or not. What they do with that... that is what they can choose.>" She states, plainly, with a hint of amusement. It looks like a woman, but the age is hard to place. Somewhere between twenty and fifty, in a black and silver kimono that becomes the color of seawater as it rises from the bottom, green eyes, and aqua hair, as well as multiple flickering tails. "<I bid you welcome.>" )
  112. Sig offers a bow at this point, one that's a little more formal and with one arm tucked in, "It's nice to meet you."
  113. Kyizl asks, "So where's the other half?"
  114. Patashu smirks, thoughtful. I guess it's basically true... He bows back in greetings!
  115. Skai oh! Skai gives a gentle bow as he finally spots her.. and sees the others giving little bows, as well!
  116. [OOC] Skai says, "I'll stay about half an hour yet, then I gotta go. :>"
  117. Maynard folds his arms and nods. "Right. Mizumi, is it? Nice to see you again."
  118. Mako walks across the water as if it was solid ground. Others may have to use the walkway around the edge, unless you can fly. Once she reaches the other side and stands in front of the floating figure, she just pauses for a moment, until she is enveloped in a hug. "<You are a most fascinating creature.>" Says she to Maynard, and looks at Kyizl. "<I am not sure what you mean by that.>"
  119. Kyizl blinks, "Doesn't Mako have a father?  Or... no?"
  120. Sig keeps pace readily along the walkway, since he left his walk on water tricks ... in the bag of things he can't yet do. "Further, do you know why her memory of this place seemed ... guarded?"
  121. Skai doesn't elect to fly over.. He'll stick with the group, watching Lady Mizumi curiously!
  122. Maynard slips along the walkway, keeping his eyes on Lady Mizumi. "Fascinating, why? Because I have both feet firmly planted on the ground? Because I try to help people?"
  123. Patashu stays by Skai, as well, listening and watching!
  124. ( Mizumi looks to Kyizl. "<I did not know the meaning of your phrase. Her father is... not here. But you could tell that.>" She looks at Maynard. "<Very grounded, yes. Not many can just walk into a broken memory. But very helpful as well. I would not have been able to undo the damage myself.>" To Sig, "<That is a complicated question. Come inside and I will give you answers.>" She shoots another glance at Maynard. "<Presumably long sought ones.>" )
  125. Sig nods his head as he follows tail, tail gently swishing behind him. He'll stay close to Kyizl and Mako, of course.
  126. Maynard shrugs, "It was broken and I fixed it. That's all." He follows along inside... "I guess there's only one way to find out..."
  127. Kyizl grins, "So modest."
  128. Kyizl ponders.  The new Maynard is kinda nice!
  129. Skai follows, as well, peeking up to Patashu! "What do you think?"
  130. ( For simplicity's sake, you are invited into a dining room to the right of the entrance to the temple, which resembles the altar room of Mako's own, although the item on the altar is different. "<This all stems from an agreement I came to with her father almost thirty years ago. At the time, we believed it was the best course of action to take, but there were conditions we were not aware of.>" )
  131. Kyizl feels at home here.  Yes, very similar.  Funny how temples work.... travel to another world, and yet some things remain the same.  "You mean something special about Mako, right?"
  132. Maynard gives Kyizl a little warning glance at that remark! But he *says*, "Reminds me of one of those stories where the guy has the run of a fabulous palace full of sights and sounds and fabulous riches... *except* for this one closed door..."
  133. Sig mmms quietly, "We don't know a lot about her father, either - I think some background as to who he is might help us understand, too, if you have time to share after."
  134. Kyizl shrinks.
  135. Skai hasn't ever been to Mako's temple that he recalls... So he's taking in the sights as he steps in behind the others that are conversing, glancing here and there. Hm. What item -is- on the alter?
  136. ( The altar item is.. it resembles a gourd, but it has what resmbles a shard of sapphire growing out of it. She grins, and it's a slightly goofy grin at the memory. "<Her father was... Mm... a /special/ sort of man. When he came here initially, he was a scholar. But more so. I do not think he knew how much he stood out to someone who could tell. But he never did anything he didn't say he was going to. I didn't trust him at first. As you may guess, that changed. Not at first, mind you, it took years of trying.>" )
  137. Kyizl listens, "Yeah. I can tell already.  Very patient."  He approaches the altar... knowing the routine.  Pulls out one of the trinkets he bought, something decorative made of wood.  Places it on the altar, and does the bow and paw clap as usual.
  138. Maynard continues, "... and given the choice between *possibly* regretting what you find out, and *definitely* regretting not learning, well, which would you choose?" Lady Mizumi's description catches his attention. "A *special* scholar? Ah... sounds like a regular Dr. Faust."
  139. [OOC] Kyizl says, "It's secretly Prof Soren! ;)"
  140. [OOC] Sig says, "The Good Doctor is *everywhere*."
  141. ( She grins, looking at Kyizl "<She's taught you well."> To Maynard, "<Mm... he was an interesting man. I miss him. He spent /ten years/ wooing me, before I agreed.... and that is, as they say, how history was made. For a while, we were happy.>" )
  142. Sig smirks softly, and then nods, listening.
  143. Maynard decides not to bite that obvious hook. "So what kind of agreement did you make?"
  144. [OOC] Skai says, "I need to head out for now. I imagine Skai will be pretty quiet and just absorbing information, but Pata can pose for me if anything comes up. Goodnight! <3"
  145. [OOC] Patashu says, "GN!"
  146. [OOC] Kyizl hugs!
  147. Mako snickers a little, at that. Mizumi continues. "<It was not to last, but not by our choice. He was called away, to perform a Duty, not of his own desire. And this left us with a problem. As a family, we were fine, but alone.... this is no place to raise a child. I cannot leave my Domain. We agreed to have her taken somewhere she would be safe and could be raised well. She would not forget us, but she would be dissuaded from seeking us out until she was ready. We thought she had taken after me. Let it never be said that I've claimed omnipotence. We got it /very/ wrong....>"
  148. [OOC] Mako says, "Gnighty! Thanks for coming!"
  149. [OOC] Sig hugs a Skai.
  150. Kyizl wonders, "What was he a scholar of?  I wonder if this explains the mystery."
  151. [OOC] Skai Hugs all! Thanks for hosting, too.
  152. Sig listens, head tilted to the side, "She took more after her father?"
  153. You vocalize, "She would be 'dissuaded'? Was that a mental effect placed on her?"
  154. Skai draws up a quick circle of runes, before pushing some magic into it, and blinking away with a burst of arcane energy!
  155. Skai has left.
  156. ( Mizumi nods. "<It was a spell, intended to expire at the appropriate time. It did not expire as it was meant to. It got worse.>" She turns to Kyizl. "<Everything, if you were to ask him. He had made it his goal to learn as much as he could about the entirety of creation. He did not seem bothered by the idea that this was beyond a normal person's means. He was not a normal person.>" )
  157. Kyizl is quiet a moment.  Yes, that does explain a few things of Mako!
  158. Patashu grins. "Wouldn't be the first person/organization I've seen with the goal of categorizing all knowledge..." Nodding at the information that the spell went wrong. "And just why was it necessary to apply a spell that ended up so risky, was there no better option?"
  159. Kyizl finally has to ask, "You speak of him in the past.  Do you know his current state?  Is he alive?"
  160. Sig hehs, that's a nice aspiration to have, though. "It sounds like he had something else that compeled him, too - who was the duty to?"
  161. Kyizl nods, "yes, but... I wonder if he survivved it.
  162. Maynard laughs a little at the description. "The more you learn, the more there is to learn."
  163. ( Mizumi gestures. "<He was not able to remain here. He is alive, I know this, but I know not where. He had.... I am not sure the term will mean anything to you. I believe he was an Outsider.>" To Patashu, "<Within my domain, I am Authority. But I cannot leave my domain at all. I have no presence. I would not be able to raise a child without assistance. I am also... for lack of a better term, old. I do not keep in touch with the world as well as I would like. A medium is necessary to help. He could not stay, I could not do this on my own. So we turned to my spirit sisters and the others of the wood to aid us.>" )
  164. [OOC] Mako says, "To make it clear, She's basically trying to explain that Mako could not go with her father, and this place is not capable of raising a child without at least some mortal support."
  165. [OOC] Kyizl says, "Yup, makes sense."
  166. Patashu nods in agreement! "And you couldn't have picked a finer place for her to go, I think. :3"
  167. Kyizl says, "So... where WAS Mako raised then? Nearby?"
  168. Mako says, "I remember this part. I was taken to a nearby village, and left in the care of those there, then later the temple..."
  169. Mako has told that story before.
  170. Patashu nod!
  171. Kyizl nods, "Yes, but I was curious how far it was from here in particular.  So... not too far, but not close enough for your mom to watch directly."
  172. Mako says, "When I got old enough, I got wanderlust and went through the temple gate and wandered till I ended up on Spindizzy."
  173. Patashu aha! Okay, got it.
  174. Maynard says, "I s'pose just about everybody on our little planetoid's an 'outsider' in one way or another."
  175. ( "<She grew up to be a fine young lady, but she seems to have inherited more from her father than her good looks...>" )
  176. Patashu ohos?
  177. Sig chrrs, "We're the land of the interesting and varied ... and what do you mean by that?"
  178. Maynard smiles, "His insatiable curiosity?"
  179. Kyizl says, "His sense of humor?"
  180. ( Mizumi looks at Maynard. "<In this land, the term Outsider has a specific meaning. It means those not of this world. So you would be correct in that.... She seems to have inherited a power he had. I do not think she realizes it. And it is coming into its own now. Sure you have noticed it? Doors where there should not be doors?>" )
  181. You vocalize, "The doors..."
  182. You vocalize, "Wait, you don't mean that's MAKO's doing."
  183. Patashu blink blink
  184. Kyizl says, "She can open stuff up to other worlds?"
  185. Sig ohs! "Wait, she's what's causing the doors? I wonder if they've noticed her, then. Maybe she's one of the people they're looking for?"
  186. Maynard says, "'Inherited a power...' Huh. *Huh*."
  187. [OOC] Mako has been writing to get to this point for more than a year. x.x We are approaching pumpkin time.
  188. [OOC] Kyizl has pumpkin time! :(  But whie he can't make the next few sessions, he hopes to hear a brief summary later...  Mako's got quite a backstory!
  189. [OOC] Patashu says, "Sleep well!"
  190. [OOC] Kyizl might be able to peek in a little to listen, but... we'll see how things go.
  191. Kyizl is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
  192. Kyizl has left.
  193. Maynard laughs a little, "And here I thought this was your basic case of mortal schlub tries to grab some divine tail. This is sounding more and more complex all the time..."
  194. J'ee transitions in via fire plane, a fiery outline of him appearing first.
  195. J'ee has arrived.
  196. Sig hehs quietly. "Well, this is going to sound fascinating. Now I think I appreciate some of our other recent events more than I did before."
  197. ( Mizumi laughs. "<The divine never do anything /simple/. Any story will tell you that."> )
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