Nov 14th, 2019
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  1. Update v27826:
  3. Gameplay Changes
  4. Combat improvements for Evren
  5. Adjustments made to dark bolt projectile (more adjustments to projectiles coming in future update)
  6. Adjustment made to NPC-level multiplier in pacify spell (higher level creatures tame a bit quicker)
  7. Improvements made to roots of wrath spell
  8. Increased arcane storm AOE by 25%
  9. Slight increase to geyser AOE and added enemy debuff for more damage
  10. Doubled effective range of ice strike
  11. Increased effective range of fire strike by 33%
  12. Increased explosive range of fire grenade and adjusted physics
  13. Increased pacify range by 15%
  14. Decreased level 1 and 2 predator HP and damage as a nerf for starting area boars
  15. Decreased quantity of starting area boars
  16. Capped NPC level of creatures that may spawn near starting areas at level 10 down from 12, to provide a more consistent early-game experience
  17. Dropped level 10 mana generator requirement from 4 to 2 points
  18. Adjusted bladetooth crafting recipe to fit a more appropriate scale of difficulty
  19. Reduced knowledge requirements for wood spike pit from 3 to 2
  20. Reduced knowledge requirements for repair bench from 5 to 3
  21. Reduced knowledge requirements for storage cabinet from 4 to 3
  22. Better hierarchy for the mana costs of flight trinkets (they now scale more appropriately based on mana cost over distance and time)
  23. Provided a small amount of armor on the shabby tunic and tattered legwraps to better communicate the importance of armour to new players
  24. More appropriate burn debuff scaling for dragon firebreath attacks
  25. Wheat now properly grows like other basic reagents
  26. Adjustments made to giant eagle tornado
  27. Enemy projectiles now dismount players from flight trinkets
  28. Minor tweaks made to large NPC attacks to provide better sense of size and power
  29. Fixed unicorn not defending owner
  30. Increased procedural sprite spawns in peripheral forest areas
  31. Adjusted NPCs in Yako Bokin's cave to prevent in-fighting and provide a more appropriate challenge
  32. Slight adjustment made to griefable cave entrance
  33. Minor tweaks made to boss level loot chests
  34. Increased delay between siege turret attacks and reducing damage such that one turret will take approximately 8 hours to destroy 1 marble wall
  36. Aesthetics Adjustments
  37. Fixed attenuation on a horse swimming sound
  38. Tighter orc death position offsets
  39. Player animation adjustments made for diagonal movement
  40. Halved character max zoom distance from 3m to 1.5m (can zoom in closer in 3P)
  41. Better blocking for players who could sometimes access bases through large marble windows
  42. Fixed for quest that required a stone doorway built but incorrectly referenced the stone archway
  43. Tamed NPCs now have different preferred following distance to reduce overlapping
  44. Boss crypt door shields now interact with creatures more appropriately
  45. Many fixes for attenuation on creature sounds
  46. Fixed phoenix firebreathing animation
  47. Added a tighter blocking volume under the fast travel portal at Heathclyffe to prevent clipping
  48. Distance-fades for lightning armor and bloodlust VFX for clearer vision in 1P
  49. Better collision and spell sockets for the mastery-tier weapons
  50. Fixed two acid pool volumes at Heathclyffe
  51. Increased resolution of barkskin spell texture
  52. Brighter glow on spell crafting weapon slot for better visual clarity
  53. Repositioned firepit magic loot bag for better clarity and accesss
  54. Adjusted collision on giant meteor to try curb creature griefing
  55. Active quests are now part of the main HUD and hide when F2 is pressed
  56. Smoother turning rates for mounted NPCs to prevent skidding (AI-controlled rates remain relatively the same)
  57. Better attachment of sprite particle VFX to prevent floating when dead
  58. Visual fix for black dragon's grasp recipe
  60. Technical Fixes
  61. NPCs can be ordered to attack a specific target while in defensive or aggressive mode
  62. Added the ability to sort items inside storage tests
  63. Structure deletion confirmation has been removed. Cooldowns exist for structures that have been throned for less than 8 hours.
  64. Abandoned structures can be deleted, but contain cooldowns
  65. Weapon slots display numbers for order clarity
  66. Added "drop all" command to the inventory screen
  67. Added "transfer all" gamepad feature for transfering stacks to the inventory.
  68. Magic crafting screen displays spell preview item cards before crafting the spell.
  69. Improved detection of structures to prevent creatures from spawning inside castles.
  70. Flagged for PVP messages no longer occur on PVE servers
  71. Reduced mip texture sharpening
  72. Repair bench shows repair progress overhead
  73. Added aim-assist for gamepad
  74. Crafting bench cancel button is reversed on the confirmation window
  75. Fixed a server crash while mounting/dismounting
  76. Push to talk is now the default
  77. Default VOIP volume is now 50%
  78. All other map icons are now hidden when attempting to fast travel
  79. Required level is always displayed on items rather than when the player does not meet the requirements
  80. NPCs don't look at the follow target while mounted anymore
  81. Fixed PVP flagging party members when hitting them with spells
  82. Fixed VOIP icons blocking click input during character creation
  83. Server announcements now print to the server log
  84. Fixed an issue where NPCs would stop functioning if the player logs out while mounted. This previously required server restart to resolve.
  85. Fixed an issue where language settings were not persisting on PC
  86. Fixed a client crash when placing thrones
  87. Fixed a graphical client crash
  88. Fixed a long hitch that would occur while alt-tabbing on clients with AMD processors
  89. Fixed a bug where spells would cast multiple times on clients of a listen server
  90. Conduction no longer chains off of structures
  91. Fixed an issue where pressing "E" to loot all would instead close the window
  92. Tame damage against other players in PVP has been reduced
  93. Flying creature fireballs now accurately hit the target point in the center of the screen
  94. Fixed "default run" functionality on creatures
  95. Fixed an issue where the world would go dark when using the "ghost" admin command
  96. Fixed an issue where NPCs would frequently appear to "hop" while attempting to attack the player
  97. Flying creatures will go into flying mode if being attacked by flying players
  98. Monoliths only allow one buff at a time now
  99. Fixed an issue where NPCs could spawn twice in the same spot
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