Feb 13th, 2020
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  2. Rules:
  3. you find anyone breaking these rules and this is impeding your gameplay or causing you to not have a good time, please report them to the discord with a ping directed to the staff.
  4. D-Class TK on other D-Class is legal. Unjust illegal team killing is not allowed. A justified teamkill would include someone who is shooting you or has killed you or another teammate.
  5. Teaming of any kind is allowed, but you CANNOT directly kill your teammates, even if you are teaming with a hostile faction.
  6. The n-word can be occasionally said, but spam is not allowed. A staff member may notify you if we hear reports of excessive use, which is considered a warning. If you continue to excessively use the n-word after this warning, you may be kicked or banned.
  7. Hacking is not allowed under ANY circumstances.
  8. If there is a hostile unit inside an elevator along with your teammates, you can grenade it. If the elevator consists of only your teammates, you may be banned.
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