/kinder/ Heart of Hearts [INCOMPLETE]

Mar 18th, 2020
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >Appearently you're also SCP-064 as well
  3. >And you have a new little horse assigned to "keep guard" over you
  4. >She keeps trying to act like she's tough, but you can tell it's an act
  5. >a cute act
  6. >"I'm here to make sure you don't breach containment again. After what happened last time, we've had to up security, and since nopony had what it takes to guard an Apollyon-class SCP like you, I was selected. I don't want any funny business from you, mister."
  7. "Sure. What ever you say, cutie."
  8. >"Hey! I'm not cute, I'm tough and serious!"
  9. >You get up off your bed and head over to the mini fridge the ponies put in your 'containment room'
  10. "You want something to eat? I have some snacks here you could have."
  11. >"I'm on duty! I can't eat candy while I'm working!"
  12. >Grabbing a frozen popsicle from the fridge, you motion over to the door
  13. "So... Do you know where that one mare that keeps crying is? I kinda forgot the way to her room..."
  15. >You are Anonymous.
  16. >You are also SCP-064...
  17. >But that's neither here nor there.
  18. >You're wandering the halls of one of the research facilities the ponies made when you arrived in Equestria.
  19. >At the moment, you're being 'escorted' by your little poner guard "Bon Bon." Or "Sweetie Drops," as she likes to call herself.
  20. >"SCP-064, you NEED to return to your containment room! It's almost snack time, and I don't want to have to deal with all the paperwork explaining why you didn't have any snacks today!"
  21. "Calm down, Bon Bon. I'm just looking for that mare who couldn't stop crying."
  22. >"You mean SCP-092? Well... I suppose the documents do say to let you interact with her whenever you ask..."
  23. "Great! Do you know which direction she's in?"
  24. >"Yea. She's just over that way."
  25. >Bin Bon points down a side-hall you were about to pass by.
  26. "Oh, wow. I was just about to walk right by it..."
  27. >Turning down the hall, you begin to recognise the hallway as the same one you walked down a few days ago.
  28. >Finally reaching that familiar doorway, you reach out and open the door.
  29. >Inside is the same orange pegasus mare from before; still breaking your heart with her tears.
  30. >With concern on your face, you walk over to the pony; your heavy footsteps alerting her as she looks up at you.
  31. >Her frown quickly but shakedly turns into the best smile she could muster.
  32. >"Y-you came ba-a-ack!"
  33. >Slowly getting on shaky legs, she tries her best to walk to you, but her legs suddenly give out.
  34. >Acting on instinct, you dash forward to catch her and bring her to your chest to make sure she was safe.
  35. >Pressing her tear-stained muzzle into your shoulder, she tries to speak again; her voice muffled slightly by your shirt.
  36. >"I... I t-though y-you wouldn't c-come back..."
  37. >Shit, you're not good at comforting people, or ponies. You best just try to wing it.
  38. "I told you I'd come back. I'd never leave you if I didn't have to... You'll be okay. I promise."
  39. >You begin rubbing her back to try to calm her down, which seems to work as the mare in your arms began to quiet down; her crying turning to sobs as she tries to catch her breath.
  40. >"SCP-064, what are you doing? Do you know this pony?"
  41. >Reminding you of her presence, Bon Bon voices her confusion with the current situation.
  42. "No, I don't. I'm just trying to comfort her."
  43. >Satisfied with your answer, Bon Bon moves to one of the beanbag chairs in the room and sits down.
  44. >Shifting the pony in your arms so you can see her face, you show her the popsicle you brought along, and ask her if she wanted it.
  45. >"Mmhm..."
  46. >Unwrapping the frozen treat and holding it out for the mare, she starts biting and chewing the popsicle as if she hadn't eaten for days.
  47. "Wow, slow down! You'll give yourself brain freeze!"
  48. >Ignoring your warning, the pony in your arms finishes her treat.
  49. >She also stopped crying!
  50. >"T-thank you, mister... I don't want to be alone again, c-can I come w-with you...?"
  51. >tears begin welling up in her eyes, as if the very thought of you leaving would break her heart.
  52. >What kind of person would you be if you told her 'no'?
  53. "Of course you can come with me."
  54. >"Thank you..."
  55. >Standing up with the pegasus in your arms, you begin to walk towards the door, but a small cream-colored roadblock moves infront of you.
  56. >"And where do you think you're taking SCP-092, SCP-064?"
  57. "Back to my room. She said she didn't want me to leave her again, so I'm not going to leave her."
  58. >"But you can't just take SCPs from their containment rooms! That's how you cause a containment breach!"
  59. "I'm sure your widdle wesearch wab can handle a single mare not being inside a playroom, Bon Bon."
  60. >You motion to all the playthings and toys strewn around the room.
  61. >"That's not the point! The point is-- Hey!"
  62. >Moving around your guard, you open the door to the hallway and begin the trek back to your room.
  63. >Bon Bon, having accepted that she couldn't sway the only Apollyon-class SCP in the Foundation's possession, trots up beside you and quietly follows you.
  64. >Finally reaching the luxury-suite that was custom-built for you, that the ponies liked to call the 'Heavy Containment Zone,' you open the door and lay the mare down at the foot of your bed.
  65. >...You should really get this mare's name so you don't have the keep calling her 'The Mare.'
  66. "Do you have a name, miss?"
  67. >"...Whole Heart..."
  68. >Holy shit that's adorable.
  69. "'Whole Heart'? That's a very nice name."
  70. >"Thank you... My mother--"
  71. >She stops, and tears begin to well up in her eyes again.
  72. >"M-my m-m-mother..."
  73. >The floodgates burst, and her crying resumes.
  74. >Sitting down next to her, you bring her into a deep hug to comfort her.
  75. "Shhh... Shhh... It's okay, let it out."
  76. >"Mommyyyy!"
  77. >Thrusting her nose into your chest again, Whole Heart starts wailing as bad memories begin flooding back to her.
  78. "Whole Heart, what's wrong? Are you okay?"
  79. >Your voice seemingly calms Whole Heart down a bit, as she manages to squeak out a response.
  80. >"I t-think so... Mister... Mister..."
  81. >The mare throws her face back into your shoulder.
  82. >"I'm sorry! I-I'm s-sorry!"
  83. "It's okay, Whole Heart, there's nothing for you to be sorry for, you didn't do anything bad."
  84. >"N-no! I d-didn't ask y-your name! I'm a-a bad p-ponyyyyy!"
  85. >Pulling Whole Heart off your chest, you lift her up so you can look her in the eyes.
  86. "My name's Anonymous, and you're not a bad pony, you're a good pony. Okay? I'm not mad that you forgot to ask my name."
  87. >"P-please don't leave me..."
  88. >Again with asking you not to leave her...
  89. "Hey, you must have had a long day. How would you like to take a nap?"
  90. >The mare looks at you for a moment before nodding.
  91. "Alright. You can sleep in the bed, and I'll sleep on the couch. Is that okay?"
  92. >"I'm sorry for taking your bed..."
  93. >Wiping a tear from her face, you reassure her that you're not angry at her, and that you'll be fine on the couch.
  94. >You pick up Whole Heart, and pull back the covers on your bed.
  95. >Placing her down on the mattress, you pull the covers up over her so she can fall asleep.
  96. >"Thank you..."
  97. "You're welcome, Whole Heart. Sleep tight."
  98. >Walking over to your couch, which was partially occcupied by Bon Bon, you sit down next to the mare and tell her that you're turning in for the night.
  99. >"Well, if you're going to go to bed now, I suppose that means my work is done for today. Good night, SCP-064."
  100. "Good night, Bonny."
  101. >"My name is Sweetie Drops. Not Bon Bon."
  102. >With one last angry look, Bon Bon opens the door to the hallway, and leaves for the night.
  103. >With your first moment of silence all day, you have a chance to contemplate your situation.
  104. >What happened to this mare? Something to do with her parents? Why did she single you out to attach to instead of another pony?
  105. >The sounds of shuffling bedsheets and hooves lightly hitting the floor snaps you out of your trance.
  106. >Slowly, you can make out the outline of a pegasus mare climbing up onto the couch, and onto your lap.
  107. >Whole Heart lies down; wrapping her legs and wings around you.
  108. >Whatever happened to her before doesn't matter to you anymore. The only thing that matters right now is this mare. You're going to help her.
  109. >Whatever it takes.
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