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ChrisLAS Mar 29th, 2018 405 Never
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  1. Hi Chris and Mike,
  3. In case you don't remember me I am the guy who went to prison while in high school and then tool up programming. You guys responded with some advice to a previous email. Will you please offer some insight concerning my current situation?
  5. I’ve been wrestling with a few choices that will influence my career trajectory I am fairly familiar with Java and have been building trivial Android apps in school, so I have been letting that weigh heavily on my decision.
  7. Am I putting too much significance on the language and platform I am familiar with? I ask because I started thinking that maybe it is all transferable enough that I shouldn’t let what I know now affect my choices. For example I was accepted into Thinkful, however they do not teach mobile. They teach Full-stack javascript with Node and React. Their curriculum seems to be high quality, graduates well placed, and I will owe anything until I am hired. It seems like the perfect jumpstart.
  9. I just feel like I have that squirrel syndrome and would like to instead focus on something deeply in order to build significant things rather than the never ending line of trivial apps I have built as I have learned various platforms (such as…php apps, Android apps, iOS apps, javascript apps, C++ apps, Java apps). These apps are like acorns for my squirrelly ass😁 My excuse is that my college has me learning everything. Translation….my college has me learning nothing. I really love the wide world of software development and it's options, but at the same time it is somewhat overwhelming.
  11. So I come to you for a clear perspective. Should I build on what I know? In java I would say I have a basic grasp on quit a few advanced topics like concurrency? Or should I take the best opportunity available and rely on the knowledge transferring in some degree?
  13. You guys don't help mattes either. One day after listening to Chris, I want to learn Linux from the ground up and deploy like a goddamn devops ninja. The next day I listen to Mike and want to buy a rig from system 76 and learn Xamarin. This is somewhat a joke. I am not that fickle, but I do need the advice previously mentioned.
  15. Thanks. As always the shows are magnificent. If either of you are ever in Orlando and don't mind socializing with a felon, lunch is on me.
  17. Richard Wolter
  21. @RwoltX
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