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  1. ❥ USERNAME: @jijibak
  2. ❥ NAME: Val Rae Park (Birth/English name)
  3. ❥ OTHER NAMES: Park Hana (Korean name)
  4. ❥ NICKNAMES: Rae, Nana, V, Cupid
  5. ❥ DOB: 14/02/00
  6. ❥ AGE: 18 or 19 in Korea
  8. ❥ ETHNICITY: Half-Korean and Quarter-Australian and Quarter-Filipino
  9. ❥ BIRTHPLACE: Quezon City, Manila, Philippines
  10. ❥ HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Australia
  12. ❥ LANGUAGES:
  13. English 10/10
  14. French 6/10
  15. Italian 3/10
  16. Korean 10/10
  17.  ❥ HEIGHT: 157cm
  18. ❥ WEIGHT: 45.6kg
  19.  ❥ BLOOD TYPE: O+
  21. ❥ PERSONALITY: Val is a creative, kind and considerate person, she always tries to make everyone happy and tries to put others before herself. At times she is very short tempered and will not hesitate to hit someone if they mess with her. She is bad at maths and really can't be stuffed listening if someone mentions it, and she most definitely is glad she dropped maths as soon as she could. She works her butt off trying to survive college and barely gets any sleep.
  22. ❥ BACKGROUND: When Val was little, she started doing ballet and contemporary and hip-hop at the exact age of 6 and grew a passion for dance. When Val started doing art, Val felt as if she could fully express herself through her art and writings. As a teenager, Val loved to create art, when she painted she felt as if she ruled the world even though she was just a teen going through her awkward stages. Having Dyslexia as a teenager was a massive problem for Val as her anxiety was severe and impaired the ability for her to interact and communicate with others, she was often bullied when people found this out so she had the tendency to hide the fact from others.
  24. ❥ NATIONALITY: Korean-Australian  
  25. ❥ FAMILY: name / relation / occupation/ age / closeness X/10
  26. Elle Riviera Park /mother/graphics artist in a digital team for SM entertainment/48/ 9|10
  27. Park Hyunshik /father/cook/49/ 8/10
  28. Cali Park/sister/student/16/ 9/10
  29. ❥ LIKES:
  30. Strawberry milk
  31. Pink and orange
  32. Cliche, cheesy romance novels
  33. Cute boys
  34. ❥ DISLIKES:
  35. Thunder
  36. Having long hair
  37. Eating pork and lamb
  38. ❥ HABITS:
  39. She has a tendency to stare at people subconsciously and zone out alot
  40. Drawing on her skin
  41. ❥ HOBBIES:
  42. Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-hop so basically dancing
  43. Drawing and sketching
  44. Making Bullet journals
  45. ❥ TRIVIA: min. 5 / max. 15
  46. Val is allergic to Penicillin and is lactose-free
  47. Val gets anxiety attacks frequently but doesn't like telling people because she doesn't want to be a burden to others
  48. Val drinks a lot of strawberry milk
  49. Val loves to stay in cafes all day painting
  50. Val loves the color peach
  51. Val loves berets
  52. She loves any guy who can pull of a soft-boi aesthetic
  53. ❥ FACE CLAIM: Chaewon of IZ*ONE
  54. ❥ BACKUP FACE CLAIM: Jiwon of fromis_9
  55. ❥ LOVE INTEREST: Na jaemin
  56. ❥ BACKUP LOVE INTEREST: Huang Renjun
  57. ❥ PASSWORD: Junguwu
  60. Hello Author! Thankyou for reading my application and I hope you will consider my form!
  61. Thankyou!!!!
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