Dark Souls 1 Low% Comfy-ish Route

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  1. Dark Souls 1 Low% with minimal FQ
  3. 1. Asylum
  4. -start Sorcerer, Firebombs
  5. -run through, kill Asylum Demon with Firebombs, Darksign before he dies
  6. -run to Oscar, quitout to break the wall, get the key from him and Wrong Warp
  7. -run to firelink
  9. 2. Firelink/Burg
  10. -run to Burg, Wrong Warp at the beginning before the foggate
  11. -kill 3 hollows with firebombs, buy a Club from Undead Merchant, get the bonfire
  12. -farm 1000 souls from the hollows, buy the Residence Key from the merchant
  13. -LUB Skip, free Griggs, Darksign back
  14. -farm 2500 souls from the hollows, buy a Lloyd's Talisman from Undead Merchant, run back to Firelink and buy Fall Control and Sorcerer's Catalyst from Griggs, Darksign back
  15. -attune Fall Control, do Blue Tearstone Drop, do Havel's Tower Skip
  16. -run to Andre
  18. 3. Undead Parish/Sen's Fortress
  19. -do Sen's Gate Skip
  20. -get the Lightning Spear from the Mimic with the Lloyd's Talisman
  21. -kill Iron Golem (7 R1s to stagger, 2 R1 and R2 to make him fall)
  22. -run back to Crestfallen Merchant, buy 9 Titanite Shards, Greataxe, Balder Shield and spend the rest on Green Blossoms, Darksign back
  23. -dupe the Golem Soul once, upgrade Greataxe to +5, buy 999 Wooden Arrows, QS Buy 999 Pikes
  24. -run back to Firelink (don't take the elevator), dupe the Golem Soul twice and buy Rapier and Shortbow from Undead Merchant and a Lingering Dragoncrest Ring from Griggs, Darksign back
  25. -do Sen's Gate Skip again, run to Anor Londo
  27. 4. Anor Londo
  28. -dupe the Golem Soul (once if you have 1000 souls from Sens, otherwise twice), level up 22 STR and the rest into END
  29. -do the FC Quitout at the elevator
  30. -run through rafters, rotate the elevator once, quitout
  31. (change inventory order so that the greataxe is moveswappable on the ladder)
  32. -do Silver Knight Archers Skip
  33. (you can take the OnS bonfire as long as you don't open the shortcut door near the spear silver knights)
  34. -kill Ornstein and Smough with a moveswapped Greataxe
  35. -talk to Gwynevere to obtain the Lordvessel
  36. -level up 27 STR, rest in END, warp to Parish
  38. 5. Parish/Blighttown/Kiln
  39. -run to Gargoyles, ESM the Darksign onto a ring slot on the way (you can do this earlier too it doesn't matter)
  40. (from here on out you have to use the Darksign from the menu)
  41. -ring the bell, Darksign back
  42. -run to Blighttown through Valley of Drakes
  43. -rest at the Blighttown bonfire, trigger Quelaag, do Quelaag Skip
  44. -run to Undead Burg, do Capra Skip, kill Domhall in  the Depths
  45. -warp to Firelink, place the Lordvessel, Wrong Warp into the Kiln
  46. -kill Gwyn (it takes 7 ripostes and 1 regular hit)
  48. Total Percentage: 5.1%
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