MGE Side III Mira

Feb 27th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Fifth Song Island of Hope
  2. Mira
  4. Singing together with spirits, an island of eternal canals
  5. Diva: Fulafel Inherited Song: Hope
  6. Main Residents: Mermaid, Cancer, Flow Kelp, Ignis, Undine, Sylph, Gnome
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  8. The fifth song island, “Mira”, is a soothing water town surrounded by nature that lives together with spirits!
  9. In the nostalgic and idyllic atmosphere of this town, the gondolas, flanked by water wheels, are like a tranquil and relaxing cradle that make you feel at ease...
  11. While strolling through the beautiful old townscape, you will be treated to the singing of postergirls and traditional local Mira cuisine at any tavern you stumble into. You can’t help but feel warm and relaxed from the deliciousness!
  13. After your meal, relax in a hot spring while sipping local sake!
  14. The many hidden hot springs, which couldn’t possibly be visited all in one day, will cure your fatigue!
  15. Mira’s pride and joy, the “Spirit Hot Spring”, is, of course, a mixed bath♪
  16. The mermaid or spirit who joins you will gladly wash your back♥
  18. Mira’s hot springs, which are just like hidden getaways, are perfect for couples to bathe in!
  19. What do you know, their majesties the Demon Lord and her husband have also appeared here and showed their carefree faces while curing the fatigues of their daily life!
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  21. You who seek to have a treasured child with your beloved, by all means, stay long-term in the city of eternity, Mira...
  22. The normally quiet city of Mira shows its rather lively side during the upcoming “Spirit Festival”.
  23. At this year’s festival, the diva Fulafel will be singing the “song of hope”.
  24. As you know, this festival is for showing our gratitude for Mira’s harvest and the spirits that dwell on the island, and when these spirits are invigorated, the season of “breeding” comes to Mira.
  26. Thanks to the efforts of the Demon Lord and the many couples that have had treasured children here, we are thankful to be well-known among monsters as a “child-making spot” second only to the tentacle forest.
  27. The many strong drinks and powerful magical dishes made from local Mira ingredients, which you normally cannot taste elsewhere, are ideal for helping you have children.
  28. In addition, it’s also the ideal time to soak in hot springs, and this time of year, the “Great Spirit Hot Spring” is considered famous for its ability to allow you to strive for a child for ten days without resting if you soak in it for a full day.
  29. We also offer “spring water” that allows you to directly take the medicinal properties and mana of the hot springs into your body, and it’s rumored that drinking it together as a couple will fill you with more vitality and desire so you can vigorously make a baby.
  31. The power of the “breeding” season brought by the spirits remains in the city for some time after the festival, so by all means, consider staying for a while.
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  33. For Men! Recommendations for singles♥
  34. The waterside city of Mira, with its safe and relaxing townscape, stands out as the easiest of the seven islands to pass the time on!
  35. After touring the food at different restaurants every day and wandering willfully about until night falls, enjoy drinks at a tavern or soaking in a hot spring. It’s the slow life of your dreams!
  37. If you are a single man staying the night, many tourist destinations in the monster realms will offer you discounted lodging on the condition that you find a companion on-site, and Court Alf’s seven islands are no exception.
  38. Among them, Mira’s lodging fees are even cheaper, and if you ask a song maiden working at an establishment, you can even live there with them with meals included♪
  40. Of course, before you know it, you’ll be sleeping in the same bed as the song maiden from the establishment...♥
  41. Of the seven islands, the city of Mira has the highest number of single men that become permanent residents!
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  43. Advice for those that want such a bride!
  44. The mermaids of this area have simple, gentle personalities♥
  45. The girls that work in taverns and restaurants are especially service-oriented♪
  46. There is no doubt they will become a wonderful bride who is family-oriented and devoted!
  47. There are also many spirits waiting to form a contract with you♥
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