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A Fairy Tale (a prologue, hopefully)

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Sep 15th, 2013
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  1. With a grunt, Vic thrust the point of his smallish broadsword into the soft dirt of the forest trail. The leaves, branches, and vines had been crowding ever thicker over the path the farther he had traveled. He spat in the dust, cursing the swindlers who had led him here. Should’ve listened to his mother. Taking a swig from his bottle, he looked to the path ahead. The sunlight was blocked almost entirely by the tallest trees, but glowing plants supported the processes of the others on the floor. The flowers and leaves, illuminated by soft blues and reds, had at least given Vic something nice to look at as he walked. Ahead of him, though, the forest darkened.
  3. Breaking from the path wasn’t an option. He wasn’t sure what laid beneath those pretty, chest-high flowers, but he knew he couldn’t get too far that way without fatigue or poison taking him. He was hesitant to turn back, too: he hadn’t found too much food left around when he woke up alone. After putting away his bottle, he picked up one of the last glowing flowers on the path, took his sword up and continued on.
  5. Of course, the faintly glowing flower was not much use as a torch against the aggressive shadow of the canopy. It was misty, too, and the light refracted uselessly before him. Deciding that stumbling over a path he couldn’t see was hardly more useful than pushing through the lit brush behind him, he stopped and turned. Floating about three feet over the path close behind him was a pair of shining, golden orbs. They gave off rays of light that stopped just a few inches from their apparent centers, and hadn’t illuminated the path before him or cast his shadow.
  7. One began immediately to fly away, off the path to his left. The other bounced a bit and brushed near to him. As it did, he felt a warm sensation sweep over his body. He heard a sweet voice in his ear say, “Follow them! They know of the treasure you came for.” Vic turned, but saw no speaker. Looking back to the orb, it had already started off to follow its companion.
  9. He could ignore them and turn back, and possibly get just as lost and even hungrier in the other direction. Or he could take a chance. Before he had time to consider, his legs were already carrying him at a sprint into the brush. The orbs stayed just within sight, two points of light against a pitch-black forest.
  11. ***
  13. Vic had tripped over something. He couldn’t see what it was, of course, but it felt as though the vines had sprung from the ground beneath him. His flower, taken from its stem, had already begun to wilt and dim. He hid it in his coat and huddled against what he hoped was a tree, terrified of what might find him out here. The orbs were nowhere to be seen. He cursed himself for losing sight of his one means of rescue.
  15. His growing panic was interrupted when he heard the same sugary voice from before. “Hello, is someone there?” it rang. “O-over here,” Vic muttered quietly. There was a quiet flitting sound, and then a bright light flashed in front of him. He cried out and shielded his eyes. “Sorry!”
  17. After a moment his eyes adjusted to the new, clear light. Before him floated a tiny woman, holding a white orb of light but seeming to glow with her own light. She was a fairy, no more than eight inches tall. The pink blur of her wings was just visible behind the outline of her long locks of hair. Around her waist was a purple silken skirt, and a matching piece of cloth was tied around her chest. Her face was gorgeous, Vic thought, and he found himself lost in her features for a moment.
  19. “I’m Elythusa! Sorry to startle you,” she chimed, breaking his reverie. “And you are?”
  21. “I-I’m Vic,” he stammered. The fairy giggled. “Charmed, I’m sure,” she said with a wide smile. “Don’t worry, you’re safe here,” she added before he could ask. “I keep magical wards against evil spirits up around here.”
  23. “Is that why the things I was following disappeared, then?” Vic reasoned. Elythusa gasped, covering her mouth with her free hand. “Oh, goodness! Someone must have been trying to steal you right off the path!” She let go of the orb, leaving it to hang suspended in the air, and drifted towards him. Her knees alighted on his shoulder, and she leaned in to hug his neck. “Poor thing!” she said quietly. “Well don’t worry, like I said, nothing truly bad can get to us here.” Vic just nodded. The heat and softness of her skin against his neck was making him feel so comfortably warm that it almost scared him. But there was something so calming about her presence. She seemed like a true friend, something Vic longed for.
  25. Her hands slid over his skin, caressing him gently. He sighed, but suddenly remembered something. Looking over at her, he asked “Wait, didn’t you tell me to follow those orbs?” Elythusa looked up at him. “Hmm? No, I don’t think so. Could be that whoever was trying to steal you away was impersonating me, though.” Vic nodded again; it made sense. If he were to want to follow someone deep into a forest, it would be her.
  27. “So how did a young man like yourself wind up so far in a dangerous place like this?” He told her of the adventuring party he had met at the port town, and how they had led him off in search of treasure only to abandon him. She cocked her head. “What sort of treasure?” Vic explained that there was supposed to be a priceless magical slime somewhere in the forest, that when harvested could be brewed into many valuable potions that granted their drinkers control of nature around them.
  29. “I’m afraid I don’t know of any magical slimes,” Elythusa said, putting her finger to her chin. “I wonder how that idea might have gotten out? Ah, it’s unimportant. It sounds to me like you were tricked indeed. Well don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get out of this forest safely.” Vic was infinitely grateful for her promise. “First, though,” she said, “would you like to see the treasure I do have?” Vic was amazed that anything of value would be this far into the darkness of a forest. “Of course!”
  31. She smiled, and held her hands out. On two of her fingers were tiny blue rings, shimmering in the light. “Take one and see!” she said. Vic gingerly slid one off of her hand. The second it cleared her fingertip, it swelled to fit the dimensions of someone his size. “Go ahead, try it on,” Elythusa urged. “What does it do?” Vic asked, slipping the ring onto his own finger. It fit comfortably, but didn’t feel any different from a normal ring.
  33. “Well here, watch!” Elythusa took an index finger in her other hand, and Vic gasped as she stretched her finger inches away from her palm. “See, my body is very flexible,” she said with a smile. “And as long as you and someone else are wearing the rings, your bodies both take on the most unique trait that the other’s possesses. Go ahead, try it!” Vic grabbed some skin on his arm, and was amazed to find that he could pull it away as far as she could without any pain. “You can even do things like this,” she said, squeezing her fist through a tight hole she formed with her other hand. It swelled again to its normal size as her wrist slipped into her tight grip, shrinking down to an unfathomably small size.
  35. After the novelty of pinching his skin wore off, Vic asked “Well what’s my… thing?” Elythusa thought for a moment. “I’m not sure yet. Maybe you’re really strong?” She gave his jaw a tiny punch. “Don’t think that’s it,” Vic muttered. “Oh well,” Elythusa said, “I’m sure it’s something.” He noticed that her legs were starting to shift about, as though she were uncomfortable. After a minute, her mouth parted slightly, and he could hear her breaths as she looked dreamily at him.
  37. “E-Elythusa?” Vic broke the silence, worried by her sudden change. “Huh?” She blinked a few times. “Say, Vic, you’ve never been with a woman, have you?” He was taken aback. Vic was just young enough that he didn’t think that sort of thing was quite expected of him yet, but he knew what she meant.. “That’s okay, it’s no matter,” she said. Her eyes had drifted away from his face and down his front. Something about her look made him start to shift just as she had, and he felt a strange warmth swirling between his legs.
  39. “Do you want to see me naked, Vic?” His eyes were wide and everything was happening so suddenly, but he found himself nodding his head vigorously. Her tiny hand reached out in front of his face and snapped, and suddenly a fairy that looked just beside him was floating in front of him. “Watch her, then,” Elythusa giggled, sitting down on his shoulder and kicking her bare feet happily.
  41. The illusion she had made smiled and wiggled her hips a bit, then slowly began to pull at the knot of her top. Vic’s jaw had dropped. She looked down and caught the cloth just before it fell away. The image looked back up at him, and let it slide off to the ground with a coy smile. To Vic her tiny round breasts were immaculate, and Elythusa laughed on his shoulder as he leaned forward slightly.
  43. Her show continued; her likeness turned slowly, rolling her wide hips and jutting her butt out. Looking back over her shoulder, she covered her mouth in mock surprise as her skirt manage to slide off her figure too. The thing between his leg had grown harder than he had ever felt it by then, and it was all he could do to keep from grinding it against his own thighs. “Vic,” the real Elythusa said beside him as the illusion faded. He looked down to see that she had disrobed herself while he was watching. “Do you want to touch me, Vic?” He breathed hard. “Y-yeah, I think so…”
  45. She floated down towards his hand, and he slowly moved it up to meet her. His fingers ran slowly down her side, and the fairy giggled at the tickle of his touch. She took his first finger in her hands and guided it to her breast. He massaged them gently, mesmerized by the feeling. Then she pushed his finger down towards her navel, and he could feel a warm, wet space between her legs grinding itself against his joint. She sighed. “Vic, do you want me to touch you now?” she asked after a moment. He nodded slowly, mind feeling overwhelmed. Elythusa drifted down, feet landing lightly on his shirt. He only sat there, still stunned. “You’ll need to get those pants down for me,” she suggested with a smile. Vic was eager to comply.
  47. His member bounced up, freed of his clothes. Elythusa clapped and squeezed her hands at the sight of it. “Oh my, it’s just perfect!” Vic raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t sure about any of this, but it didn’t look like he would fit in her anywhere. “Don’t worry,” she said, gliding to his rod. “That ring will take care of everything for us. Just have to get it a little wet first…”
  49. With that, she knelt down at his base, and put her tiny, warm palms on his engorged skin. She squeezed him gently, massaging in circles just under his head and rubbing down his shaft. His head fell back against the tree, previously-unknown pleasure running through his body as she reached up and took drops of his precum, coating his head and length with it. She started to slide her chest against him, too, rubbing the sticky liquid into him. “Perfect,” she said, licking her lips.
  51. She wrapped her hands around his slick head and pulled herself up to sit on his tip. Her thighs squeezed him, knees in front and ankles hooked behind. “I might need a little help for this, actually,” she said. Vic took her meaning, and put his palm against her back, wrapping his fingers gently around her. He pushed down slowly, and was amazed to find that the pressure was enough to slide her over him. Elythusa’s eyes fluttered and rolled back. “Y-yessss,” she sighed. “Keep- keep going,” the fairy said, and Vic continued pushing. His dick contracted effortlessly where she wrapped around him, and he felt the give of her equally elastic body moving to let him in. Her belly just barely swelled out as he felt her innermost, and after that his length concentrated itself to keep moving her down.
  53. “Oh my…” Elythusa moaned, her hands running wildly over her thighs. Her tight heat around him felt unlike anything else. He couldn’t even think to process the sensation; only knowing that he needed her to move on him. She adjusted her legs and pushed off with her feet, now able to bring herself back down on her own. Vic’s hand stayed on her, but he was happy to let her do the work. But his urgency soon grew to be too fast for her to keep up with. He tried to control himself for a moment, but the next he was bouncing her up and down himself. Her sweet cries of “Yes, yes!” rang in his ears as he used her like a sleeve, pumping her up and down around himself.
  55. He had almost lost control of his own voice, and sharper and louder grunts filled the air. Plowing her like this felt like scratching some deep, deep itch Vic hadn’t even known he had. Out of nowhere, a fire welled up at his base, churning and moving with a life of its own. A cry escaped him as he came into her. She squeezed her legs and twitched around him, arms pinned to her sides and head thrown back in bliss. Her belly swelled more noticeably for a moment as he pumped semen into her again and again. Soon, though, he was finished. It ran out around him, dripping down her legs and his own.
  57. Vic’s eyes and mouth stayed wide open as he tried in vain to take in everything. His member deflated softly and Elythusa stood up slowly, shaking uncontrollably. Their breaths filled the air for a while. Vic’s eyes closed and his head slumped back as a total relaxation fell over him. “I-I think I found your uh, your sp-specialty,” the fairy said with a weak smile. “Didn’t really mean to get quite so into that, truthfully.” Vic was too worn out by everything to comprehend. “I sort of envy you; I feel you’re going to enjoy that even more over the next few years.” She floated clumsily back up to his shoulder, feet and legs still coated. “How about we take a little rest?” Before he could argue, she tapped his forehead lightly. Vic’s eyes suddenly became too heavy to lift, and a warm darkness took him off to sleep.
  59. Elythusa sat down on his shoulder, leaning against his head. She’d rest too a while before taking him back to the forest’s edge, she figured. The abused little fairy needed it, as much as she had enjoyed things. That was no natural libido for a boy his age, she was sure of it. She had planned on keeping him around a while longer and taking things a little slower, but she had felt his need within her own body and could not deny such hunger. Elythusa floated up, sat down on top of his head and drifted off into a trance herself.
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