Josh's DnD: Ep01

Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. Josh: Silverhome, a small village lying next to the great Western Forest. It's an idyllic place, children play and run while the adults go about their business, running shops for the travelers coming through from both human and elven lands or picking apples in the orchards. The Great Oak in the center of town gives shade over much of the village and is a good place to hear the conversations of folk gathered there.
  2. Josh: All around the Great Oak people are passing time chatting idly or eating lunch before they head back to the orchards. Most of the people there seem calm and happy, gossip flows freely.
  3. Urzoga: A plainly dressed half-orc stands looking up at the Great Oak standing proud in the center of Silverhome, a mule's lead clasped in one hand. Said mule belonged to someone else no doubt, weighted down with all manner of gear.
  4. Yayifications: A stout and strong looking dwarf woman drinks some ale, glancing about the Oak. She looked a bit uneasy, as though expecting something.
  5. Pinko: Haryuko is following close by, petting the mule that Urzoga is leading. Her outfit is a bit extravagant, concealing most of her figure. She seems a bit at a loss, having come so far with so little leads. Still, she's going to make her way to the town hall.
  6. Urzoga pulls her attention away from the tree to look around, letting out a rumble of annoyance.
  7. Pinko knows to be cautious when Urzoga acts as such, a hand on her weapon already. She seems to be preoccupied more with her current situation than her surroundings, though.
  8. Josh: Town hall itself is a large, immaculate building. It outshines every other building in the town in both size and design. This is probably due to the fact that Silverhome sits on the border of two nations.
  9. Ileleste leaves the general store, pulling a dark cloak around herself and up over her head. Her revealing clothes and horns mostly disappearing underneath.
  10. Urzoga: "Being followed," the big Half-orc mutters to the smaller Gnome.
  11. Pinko gives a nod, but seems a bit surprised. "Just a minute, Urzoga." She tries to take a sudden turn to disappear and stalk her stalker herself.
  12. The_Reaper: a cloaked guy holding a scythe just sitting down with a backpack by his side
  13. Pinko manages to disappear out of sight and reappears next of the lady that had been following them. "Can I help you?" Beans tilts her head with curiosity.
  14. Josh: The woman jumps then looks around. It takes her a moment to actually look down. She scowls. "What do you want, squirt? Shoo." You can tell she's trying to bluff you.
  15. Yayifications: Alja eyes the gnome and the shady woman nearby, keeping a curious eye on their exchange.
  16. Pinko: "You're a soldier, right? Are you on a pilgrim on the roads and requiring one of my blessings? Is that why you are following us?" She presents to the lady her holy symbol, her tone as genuine as can be.
  17. Josh: The woman looks surprised. "Uh...Sure, yeah." She looks up. "Actually wait, I didn't know it was this late already. I should...really get going."
  18. Pinko: "Oh, okay. Have a nice day, and safe travels to you. I'll pray for your safety." Haryuko seems a bit surprised by the encounter.
  19. Ileleste stretches, looking around at the town, pondering to herself.
  20. Urzoga doesn't seem to have paid much attention to the exchange, patting Mina the mule on the head instead.
  21. Pinko then returns to Urzoga as the soldier gets going. She seems mystified. "A soldier was following us. I don't think she wanted a blessing."
  22. Urzoga: At Haryuko's words she turns, hoping to catch a glance at the soldier.
  23. Josh: The woman heads directly towards the town's exit, not even trying to hide anymore and barely restraining the urge to run.
  24. Ileleste watches the woman run, indifferent as to whatever was going on.
  25. Urzoga: "Bad feeling."
  26. Yayifications: Alja trails her slowly and curiously, sighing. That looked like trouble.
  27. Pinko: "...I didn't want to make a scene..." She adds with a shrug. "Did you do anything? Then again, she seemed more interested in the fact we were going to the town hall, somehow."
  28. Pinko: Beans doesn't press the point any further though, already moving on.
  29. Josh: You get to the town hall without further ado and head inside. There's an elderly human female there. She looks at you without much interest.
  30. Ileleste: With a sigh, Ileleste heads towards the inn hoping to find some sort of employment, or at the very least a bed to sleep in for the night.
  31. Pinko: "Good afternoon." Haryuko approaches the counter, barely standing above it, climbing a bit on Urzoga to even face her. "My name is Haryuko, this is my travelling partner Urzoga, and I would need information about local druid circles for an afflicted fairy friend of mine."
  32. Josh: The woman blinks.
  33. Urzoga: If Urzoga minds being used as a ladder she doesn't voice it, gaze wandering lazily.
  34. Pinko: "Is that, uh, an unusual request?" Beans blinks as well.
  35. Josh: She nods, looking at you two. "A little, yes. We've a few druids nearby but only one ever visits the town. I think she's an apprentice."
  36. Josh: In the Inn the elderly dwarf chuckles as the scythe wielding man in question comes in behind the fair woman. He drops it, regardless. "You have any skills?"
  37. Pinko: "Ah, do you know when she visits, usually? Or where we could find her? It's a bit of an urging matter..." Haryuko seems a bit disappointed by the answer. With such a large tree at the center of the town, she expected druidic magic to have a hand in it.
  38. The_Reaper: "a few"
  39. The_Reaper: "do you need something done"
  40. Ileleste: She parts the cloak, leaning down on the counter. "Besides being easy on the eyes? I can keep your patrons at ease and keep them wanting more... ale. Or I can dance."
  41. Josh: "She comes in once every few weeks to water the trees and inspect the orchards and the ranch. She's due for a visit sometime this week, I think. Her name is Veralidaine Serrasri, but generally she just goes by Daine."
  42. Pinko: "Oh. Well, Urzoga, do you mind if we stay here for a few days?" She then turns to the elderly woman, not even waiting for an answer from Urzoga. "Can you tell her that a gnome that goes by the name Beans is looking for her and that she should be by the inn?"
  43. Josh: The dwarf looks between the two. "You sure you aren't together?" He grins and chuckles. "A dancer eh? I could use you, if you're free for the night. And you..." He looks at the man with the scythe. "You any good with your hands?"
  44. Josh: "If she stops by, I can." She writes a note in a large book.
  45. The_Reaper: he tilts his head "in what way?"
  46. Pinko: "We'll wait for a couple of days, then move out if she doesn't show, I suppose." Haryuko seems rather annoyed by this turn of events.
  47. Ileleste: "Dancing I can do." She smiles.
  48. Josh: "I could use someone to move some barrels in the back, my old bones are too weak." He nods. "I'll make your stay for the night free and throw in some dinner if you can start right away. If you're any good, we'll see about keeping you on."
  49. Ileleste: "I can. Shall I leave my things in the room?"
  50. The_Reaper: "sounds fine where do you want them moved and which"
  51. Josh: He nods and hands Ileleste the key to her room. "Name's Barza. I'll see you down here soon." He nods to the Reaper. "I'll show ya in the back. Follow me."
  52. Ileleste heads off to her room to prepare and primp herself a bit.
  53. The_Reaper: he follows Barza
  54. Urzoga gives a toothy yawn.
  55. Josh: Over by the town hall, the Gnome and Half-Orc see the Dwarf looking disconcerted and heading straight for the Town Hall.
  56. Pinko isn't climbing down from Urzoga just yet. Seems like she's overstaying her welcome around her waist.
  57. Ileleste has renamed this conversation to "Malchizidek"
  58. Josh: The old woman looks up as the dwarf barges in. "Yes?"
  59. Pinko is taken back for a moment as the dwarf rushes in, jumping off of Urz' waist.
  60. Yayifications: Alja looks about, seeming stern as ever, "Did ya know there's a Malchizidek war camp not far outside of town?" She points to the gnome, "The lass who was trailin' ya'. I watched where she fled to and...well..."
  61. Pinko: Beans seems a bit surprised by it. "Uh, well, I didn't think much of it, but now that you mention it... wait, why was she still stalking -us-?"
  62. Yayifications: "I wouldn't know, but this looks like bad news."
  63. Ileleste re-enters the main area of the inn, finding the stage (or a place proper enough to call it one) and sheds her cloak. Even without music she starts dancing. Her body is more than enough to distract most from the horns curling about her face.
  64. Pinko: Beans approaches the counter once more, curious look on her face. "So, well, do you happen to know anything about that war camp?"
  65. Josh: The woman seems confused and worried. "No we weren't told about anything like that. She flips through her book. Not a single word about training exercises or anything."
  66. Yayifications: "It's pretty well-hidden and fortified. Not elite soldiers, but definitely a sizable force," Alja answers plainly.
  67. Rylian: Ser Rylain Armstrong, a rather large individual, made his way through the town and into the inn, his feet sore from his long trek from the previous village.
  68. Pinko: "..." Beans glances at the dwarf and Urzoga for a long moment, thoughtful. "Well, thanks for looking out for us. Call me Beans, and my friend is Urzoga." She extends her hand.
  69. Josh: The dancer gets off to a rocky start but the patrons are drunk enough to start clapping anyways. After a while some smart guy actually starts clapping to a beat. With a beat to dance to, it gets a little easier to fall into a rhythm. The knight walks in to find a woman with horns dancing for a drunk crowd.
  70. Urzoga lets out a toothy yawn.
  71. Yayifications: "Alja Firehorn," she takes the gnome's hand, not paying much attention the half-orc, "Any idea why they're interested in you?"
  72. Pinko: She shrugs and presents her holy symbol. "I'm just a cleric of the God of the Roads..."
  73. Ileleste makes her way around the room, dancing and stopping at tables here and there, not missing a beat as she spots the knight sticking out from the rest of the crowd.
  74. Pinko: "The only thing that comes to mind is the assassination attempt on Malchizidek himself, but this town's like, way far away from the capital, no?"
  75. Pinko: "Iunno why they'd set up a camp here. Or be interested in us."
  76. Josh: The woman chews a fingernail. "Maybe someone should warn the guards...just in case."
  77. Pinko: "Can you tell us where the barracks are? I can go warn the Captain for you I suppose." She then turns to the Dwarf. "You should come with us too, tell us what you saw. Our stories together should be enough to compel an investigation, right?"
  78. Yayifications: Alja nods, "Aye. The guard towers would probably be a place to look."
  79. Pinko: Beans gives a grateful nod as she begins leading the way out, then. She's incredibly quick for someone only 3 feet tall.
  80. Urzoga follows with Mina in tow.
  81. Josh: The three of you head over to one of the guard towers. What you see, you weren't prepared for. There are three bodies, covered in fresh blood, lying inside the tower. The look like they were knocked out one by one, then dragged to those spots to be tortured to death.
  82. Rylian: Rylain finds himself awestruck looking at the dancer. Never had he seen such an exotic being during his journey so far. He continued to watch from where he was to not interrupt the spectacle
  83. Pinko seems repulsed a bit, but draws her crossbow. "Wuh oh, that's not good."
  84. Urzoga: "Bad feeling."
  85. Yayifications: Alja grimaces unpleasantly, but doesn't shudder. Rather, she sighs, "Looks like they've started."
  86. The_Reaper: Reaper walks back into the inn and goes up to the counter to talk to Barza
  87. Pinko: "Who's they? Why those guards?" Haryuko looks around, trying to find clues of what exactly happened, or if the assailants might still be around.
  88. Yayifications: "I'm not sure, but it's likely it has something to do with Malchizidek."
  89. Pinko: "That doesn't make sense, we're still in Malchizidek territory, no?"
  90. Josh: The dwarf switches his view from the lovely dancer to the man. "Finished already?"
  91. The_Reaper: "yup, all done."
  92. Pinko: "I'm not exactly the kind to poke my nose into soldier business, I mean, I'm just a Cleric looking out for a friend or two. I don't want this place to go to ruins, either, especially if I get an opportunity to meet who I'm looking for."
  93. Josh: He claps his hands together. "Well done! Just go sit down we'll get you some grub. Enjoy the view."
  94. Yayifications: "I didn't say it was directly the cause, but the two are likely related," Alja steps towards the bodies slowly, trying to get a better idea of what happened
  95. Pinko: "Mmh. Think they might be enemies of the Malchizidek, then?"
  96. The_Reaper: Reaper finds a table in the corner and waits for food while trying to pray
  97. Urzoga: "Should check the other tower, yes?"
  98. Pinko: "Good idea, Urz." Beans nods in approval. "Mina doesn't need to see this anyway."
  99. Ileleste a wink here, a jiggle and sway there, she moved amongst the tables to keep anyone from getting grabby towards her.
  100. Josh: There's a few that try to grab at her but most are just happy to see her.
  101. Urzoga leads the way this time.
  102. Pinko: Beans pets Mina and keeps her away from the corpses, now an upset look on her face, clutching her crossbow.
  103. Josh: The other tower is in a similar state, though there's blood spread around and not just on the three bodies there. There's a few arrows embedded in the wood walls. You guess that the killer wasn't as clean when they took this tower.
  104. Pinko: "...I think we should sound the alarm or something. Hey, Urz, you're big, mind leading the way in there to find a bell or a torch to light or something?"
  105. Pinko: Haryuko sounds even a little bit sicker as she finds this scene.
  106. Urzoga: The half-orc's posture goes rigid, gaze dropping to the floor. A moment later she's on her knees, looking over the bodies. "Alive."
  107. Pinko: Immediately, Haryuko leans down and she casts Cure Light Wounds on one of the injured soldiers, channeling what little power she has.
  108. Josh: The wounds heal somewhat and he gasps for air. You can hear there's still blood in his lungs. He'll need either more time or stronger magic than you possess to heal fully. "A-attack..."
  109. Pinko: "Gah, this is gonna be all the powers I have for today..." Haryuko channels her healing spell once more.
  110. Urzoga: "Who is attacking?"
  111. Pinko: An incantation and a touch of the chest later, positive energy flows from her fingertips to the guard.
  112. Josh: He's stable but his breathing is still irregular. He coughs. "The-the others."
  113. Pinko: "Not good, my magic is not good enough for this." Haryuoko seems to be recollecting her thoughts for a moment.
  114. Urzoga: "Will have to worry about him later. No offense."
  115. Pinko: "Mnnh. No good. No real church here, no Paladins or real priests." Haryuko shakes her head and crosses her arms. "...We should bring him somewhere safer at least, he's the only witness we have."
  116. Josh: "You-" He coughs. "You don't understand...They're coming...The-the others. We-" He hacks for a few minutes. "Have to warn them."
  117. Pinko: "..." Haryuko looks for a signal she can raise, somehow.
  118. Pinko: A torch, a bell, anything.
  119. Pinko: Hopefully, they weren't sabotaged.
  120. Josh: The bell in the tower is too large to have been sabotaged. It's meant to be hit with a large hammer in case of danger. The hammer's nowhere to be found though.
  121. Pinko: "Urz, you're strong, right? Hit that." She points to the bell. "We need to warn the people, right?"
  122. Yayifications: Alja grabs her warpike and gives the bell a good whack several times, trying to make it ring.
  123. Pinko: Beans seems relieved that Alja reacted, nodding in approval.
  124. Urzoga: Well, that saves Urzoga's knuckles anyway.
  125. Josh: The bell makes a loud gonging sound, ringing throughout the town. People in the tavern start panicking. From the top of the tower you can see dots of light approaching the town from the road as the sun sets behind you.
  126. Ileleste stops mid-twirl watching the patrons panic.
  127. The_Reaper: Reaper gets up grabs his scythe and starts smiling
  128. Pinko: Beans seems overly upset as she pets the mule. She doesn't know if she's trying to calm the animal or her own nerves, clutching her weapon still.
  129. Urzoga: "Stay near the back," the half-orc grunts at her companion before heading toward the town's main gates by leaps and bounds.
  130. The_Reaper: "well then seems like a bloodbath is about to start"
  131. Rylian: Rylain is broken from the captivating dance, witnesses the others, and realizes the situation, put on his heavy shield and drew his sword.
  132. He then shouted, "Finally! A way to test my mettle against a worthy challenge!"
  133. Pinko: "Not leaving you behind, bud!" Haryuko tries to keep the pace, but with Mina to drag along, it is a bit harder to follow up.
  134. Yayifications: Alja keeps pace with Urzoga, sighing bitterly, "Moradin's beard, I keep tryin' to get out but..."
  135. The_Reaper: Reaper bonks the overly zealous guy on the head "Challenge or not think of where you are"
  136. Pinko: "Hey, to be honest, Alja, I'd just like to say I'm glad you're on my side today." She giggles nervously, trying to hold from just breaking up from fear.
  137. Josh: Those of you close enough to the gates can see the soldiers marching on the town. It looks like a small platoon.
  138. Josh: The elderly dwarf waves people out of the inn. "To the town hall! Go!"
  139. Pinko: Beans finally regains a semblance of a composure. "Well, I'm glad enough you've come. It seems that the guards of both towers were dispatched by... something."
  140. Ileleste runs to her room, grabbing what belongings she had, then heads back down to the door of the inn.
  141. Pinko: "We figured ringing the bell when all the guards were dead was the sensible thing to do, r-right?"
  142. The_Reaper: "welp time to get my stuff" Reaper goes back to the inn to grab his backpack and heads to the town hall
  143. Yayifications: Alja simply nods to the gnome, "These are small fry soldiers compared to the bulk of their force. A few more swords and we can rout 'em no problem."
  144. Ileleste peers out the door past the knight. "What's going on?"
  145. Rylian: "Apparently some sort of alarm has been triggered. Most likely bandits, if I were a betting man." Rylain replies.
  146. Pinko: Beans notices the soldiers are not stopping for them. In fact, they're pointing weapons at them. "Wuh oh. Hey, let's like... scamper." Haryuko does so, dragging Mina away.
  147. Josh: The elderly dwarf looks at the knight and the dancer. "It was, the guards'll handle it. Our job is to get to the Town Hall and wait for the all clear."
  148. Pinko: "Maybe we should return to the town hall and explain the old lady why we rang the bell or something?"
  149. Yayifications: "We should head there, aye, see if we can get any support."
  150. Pinko: Beans curse in gnomish under her breath, frowning as she heads back to the town hall. "I need more coffee to handle this."
  151. Urzoga: "Best to hold them here, no? Bottle...bottleneck."
  152. Ileleste: "I don't really see any guards."
  153. Ileleste: She looks at the inn keep and the knight. "There should be guards, right?"
  154. Josh: The dwarf looks and sees only the three outsiders standing there. "Hey! Where are the guards? Why aren't the gates closed?"
  155. Pinko: "The guards? Well, they got struck by a sudden case of the death. We... kinda rung the bell." Haryuko then glances at the gates. Is it too late to shut them before the platoon is in the city?
  156. The_Reaper: reaper walks past the knight and heads to the town hall as suggested
  157. Josh: It will be a race to see who gets to the gates first.
  158. Pinko: Haryuko has a base speed of 40, and can cast Expeditious Retreat on herself, raising it to 70.
  159. Rylian: Rylain accompanies the pale-haired individual. He faces the dancer. “You come as well. Something doesn't feel right."
  160. Ileleste: "R-right."
  161. Pinko: "Urz, Alja, come with me, we'll shut this gate!"
  162. Pinko: And then, with a prayer and an incantation, as well as a click of her heels, Beans is off towards the gates.
  163. Pinko: Her build is frail, though. She probably won't be able to do this by herself.
  164. Ileleste peers at the group closest to the gate from behind the knight, and casts a protective spell on herself.
  165. Pinko: "Looks like it's up to us, Mina! Come with me!" But, as she tries to entice the animal into following her, the animal instead refuses to obey and even runs away. "Argh, useless mule! Bad Mina!" She then books it to the gate, upset look on her face as she notices the weirdo standing by himself. "Hey, move out of the way, we're gonna close the gates!"
  166. Rylian: Rylain cautiously makes his way towards the gate, picking his time to join carefully
  167. Josh: The soldiers break into a run as they see the party trying to close the gates. The woman from earlier opens fire on Reaper with her bow.
  168. The_Reaper: Reaper smiles and shouts out "that it?"
  169. Urzoga: "Don't think we can get these gates closed in time," Urzoga voices.
  170. Pinko: "Then what?!" Beans seems a bit panicked.
  171. Urzoga looks lost for an answer.
  172. Pinko: She then switches to Orcish.
  173. Pinko: "Get Mina, we'll try and hide!"
  174. Yayifications: Alja sprints after Haryuko, but she's not exactly the most mobile
  175. Urzoga: "Will try to close it!"
  176. Urzoga: The half-orc breaks into a run as fast as her heavy frame will carry her.
  177. Pinko: "Hey, weirdo! Go shut the gate south, unless you wanna be a pincushion!"
  178. Pinko: She's apparently talking to Reaper as he gleams about his injury.
  179. The_Reaper: "Meh it wouldn’t do to die just yet, gotta live for her quite a bit longer"
  180. Ileleste makes her way over to the knight who leaves just as she gets there again. She sighs.
  181. Rylian: Seeing the others attempt to make their ways to close the gates, the knight picks his moment to act now to assist them. He rushes over to the gate as fast as his armored body will take him
  182. Josh: "Get in there! Stop them!"
  183. Pinko: "And slaughter us like the guards that got massacred?!"
  184. Pinko: Haryuko at this point seems to be -panicked-
  185. Urzoga: Good thing Urzoga is there, muscles tight as she step by step begins to force their gate shut.
  186. The_Reaper: "well it could never be too easy now can it?"
  187. Pinko: "We'll push together, Urz! We can do this!" ...She doesn't really seem to believe it herself, but.
  188. The_Reaper: "well this could be worse" Reaper says out loud
  189. Pinko: "It's meant to be closed from the inside! We'll have a much easier time pushing than they will trying to hold back!"
  190. Urzoga looks over her shoulder, both hands still up on the gate. "You! Knight! Come take my place!"
  191. Pinko: "H-Hey, Urz, know what you're doing, right...?"
  192. Urzoga: "Not really. Stay safe."
  193. Urzoga: The half-orc takes her hands off the gate and moves around it. There's already hot steam coming out of her mouth. Her muscles bulge and nostrils flare as rage overtakes the woman, "WAAAGH!"
  194. Urzoga: It's a fury few would expect a living being was capable of, a pure anger for the man she was looking at. Her first punch was the last he would feel, fist penetrating his light armor and emerging through the other side.
  195. Josh: The nearby soldiers watch on in horror as their comrade is killed. The woman with the bow looks at her captain and says, "You're on your own, Svein, I didn't sign up to hunt demons." Svein just bellows out. "Anyone who abandons this post will be hunted for treason!"
  196. The_Reaper: hunting demons huh Reaper thinks to himself
  197. Pinko: Haryuko is somewhat glad she only heard the violent crunch and gargle. She gulps down as she gathers her strength in her muscles.
  198. Ileleste: Did she just... No... Ileleste moves in for a better view, eyes wide.
  199. Pinko: Haryuko brightens up slightly as the knight comes up by her side. "Erm, heya, I'm Beans, and I'll be your pushing companion today." It's obvious that the gnome's arms aren't for pushing and lifting.
  200. Urzoga: Eyes bright with primordial rage turn, for the briefest moment, to the approaching knight. Apparently not a threat he is dismissed, The Monster letting the dead guard slide off her arm.
  201. Pinko: "H-hey, weirdo! W-we can't just shut the gate now! Urz is out there!" She seems to be really upset for a moment, watching the knight fling the door shut, dragging Urz along for a ride.
  202. Rylian: Accepting the order of the greenish woman who ripped a whole in a brigand's face, Rylain rushes to the gate, pushing on it with all his strength screaming, "In the name of the Armstrongs, my strength will not fail!"
  203. Pinko: "Just, wait a sec! I know I can drag her out!"
  204. Josh: The soldiers behind the wall are unable to stop the force, their fear causing their strength to fail. They fly backwards to the ground in front of their allies.
  205. The_Reaper: "there we go" Reaper says
  206. Pinko: "Leave Urz alone you bullies!" At that point, Haryuko has climbed up the door and fired her crossbow at one of the prone soldiers.
  207. Pinko: With precise, almost freakish knowledge of human anatomy, her bolt lodges itself into the tailbone of the soldier as he is prone, leaving him paralyzed until treated, most likely.
  208. Urzoga: The Monster's gaze, previously eyeballing the horde of soldiers still standing to her right, is drawn back to one of the prone soldiers. He was trying to get up. Still clutching the body of her first kill she uses the dead man as a weapon. The dead man kills the living one, leaving them both mangled.
  209. Josh: The commander stands forward. "Men! You stand on the precipice between your god and this demon. We valiant ones, we will take the fight to this beast and destroy her, in the name of MALCHIZIDEK!" The soldiers, panicked, look between the monster and their leader. They ready their weapons and grit their chattering teeth.
  210. Pinko: "We're not monsters, you're the ones who murdered the people in the guard towers! We're saving this town!"
  211. Pinko: Haryuko keeps her crossbow trained on them while replying.
  212. The_Reaper: "Monster is a relative term"
  213. Rylian: "Many soldiers against one woman, and she is supposed to be the monster? You people know no shame!"
  214. Josh: The soldiers fight on, trying to ignore the people shouting. They swing shaking blades that miss by miles or glance off hardened skin. The woman with the bow has had enough, she runs.
  215. Yayifications: "We saw what you did to those sentries. Such brutal, deplorable tactics!"
  216. Urzoga: The Monster's weight shift and it twist, turning so fast the body she was -still holding- slams into another soldier, killing him. "WARGH!"
  217. Josh: The commander shouts. "You send assassins to murder our emperor, send monsters to defend your bastions of evil and yet when we retaliate WE'RE the monsters? You people have no shame! Even when we send messengers to communicate with you, you run them out of town and blame them with baseless accusations! You will be defeated monsters!"
  218. Pinko: "I'm not even from here! I'm a Cleric of Fharlanghn! I'm just on a pilgrimage and looking for help for a friend! You're the ones who are misunderstanding the situation here!"
  219. The_Reaper: "so what you’re telling me that I come to this town from elsewhere am to blame? It’s ok?" Reaper frowns
  220. Ileleste: "Oh this is stupid, this is stupid..." Ileleste moves to get a better view through the door, spotting the one in charge and hurls a missile at them. "Going to get myself killed doing this...”
  221. Josh: "And now ANOTHER DEMON casts spells from within those walls! MEN they must be routed here!"
  222. Ileleste: "I'm not a demon!"
  224. Pinko: "I channel positive energy! I am the -opposite- of a demon!" Haryuko seems rather confused and annoyed now, training her crossbow on the commander.
  225. Rylian: His sword missed completely as it tried to strike the brigand
  226. The_Reaper: "Plan b when reasoning doesn’t work, kill them"
  227. The_Reaper: Reaper runs out and decapitates 2 foes at once... Smirking all the while
  228. The_Reaper: "IGNORE ME NOW"
  229. Josh: The commander looks up at the girl training a bolt on him and grabs the trooper in front of him. Pulling the poor man in front of the bolt he shouts. "Take them men, take them now! Charge!" Then he turns to run.
  230. The_Reaper: "and here I thought he said something about killing us all" Reaper says
  231. Pinko: Haryuko tssks and curses in Gnomish as the poor sap takes the bolt for him. "This is a bad day, this is a really bad day!" She seems to be in disbelief.
  232. Rylian: Rylain's attacks might not have met their marks, but the same could be said of his brigand adversaries
  233. Urzoga: Movement catches The Monster's attention, the soldier rewarded with a deadly beating using the remains of his fellow soldier. The corpse now useless she throws a punch at another enemy combatant and misses.
  234. Yayifications: "Guess it's time to enter the fray!" Alja shouts as she pulls her axe from her belt and readies her shield, making her way out the gate and hacking up the poor first poor dude she spotted that looked like an enemy.
  235. Ileleste: "Ugh...” Ileleste seems to be having some hesitations about what she is doing, but she runs up to the ladder against the wall by the gate.
  236. Rylian: Rylain's blade finally make it to his target, cutting right through the enemy in front of him
  237. Rylian: "I will not let you hurt this town or its people!"
  238. Pinko: Haryuko reloads her crossbow and takes another shot at the Commander, this one hitting him in the joint of his armor near his elbow.
  239. Josh: He bleeds heavily but continues running away, staggering from blood loss.
  240. Urzoga: With another enemy dead at her feet The Monster turns its attention to a new target out of reach. That's easily solved as the frenzied beast charges and impacts with the man, turning him into a red haze.
  241. Yayifications: The dwarf leaps out towards the retreating line, bringing her axe down upon one the unfortunate laggards.
  242. Josh: Reaper charges in to finish the last man standing as a magic missile burns through the one next to him.
  243. Pinko: Haryuko can be heard praying before firing nearly blindly into the forest. Divine intervention was on her side today, as her bolt manages to strike true despite the circumstances into the Commander's throat. Haryuko doesn't know what to think of this.
  244. Yayifications: "Nice shot!" Alja calls out as she scans the horizon."
  245. Urzoga: The Monster has taken to brutalizing the body of her last victim in the absence of any other real threats.
  246. Yayifications: "That was...no small portion of their number, I figure," Alja says, looking over the bodies for anything of note, "If we press the advantage and hit their camp, maybe we can get some answers...and maybe I can finally enjoy some peace for once when we're done."
  247. Pinko: Haryuko reloads her crossbow and scans the horizon, before collapsing on her knees, just about to puke after the adrenaline rush leaves her.
  248. The_Reaper: "phew" reaper says almost to himself
  249. Ileleste looks down at all the bodies, intact and not.
  250. Urzoga: The dead soldier is torn open, armor and all, with a wet sound. No longer toying, The Monster seems to be looking for something, rooting around the chest cavity.
  251. Pinko: Beans then climbs down and then rushes to Urzoga, hugging her waist. "You idiot! You scared me half to death!"
  252. Urzoga: The Monster rumbles, looking down at Beans as it chews on something.
  253. Yayifications: Alja eyes the Half-orc's current behavior with a frown, "What in the dark's...gotten into her?"
  254. Pinko: Beans then... recoils, shocked at the sight, hand on her mouth. She didn't know her friend to ever be... like that?
  255. Ileleste: "I think I'm going to be sick...” Ileleste says as she watches Urzoga.
  256. The_Reaper: Reaper shrugs
  257. Urzoga: "WAAAGH!" she cries out with all the hate and anger she can manage. Looks like it’s over though, her body relaxes and intelligence returns to her eyes.
  258. Josh: You see a woman running towards the town. "Oh no...." She looks at the slaughter. "Am I too late?"
  259. Pinko: Haryuko tries to regain her composure, still shivering, looking at the bodies. "T-too late for what...?"
  260. Urzoga wipes at her mouth, looking around.
  261. Josh: "We saw the war camp. They sent me to warn the town but..." She holds her hand over her mouth. "What in the nine hells happened here?"
  262. The_Reaper: "death" reaper says to her
  263. Ileleste suppresses her gag reflex and climbs down the wall and makes her way out of the gate slowly.
  264. Pinko: "Well, the sentries of the town were slaughtered somehow, and we... y'know... they fired at us!"
  265. Rylian: "The day was won, in the end."
  266. Yayifications: Alja sighs, shaking her head, "Aye, they must have snuck in and killed them in advance...Pretty clever."
  267. Josh: She looks around, "You six did this?"
  268. Yayifications: "I'm thinking we should press the advantage while they're still recovering. This was easily a quarter of 'em right here."
  269. Pinko: "They said something about this settlement being evil?" Haryuko recoils some more, heading back towards the gate.
  270. Pinko: "I don't know if I want to fight more, plus, we had terrain control here, over there it'd be different..." Haryuko then seems to panic for a moment. "Mina, wait!"
  271. Pinko: She runs back into the town, searching for her mule.
  272. Urzoga: There's some hesitation but eventually the half-orc follows after the gnome.
  273. Josh: There's a strange look in the woman's eyes. "You..." She watches the two leave. "I wouldn't suggest attacking. The war camp is but one of three nearby. They're attacking the elven forest and probably some other villages like this one as well."
  274. Yayifications: "The hell? Why?" Alja ponders, baffled.
  275. Josh: The mule is by the ranch, in the southern part of town. Seeing the animals reminds you about the people hiding in town hall.
  276. Josh: "I...I don't know. Whenever we've come into contact they always mention assassins. But the emperor is ordering assaults on his own territory. I think he's gone mad."
  277. Pinko: "Uh, Urz, do you mind watching over Mina for a while? I mean, I'm not the one with someone's... heart on my lip." She seems terribly uncomfortable being around Urz suddenly.
  278. Urzoga does her best not to look hurt, wiping her lip with the edge of a sleeve. "I understand."
  279. Pinko: "But... I'm glad you're okay. Thanks. You probably saved me, and this town." She gives her another quick hug before running to the hall.
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