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  1. Boss Clinton
  2.     Bill Clinton was the forty second president of the United States and beat the republican incumbent, George H.W. Bush, in the 1992 presidential election. During Clinton’s second term in office he was accused of sexual harassment by a former Arkansas state employee, Paula Jones, during his term as Governor of Arkansas. During the court case the prosecutor was trying to establish a pattern of behavior by question my boy Bill about women mentioned in rumors involving both them, and Clinton. One of these women were Monica Lewinsky, a twenty two year old white house intern. She was probably referred to prosecutor by Jones, who at the time was her co-worker. Paula had tapes of conversations between her and Lewinsky over the phone about the relationship that Clinton and Lewinsky had. Under oath, Clinton denied having sexual relations with Lewinsky by his definition of sexual relations. The judge, having redefined sexual relations, asked the question again with Clinton still denying relations for whatever reason. Because Clinton was under oath and there was concrete proof of sexual relations as defined by the judge between the two due to the recorded conversations, Clinton had committed perjury.
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