The Problem of AUstrian Sciences

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  1.     Beanie, of flesh and blood, found a new place to work. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. She thought it was a bad joke at worst. It couldn't have been as bad as Jeremy's. It recently managed to crop up on the other side of town. Disability didn't kick in for the meds she needed though, and she had to make money in some manner.
  3.     She arrived for her nightshift duties. First thing she noticed was that the building was extremely familiar. The same layout, same games, same everything, except the mascots. The purple rabbit robot was probably the strangest thing she'd ever seen, along with the other two standing by her. They looked like her roommates.
  5.     Warning bells kept going off but she had only barely made it to work on time due to traffic. There's no way it could be the same. At worst, a practical joke. She wondered if dragging Mike along would have been more appropriate.
  7.     Entering the office, it was the same as the one before. She glanced through the exact same camera technology, the same chair- even smelled the same. She felt an uncanny vibe. She checked the stage to see the rabbit gone as the automatic telephone message mentioned a "Bonnie" in the same voice as though it were talking about Fritzine.
  9. Beanie slowly hit the light switch. The same layout, the same doors. She was missing something.
  11. "Where's the mask?" She asked herself.
  12. "What mask?"
  13. Beanie looked at the left doorway as the strange robot rabbit stepped in.
  14. "Interesting model, very life-like" The robotic beanpole continued.
  15. Beanie was speechless. Her and Mike were going to have a very long talk after this.
  17. "Are you my replacement?"
  18. Beanie slowly shook her head.
  19. "Oh, good. I would have to dismantle you if that were the case. Can I see your arm? Your hands seem very intricate."
  21.     Fear was overrunning Beanie's mind. She couldn't get her limbs to obey her. Paralyzed, stuck in the familiar office. The beanpole robot's claws met her hand, cold steel and an odd sensation began to overwhelm her. A suction kept pulling her into the robot's hand. That's when she noticed her hand was fusing into her counterpart's, as small fractal cubes began to replace them.
  22. "What the fuck?!" They both screamed.
  24. The merging was complete, and all that stood was a small purple Menger sponge.
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