High Level Enemies

Aug 29th, 2017
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  1. <Purpose>
  2. - This mod adds many strong enemies to enemies types (e.g Bandits), and adds them to LeveledLists for The types. so they level with you and keep the game challenging at higher levels. I adore this mod, you can feel the effort gone into making it.
  4. - This mod is compatible with PermaZones, the combination is recommended by STEP and the author of PermaZones, so there's no compatibility problems, here are some quotes on the topic :
  6. "PermaZONES edits the encounter zones, but not the enemies. For enemies that proper scale with you, just install High Level Enemies from the nexus, which just takes the vanilla variants of animals and enemies and creates more versions of them that will scale with you properly."
  8. "* PermaZONES the creator changes the minimum level of every zone in the game, increasing it, as well as increasing the maximum level. Places like Bleak Falls Barrow have a starting level of around 18, and can go as high as 40 or so. All encounter zones in the game are "hand" tweaked.
  9. * High Level Enemies keeps it vanilla, but adds new versions of enemy types starting at level 10. Basically the game is vanilla, but there are new vanilla spawn types in the game that are leveled where vanilla would cap off. For example I think bandits in vanilla game, top out at level 28, but HLE adds level 30, 40, 50, 60, level bandits when your character hits that level. However, these scale with your current level, and it's only to the new enemy added that could spawn in place. So if you're at level 35, the level 40 would be a level 35 bandit(scaled to you), instead of vanilla's 28 topped out. And, there's an option to just have everything in the game level with you, akin to Oblivion(this feature might be to your liking, though it's a different feel of progression)."
  10. </Purpose>
  12. <Notes>
  13. - Don't install the 'Hardcore' version, the effect is not that important, but if you ever decide to use it, modify the difficulty levels back to vanilla in TES5Edit.
  14. </Notes>
  16. <Download-Installation>
  17. - Download and install 'High Level Enemies' main file. Check 'Normal' version while installing. Because I don't want to see powerful "bandits" at higher levels, instead I want to see "Bandit Overload" at higher level, Normal only scales the most powerful enemy in his group, not the entire group. Which is better than encountering a normal bandit that just got super-powered from last time you saw him, instead see a "bandit Chief" or something.
  18. - Download and install ' High Level Enemies - Increased max Resists ' optional file.
  19. - Download and install 'High Level Enemies - Raised Ability Caps' optional file.
  20. </Download-Installation>
  22. <Compatibility-Issues>
  23. </Compatibility-Issues>
  25. <LoadOrder>
  26. </LoadOrder>
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