Towa's Punching Bag

Mar 22nd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. You were tied up by your wrists and ankles, laying alone in the center of a barren room while a piece of tape covered your mouth. You tried to move around but stopped as you felt your bones ache in pain. With your limited vision you could see multiple bruises and scrapes down your exposed arm. Judging by the similar pain you could only guess that your chest and legs were in a similar state.
  3. “It’s funny, they like to joke that I’m an ‘angel’...”
  5. You heard a disembodied nasally voice speak from behind. Footsteps slowly approached you from behind as you tried to ignore the pain and struggle against the binds. But it was a fruitless attempt as the footsteps stopped directly behind you, feeling the person's shoes press against you back.
  7. Issuing all your available strength you twisted your body and try to get just a glimpse at the person. All you saw was a glimpse of purple and pink pigtails before the person kicked your face with a heavy force.
  9. As you reeled from the attack you could hear the person walk around your body and stood in front of you.
  11. That fishnet stocking that covered her leg, that heart tattoo on her thigh, that devilish tail that swayed at random…
  13. But most of all, it was those bright green eyes that gave away her identity.
  15. It was Towa.
  17. She walked up to you and pressed her sneaker up to your abdomen and gave you a sweet smile.
  19. “ YOU think... I’m an angel...?”
  21. You could only groan as Towas' smile twisted into a devilish grin and eyes flashed a dangerous glint.
  23. ‘The Angel’ was relentless with her assault as she seemed to increase the force with each kick. Again and again they connect with your body. Again and again the mind breaking pain made your head spin. Blood begins to slowly pool in R
  24. your mouth, eventually becoming unbearable as you begin to choke on it.
  26. “Ahhh, we can’t have you dying. Not yet, at least,” Towa said while she paused her assault. She leaned down and ripped off the tape of your face, tearing at your skin as you quickly coughed out the blood from your mouth. With that maniac grin still present on her face she reached down and grabbed by the collar of your shirt, dragging you across the room with little effort despite her tiny build.
  28. You had no strength to fight back. You couldn't even form words as there was still blood coating the inside of your throat and mouth.
  30. She propped you up on a chair, your arms drooping over the side as your head pointed downwards. Towa reached out and grabbed your chin and forcefully tilted your head up to meet her fierce gaze.
  32. “TMT they call me…”
  34. Towa then punched your face as hard as she could, enough to where you could feel one of the bones break. You spat out more blood as she readied her fist again.
  36. “T…”
  38. She punched again.
  40. “M…”
  42. And again.
  44. “T…:”
  46. Another swing.
  48. She said it over and over while continuing her barrage of punches, with not a single one missing its mark. You felt your face burn as it swelled in response to the trauma and your mind became hazy. Eventually she stopped her assault, noticing that her fists and clothes coated in your blood.
  50. “Dammit… I Have another goddamn stream later,” she paused before looking directly at you.
  52. She only smiled.
  54. “Don't worry, we’ll continue this fun later… I’m sure the viewers will do something to piss me off even more…”
  56. Towa said nothing more as she just simply walked away and exited the room, leaving you in complete silence. You couldn’t even feel your face anymore. And at that point you don't even have enough willpower to care about it.
  58. You were going to be Towa’s punching bag until she got bored with you. She would take out her rage on you until she found a more interesting toy to play with. You were just her tool now.
  60. Nothing more.
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