Leon + Hinoka Support C-S

Jun 30th, 2015
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  3. Leon + Hinoka Support
  4. C Support:
  5. Leon:…….thus due to the rise in military exploits. We must devote ourselves to training.
  6. Hinoka: Oh Prince Leon.
  7. L: Princess Hinoka. Similar to Prince Ryouma, you yourself, have the power to overcome this state of war. When you were our enemy you were extremely dangerous however now that you are part of our camp, you seem reliable.
  8. H: You are exaggerating.
  9. L: Anyone would admit to it. However when it comes to forming plans on the battlefield you are quite cumbersome.
  10. H: I see… why is that?
  11. L: I am not able to form strategies centered around one person. No matter how strong Princess Hinoka is, a person’s life can be lost easily. That is the battlefield.
  12. H: Hmmm. I see. Indeed you have considered increasing ones resourcefulness. Well, please apply your wisdom now. Regardless I will fight with all my power on the battlefield.
  13. L: …….
  17. B Support
  18. L: Princess Hinoka. Your fighting style is way too reckless.
  19. H: There is no need for worthless talk. I will fight how I want.
  20. L: Then I would like your word on this Princess Hinoka. As the Princess of your country why be the sole vanguard, why do something so reckless? Is there not a better way to approach battle?
  21. H: I cannot fight cleverly. All I know it that I must defeat the enemy before me with my weapon.
  22. L: …how about you follow my orders then? Whilst protecting you, you will be able to exhibit your power. If you refuse, I would like to know the reason.
  23. H: ….since you’re telling me to follow your orders I shall. However I believe in only my own strength. Never forget that.
  24. L: “I believe in only my own strength”…is it….
  25. H: Don’t think badly of me. That is my nature.
  26. L: That’s a bit… surprising.
  27. H: What is?
  28. L: I believe that many of your subordinates and soldiers trust you greatly. But to only believe in your own powers is….
  29. H: Hmph.
  30. L: Did you think you could fight all by yourself?
  31. H: Well I…..
  32. L: My apologies. A slip of the tongue.
  33. H: ……………
  36. A support
  37. H: Prince Leon.
  38. L: Princess Hinoka?
  39. H: Do you remember what you said to me a few days ago?
  40. L: The fact that you fight alone… was that it?
  41. H: Yes…
  42. L: Yes, I did in fact say so.
  43. H: I… don’t intend on fighting alone. I fight alongside my comrades and soldiers, that much I know. But I also believe in only my own power. That’s not it, I can only rely on my own power…. Is what I meant I suppose.
  44. L: Why would that be?
  45. H: I am afraid of relying too much on my comrades and soldiers.
  46. L: You’re afraid of relying on them?
  47. H: It’s easy to rely on someone. However for me to rely on someone means putting them in danger… and when I imagine such things I can’t help but feel afraid.
  48. L: So depending on someone brings one to the jaws of death… or so to speak.
  49. H: Do you think I’m mistaken?
  50. L: No, you are not at fault. In fact I finally understand why everyone trusts you so much.
  51. H:……….
  52. L: You want to protect everyone, more than anyone.
  53. H: Everyone’s presence makes me stronger. That’s why I want to be strong for them. I apologise that I am not of use to you, Prince Leon.
  54. L: There is no helping it. I will fight alongside you as you are. I hope we can get along well.
  55. H: Prince Leon…. Yes, I am in your hands.
  59. L: Princess Hinoka has the thought of marriage ever crossed your mind?
  60. H: Prince Leon!? This is so sudden!? We’re in battle right now!! This isn’t the time to be worrying ourselves with such things!!
  61. L: When you are thinking of someone. The time and place matters not.
  62. H: That might be but….
  63. L: I knew it was rude of me… however I wanted to know.
  64. H: I-If you really want to know… I don’t mind telling you….
  65. L: If you will, I am listening
  66. H: w-well I am a girl after all… so marriage has crossed my mind…however who would love… a warrior girl like me….
  67. L: However I have fallen for you. Princess Hinoka.
  68. H: Wha!?
  69. L: I love you Princess Hinoka. May I take your hand in marriage?
  70. H: You… love me? Stop with the jokes! Such a smart man like you with a girl that only knows how to fight…
  71. L: This is no joke. I love you from the bottom of my heart Princess Hinoka. Your courage and kindness drew me towards you.
  72. H: But were both from opposing Kindoms…. Marriage between us would not be simple….
  73. L: When you are thinking about someone, ones origin or status does not matter. Princess Hinoka, please accept this ring.
  74. H: Even if we get married… I am me. I won’t change you know? Well… I’ll do my best as a wife but Ill probably be on the battlefield more than the castle…. Are you still okay with that!?
  75. L: Even if you object, I do not plan on retreating. For I have fallen in love with a female warrior.
  76. H: You’re such a strange person… but I’m glad…. Prince Leon….
  77. L: So you accept my proposal?
  78. H: Yes. I am in your care.
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