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HOMELANDCOM Nov 14th, 2017 56 Never
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  1. Hello! You've been specially invited to become part of the large community known as the Homeland.
  2. You've been sent this letter due to recommendation from someone inside the community, and here they describe their letter to you, asking you to join!
  4. -Dear Alex, Willow, and Sophie
  6. As you know, me and your grandma have been living here for quite some time. We've heard about hardships in your country, and we wanted you to get away from that. Here, everyone provides for the community and not one person can be seen begging on the streets! We'd love to see you and the kids here, too, safe and sound with friends and education.
  8. -From, Grandma and Grandpa
  10. Remember, the community is always open to new members!
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