Priest and Therapist

Jan 20th, 2013
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  1. ZoraMaskLink: yeah most priests won't rape ya
  2. DDDowney_: you know what's kind of neat that priest and therapist have in common?
  3. ZoraMaskLink: confessions?
  4. DDDowney_: I guess it's kinda because priest are sort of like therapist without degrees.
  5. DDDowney_: well, that.. but more to it.
  6. DDDowney_: If you go to a confessional and say "Forgive me father, for I have sinned. 13 years ago I killed someone." he'll council you, and he won't tell the police. However, if he thinks afterwards that you're still a threat to someone else. He will. Therapist are the same way.
  7. ZoraMaskLink: Therapists won't call the cops if they know you murdered someone?
  8. DDDowney_: Only if they have a feeling you will repeat it
  9. ZoraMaskLink: that's sort of freaky
  10. DDDowney_: trust me, it's not really a loophole like you would think.
  11. ZoraMaskLink: how so?
  12. DDDowney_: Lets say a madman thinks it is
  13. ZoraMaskLink: so a therapist wouldn't know if you are making it up or not?
  14. DDDowney_: holdon, you might agree with this.
  15. DDDowney_: Most serial killers are intelligent, you have to give them that. right?
  16. ZoraMaskLink: I wouldn't say most, but some are
  17. DDDowney_: well lets say.. this made up guy is
  18. DDDowney_: let's call him..
  19. DDDowney_: The Zamboni Killer.
  20. ZoraMaskLink: xD
  21. DDDowney_: The police have an idea who he might be
  22. DDDowney_: after following some leads, one of the possible suspects is Dicksmash McIroncock
  23. ZoraMaskLink: xD
  24. DDDowney_: dicksmash knows the police are after him
  25. DDDowney_: dicksmash recently went to a therapist, and told the therapist "I killed a girl' thinking this therapist won't tell the cops, and it will stall the investigation.
  26. DDDowney_: Normally. it would.
  27. DDDowney_: But if the cops know he went there, they can talk to the doctor.
  28. DDDowney_: Normally. it would.
  29. DDDowney_: But if the cops know he went there, they can talk to the doctor.
  30. DDDowney_: If the doctor thinks "hey, this guy is this serial killer I've been hearing about."
  31. DDDowney_: he'll tell the cops everything.
  32. DDDowney_: If he doesn't.
  33. DDDowney_: The cops can get a court order, and he'll still end up telling them everything.
  34. DDDowney_: In the end, the Zamboni Killer telling a therapist he killed someone, was his downfall.
  35. ZoraMaskLink: I guess that makes sense
  36. DDDowney_: Most of the time a therapist will aid the cops if it's recent, alarming, and thinks he poses a threat to society and therapy won't help.
  37. DDDowney_: but then again, most of the time, therapist get the people who admit they killed someone 30 years ago and just can't live with it anymore.
  38. DDDowney_: A priest works the same way.. but sometimes.. you won't be able to get a court order.
  39. DDDowney_: I'm not saying catholics are all open minded. that's false. they even have a fucked up school system. however, Priest tend to be very liberal most of the time. they think of themselves as a type of council, or mentor.. so they're pretty open minded. but they can be spooked if they think you're a crazy person.
  40. DDDowney_: I think a priest might turn over a killer before a therapist would to be honest
  41. DDDowney_: therapist are great
  42. DDDowney_: but they think everything can be cured.
  43. DDDowney_: TLDR, that's bullshit.
  44. ZoraMaskLink: :<
  45. DDDowney_: However if American Horror Story taught me anything.
  46. DDDowney_: in 1960, you don't want a mental institution ran by either of them. haha.
  47. ZoraMaskLink: xD
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