Village Mascot vs Ambition: Punish Max/Mitigation

Jun 8th, 2015
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  1. Village Mascot vs Ambition
  2. 5-29
  4. Punishment Maximization/Mitigation
  5. 0:22 he didn’t get a shine that was terribly low to the ground so the best he could’ve gotten was a fast fall dair that i could’ve DI’d to the ground and landed pretty quickly. ok i think
  6. 0:26 no DI lol. if i’d DI’d behind this could’ve been okay. maybe offstage…?
  7. 0:30 i don’t think i expected to get hit by that dair so no DI. if i’d DI’d slightly behind him the follow up would’ve been harder, mash grab fucked me though
  8. 0:37 i didn’t expect to flub ledgedash. no flub the laser would’ve missed? is it the laser or the fsmash that messed me up?
  9. 0:58 i wasn’t expecting it but if i’d DI’d farther out i think i could’ve made the down air harder
  10. 1:09 could’ve worked out if i’d spaced better(?) nah timed better
  11. 1:26 i think if i’d shielded here i could’ve naired OOS since the nair would’ve hit high on my shield
  12. 1:31 reaction situation. need to ASDI down then dash out of crouch on the first frame to cover dash attack or getup attack
  13. 1:34 good DI chi =D shouldn’t have gotten hit by the second shine but the DI in that situation was amazing lol
  14. 1:59 could’ve punished that bair
  15. 2:06 high nair so i could’ve had whatever i wanted especially cuz PS. didn’t react cuz i’d just got hitten by laser and i wanted to escape
  17. ahhh note: if he has space from afar he knows to shoot the high laser to threaten me against SH’ing. i can crouch and dash attack/boost to punish that! alternatively i can shield, drop shield and be okay. lots of potential options
  19. 2:33 i think if i’d SDI’d the first dair inwards i could’ve SDI’d the second dair onto the stage
  20. 3:14 i could’ve avoided bair here just by going straight to the ledge or holding shield
  22. 3:34 could’ve avoided lasers by just going to plat. staying still not great here. take laser -> crouch…would that have happened? back roll to ledge might have been ok. plat or back roll.
  23. 4:00 could have grabbed this tech roll on reaction, i just assumed the worst when i saw tech animation.
  24. 4:05 next time hold down, it’ll be ok
  25. 4:08 sometimes just delay after the jab and you can get a great situation. this is how you introduce pressure on the falco when he’s in a defensive position especially when you’re spaced outside his weak OOS
  26. 5:14 i could’ve avoided this nair by either not coming forward after the laser OR just gone straight through OR just shielded in the middle and rolled out if something had hit my shield
  27. 5:36 i could’ve avoided this bair by waiting a little more. just got overzealous because i missed the reaction punish on the top plat
  28. 5:51 if i’d landed the grab that i wanted to i would’ve been fine but i reacted waaaay too late. pivot grab pls
  29. 6:00 next time just roll lol. actually could’ve grabbed if i’d pressed early enough..maybe full crouch -> move would’ve worked?
  30. 6:12 here where my percent is too high for CC to work on nair OR dair, i should SDI away so that shine opener is harder
  31. 6:32 the DI on this shine is a little wonky and i’m not sure if he could’ve followed off it directly
  32. 6:34 this nair was CC/ASDI’able
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