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  1. Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
  2. Neutral Male Beast
  3. Minimum Bid: 26 GP
  4. Upkeep: 1/week
  5. Pure Support
  7. Abilities
  9. “I’m back by popular demand to offer my wealth of gameplay wisdom for this unnecessary sequel.” (Pre-Battle, 0 AP) - Bah, who needs this newfangled AP system? Recharge was the name of the game back in Cranky’s day, and he liked it that way! Cranky may revert a single one of his attached merc’s abilities back to the Recharge System for this Wartime, allowing it to cost 0 AP and have no fatigue. However, it will not be able to be used again for a number of weeks equal to the combined numerical value of its AP and Fatigue cost, multiplied by 2.
  11. Tags: Pre-Battle, 0 AP, Ability Manipulation, Recharge
  14. Upgrades
  17. (Ability Upgrade; 15 XP)
  19. -For a Fatigue 1 status, Cranky may target an allied mercenary other than his attached mercenary with “I’m back by popular demand”.
  21. (New Ability; 15 XP)
  23. Cranky Punch. (Passive) - Here’s what you do if you upgrade Cranky Kong: you choose two numbers between 00 and 60. In subsequent Wartime topics, every single mod or opponent post has the potential to lead to a Cranky Kong Punch-inspired delay! If a mod’s post pertaining to Cranky’s leader’s fight or Cranky’s leader’s opponent ends in either of the digits explained, Cranky’s leader may declare this ability triggering. A random enemy mercenary will be hit by Cranky’s fist. If they are rostered, they will be delayed from battle for 1 second multiplied by the number of years since 1981 their debut game was released in. This trigger is considered to have Start of Battle resolution timing, and may only trigger once per Wartime.
  25. Tags: Passive, Trigger, Random, Delay, Game Dependent
  27. (New Ability; 20 XP)
  29. Monkey War. (Pre-Battle, 0 AP Recharge 3) - Every four weeks, Cranky Kong can use this ability to bring Chunky, Kiddy, Lanky, and Tiny Kong into battle for his team, an effect voters must take into consideration when voting. In addition to coming into the fray armed with, well… barrels, the DK family members pack an additional punch, with Chunky, Kiddy, Lanky, and Tiny riding into battle on Winky, Rambi, Enguarde, and Expresso from Donkey Kong Country, respectively. All are considered 1/week Heroic Male Beasts for ability purposes (aside from Tiny who is female) and will be considered the assists of Cranky’s attached mercenary. During “Monkey War”, you can gain 5 GP during Results at the expense of your opponent with a victory, but you will lose 5 GP at the benefit of your opponent with a loss.
  31. Tags: Pre-Battle, 0 AP, Recharge 3, Assist, GP Manipulation
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