EuroBSDCon Talks lists with youtube links

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  1. # Auditorium
  3.     Keynote 1: Software Development in the Age of Heroes Thomas Pornin @BearSSLnews
  4.     Tuning FreeBSD for routing and firewalling @ocochardlabbe Olivier Cochard-Labbé
  5.     My BSD sucks less than yours, Act I Antoine Jacoutot @ajacoutot & @_bapt_ Baptiste Daroussin
  6.     My BSD sucks less than yours, Act II Antoine Jacoutot & Baptiste Daroussin
  7.     Reproducible builds on NetBSD Christos Zoulas
  8.     Your scheduler is not the problem Martin Pieuchot
  9.     Keynote 2: A French story on cybercrime Éric Freyssinet @ericfreyss
  10.     Case studies of sandboxing base system with Capsicum Mariusz Zaborski @oshogbovx
  11.     OpenBSD’s small steps towards DTrace (a tale about DDB and CTF) Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse
  12.     The Realities of DTrace on FreeBSD George Neville-Neil @gvnn3
  13.     OpenSMTPD, current state of affairs Gilles Chehade
  14.     Hoisting: lessons learned integrating pledge into 500 programs Theo de Raadt
  15.     Keynote 3: System Performance Analysis Methodologies Brendan Gregg @brendangregg
  16.     Closing
  18. # Karnak
  20.     “Is it done yet ?” The never ending story of pkg tools Marc Espie @espie_openbsd
  21.     A Tale of six motherboards, three BSDs and coreboot Piotr Kubaj & Katarzyna Kubaj
  22.     State of the DragonFly’s graphics stack François Tigeot
  23.     From NanoBSD to ZFS and Jails – FreeBSD as a Hosting Platform, Revisited Patrick M. Hausen
  24.     Bacula – nobody ever regretted making a backup Dan Langille @DLangille
  25.     Never Lose a Syslog Message Alexander Bluhm
  26.     Running CloudABI applications on a FreeBSD-based Kubernetes cluster Ed Schouten @EdSchouten
  27.     The OpenBSD web stack Michael W. Lucas @mwlauthor
  28.     The LLDB Debugger on NetBSD  Kamil Rytarowski
  29.     What’s in store for NetBSD 8.0? Alistair Crooks
  31. # Louxor
  33.     A Modern Replacement for BSD spell(1) Abhinav Upadhyay @abhi9u
  34.     Portable Hotplugging: NetBSD’s uvm_hotplug(9) API development Cherry G. Mathew
  35.     Hardening pkgsrc Pierre Pronchery @khorben
  36.     Discovering OpenBSD on AWS Laurent Bernaille @lbernail
  37.     OpenBSD Testing Infrastructure Behind Jan Klemkow
  38.     The school of hard knocks – PT1 Sevan Janiyan
  39.     7 years of maintaining firefox, and still looking ahead Landry Breuil
  40.     Branch VPN solution based on OpenBSD, OSPF, RDomains and Ansible Remi Locherer
  41.     Running BSD on AWS Julien simon & Nicolas David
  42.     Stefan Sperling, Getting started with #OpenBSD #device #driver #development #eurobsdcon 2017
  45. == Denderah
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