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  1. There's an exercise where, we can say this, "coca cola"
  3. So if you wanna do the exercise, we're gonna say Coca Cola to ourselves, without opening our mouths, without anything saying anything outside, we're gonna say Coca Cola to ourselves. Don't say it out loud on the count of 3..1,2,3
  5. Ok, now the question to ask is, what voice is that? What voice, just spoke? You JUST said, coca cola, without moving your mouth AT ALL... On top of that, you HEARD yourself say coca cola. Err? How can you hear yourself say coca-cola, and no vibration of sound has occurred??. See this even puts a different perspective on what sound is...and what memory is. Memory isn't in the brain, it's in the soul. The only thing you take with yourself in this life is your mem-or-ries, or your knowledge, your experiences. thats the only thing you take...

  6. If you said, Coca-Cola, in your mind, OR, in your BEING, is the true statement. In your being. What was that voice? What was the voice that spoke.. and then heard yourself speaking, but these ears did not hear you say anything because your mouth didnt move. So, the ears didn't hear it, the mouth did not move, but you spoke.. and you heard yourself speaking.

  7. If you close your eyes, you can still see this. If you close your eyes, you can see it better. What, is the sight that can see your future? These two eyes don't see the future, these two eyes don't see the past, yet, you can see your past and you can see your future... You can actually SEE your past. What is the sight, that can see, beyond time?

  8. This is an ancient meditation, that, i am not the flesh. I am the energy, the consciousness, the being, IN the flesh. and this is proof, this is not faith or religion, this is actual facts. You can speak ...without moving your mouth. You can hear without ears, you can see without eyes. ..So what happens when these eyes, these ears and this mouth goes away into the grave? These other sense are all you're left with. Death is an illusion. Once you realize this, you live your life more courageously. Now, noone wants to die before their time so you protect yourself, but know....that this body is the LIMITATION of you. It is not your zenith, it is not your ultimate. Your ultimate, is that voice that just said coca-cola -_-

  9. That voice that just said coca-cola without nothing physically moving. That person, is immortal. That person is not here with you. Let's go deeper. The body is in 3 dimensions, right? Forward,back, left,right, up, down and Time. 4 dimensions. 3 dimensions plus time. That's our physical reality. front,back, right,left, up,down, thats 3d plus time... What happened to in and out? no in and out. no in and out, what is in and out? Coca-cola.

  10. Coca- cola says, I exist without the body. So where is this other existence? Where is it? It's not here, its not in 3 dimensional space, where you really are. The person that said this, is in a whole different dimension.

  11. Once you realize that you are not in this dimension, but also another dimension, you now, are free. Beacuse, whatever happens in this dimension is not your only reality. Once you realize that level of consciousness, where you identity yourself as the spirit, and not the flesh, you are the inner-voice and not the outer-voice. Once you become the inner voice, now your outer voice has POWER. Now, when you speak, it's not just a shell speaking, theres a being speaking through the shell. And this is where you heal all sickness within your body. This is where you command reality to work with you, and it works according to your consciousness, why? Because it's not just a shell that's speaking, theres a real being in the shell thats speaking. And when the real being speaks... all nature and the universe responds.
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