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May 22nd, 2019
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  1. Hey mate.
  3. We don't know each other, but I wanted to send this message because I have a few friends in your guild who seem pretty upset/frustrated about trying to communicate issues with Uu'nat prog. Hopefully you don't take this the wrong way, I'm just trying to help.
  5. For reference, I'm GM/RL/a tank in Ethical, so I have decent experience with the fight.
  7. Just a few notes I had from looking over logs:
  9. - The uu'nat weapon is OP, even at 410. It was 3.3k HPS for me on our kill. We ran splits to get it for both tanks.
  10. - You tanks should wear Opulence trinket + either Rasta trinket or Uu'nat trinket. The Uu'nat trinket is basically lay on hands on a 1min CD, it is really nice. Once you guys get P3 sorted, the only way you can wipe at the end is tank deaths, so its 100% worth being as defensive as possible.
  11. - Azerite wise, try to have 2 Training of Nuizao, but definitely get at least 1. I got 7.5% average mastery from mine over the whole fight, and almost all the meaningful damage you take can be dodged so mastery is really good.
  12. - While getting your discord info from monk discord I saw you ask about Kul'tiran. IMO it is 100% worth, 1% vers is great and the passive did as much healing as Impassive Visage for me (run one of those traits as well if you have it), which was about 800k over the whole fight. I was going to make Stars race change if he had any bad deaths :stuck_out_tongue: Worth noting that it is only good for heavy phys auto attacks, so pretty much this boss and Grong.
  13. - I think Dampen is better than Bob and weave. The parts of the fight where you are at risk of dying are predictable, and in those situations Dampen is so so much better.
  15. Also, not tank related, but you guys should run at least 1 more void stone. Most guilds I see that don't run 3 of them, run 2 on the non-paladin healers. You want it to keep the debuffed people alive during Lunacy at key points in P3, so that they don't die before they pop the crown.
  17. Happy to chat about any aspects of the fight/what I said if you like. I'm sure there was plenty I could have improved on during our kill.
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