stabby stabby bonky bonky

May 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. CUSTOMIZE 352373 SHORT_DESC an atramentous athame of blackthorn and ivory
  2. CUSTOMIZE 352373 LONG_DESC With swirling shadows accenting its form, an athame of blackthorn and ivory has been discarded here, its blade wickedly sharp.
  3. CUSTOMIZE 352373 EXTENDED_DESC Crafted of dark blackthorn wood and bone, this athame is an amalgamation of grace and savagery as beheld by the Wyrd. The hilt is wrought from blackthorn wood, runes and symbols of wyrden idolatry carved into its surface, each gleaming with latent power. The pommel are the same wood, smoothly blending into the hilt, with all of its thorns sanded down to little more than nubs for a far easier grip. There is no crossguard; instead, the wood melds seamlessly into the blade of bone with only the most minor blending between the two materials. The blade itself large and pyramidic, about three-fourths the length of the wielder's forearm, scraped and bleached to a pale off-white. The blade twists gently on its axis, the edges being incredibly sharp and slightly serrated to give it a far more wicked, feral appearance.
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  8. CUSTOMIZE 348835 SHORT_DESC a lissom blooming blackthorn staff
  9. CUSTOMIZE 348835 LONG_DESC A lissom blackthorn staff has been discarded here, its blooms giving off the heady scent of wyrden flora.
  10. CUSTOMIZE 348835 EXTENDED_DESC This blackthorn staff is long enough to be just barely taller than its wielder. The wood, at first glance, appears to be almost entirely sanded down except for the long, jagged thorns that twist all along its length. The knob at the top is slightly warped, as though the branch's end was curled in on itself; the knob itself is covered in the natural bark of the tree, rough and coarse. Little branches sprout from the knob, blooming with skeletal blackthorn flowers and small, dark leaves, which give off the rich smell of the sickly-sweet blossoms. Just under the knob, straps of black leather have been firmly tied into place, dangling several corvid feathers. The bottom end of the staff is tapered to a sharp point.
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