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  1. ===SKIN THREADS===
  2. Just gonna throw up all the links in one place because I can't shove any more of them into my signature o3o
  4. Oh by the way,if you want to use any elements from my skins for your personal skin then go right ahead,no need to ask me.
  5. If you're planning to put them in a skin that you want to release in the forum,then please give credit and at least let me know through PMing or whatever.
  7. ---taikomania IIDX skins---
  8. (IIDX 13 has extra elements including mod icons and result screen.Otherwise all others are only skinned for the taiko playscreen)
  10. NOTE: All of the taikomania skins are made with the old versions in mind,the taiko-left -will- break if you put them in any skin with version 2.1 and above (basically the ones using new anchoring rules for taiko)
  11. I'm not sure if the lifebars are compatible with the new versions either,I'm afraid.
  13. I have thought of editing them for version 2.1,but this mainly depends on how the PSDs look like and how much work I need to do
  14. to shift the turntable around.
  16. IIDX 12 DONDER SKY: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/151691
  17. IIDX 13 DonderfuL: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/151549
  18. IIDX 14 KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABUKI: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/129381/
  19. IIDX 15 TAIKO TROOPERS: http://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/129682/
  20. IIDX 16 KATSU-DON: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/101320/
  21. IIDX 17 SORAIRO: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/100160/
  22. IIDX 18 Natsu Matsuri: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/129804/
  23. IIDX 19 Linda: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/99776/
  24. IIDX 20 taikoro: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/104100/
  25. IIDX 22 MURASAKI https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/329059/ (I know it's technically 20 going by release order but colour-wise...yeah)
  27. SPADA is still too complicated to recreate though,but Copula is a firm "maybe"
  29. I might make the pre-HAPPY SKY styles starting from RED,again "maybe".
  30. (actually I probably should make one for RED,given the next version's name...)
  33. ---Other skins---
  34. AXIOM: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/162870 (my first full skin as well)
  35. Groovy Spheres: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/334171 (holy shit I actually finished this thing)
  36. Osumatsu-san: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/457115
  37. Quartzite: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/470880
  38. Checkered Style: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/503119
  39. Pettan: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/660352
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