Mint Shenanigans (Clop ending)

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >What what what Minty is pushing you against the couch and is now on top of you ok great
  2. “My nectar tastes very sweet…”
  3. >Oh god that voice certainly dripped with a lot of sweetness
  4. >You can imagine something else that is most likely dripping oh jeez oh boy oh jeez
  5. >Minty feels very warm on top of you
  6. >Damn her and her fluff and good smell and cuteness and stuff along those lines
  7. >You heart is beating fast
  8. >There is no mistaking that look, you might be a lot of things but there is no mistaking bedroom eyes of that caliber, especially mixed in with that sort of a seducing tone of voice
  9. >Before you can even react Minty presses her fluffy chest area against you and plants her little moth lips on yours, kissing you passionately
  10. >Her mouth tastes like mild flowery nectar as her moth tongue invades your mouth, twirling and dancing in your mouth
  11. >You have no idea how to kiss so you start to return the favor the best you can
  12. >Her tongue feels incredibly warm and it tickles the inside of your mouth pleasurably
  13. >You gently use your own lips to grasp and pull on Mintys lower lip until releasing it
  14. >Minty pulls her head back and you now get a good look at her face
  15. >She is panting and her face now adores a rosy blush, her half open eyes gazing passionately into yours
  16. “You are really good at this Anon”
  17. >”Y-you too”
  18. >Minty giggles and plants her lips on yours once again, but this time you feel something new
  19. >Her hoof is slowly moving towards the bulge in your crotch, giving you a very, very pleasant tingly sensation on its path towards your cane of kings in its full glory
  20. >She gently caresses your shaft trough your clothes
  21. >In all honesty you could just blow your load from only this attention, there is some sort of magic in her touch
  22. >Honestly it’s the most pleasurable sensation on your dick you have ever experienced
  23. >None of your depraved masturbation antics in the throws of desperation and loneliness can even compete
  24. >Her antennae are also gently brushing against your face
  25. >They feel like soft feathers being moved across your face gently
  26. >But it should not be only you who enjoys this
  27. >Minty is still kissing you, so you plunge your tongue into her mouth now
  28. >She arches her back a bit, and you move your own hands to caress her hot to the touch body
  29. >You explore her warmth and softness, caressing your hands all over her body, making her move and grind her crotch against your pelvis area as her wings start to vibrate
  30. >Her arched back with its feminine curve
  31. >Her fluff of bodily hair
  32. >Her soft toned little tummy
  33. >You arrive near her buttocks and go right for the price
  34. >Oh god her ass is so fine
  35. >Such softness, but not loose or floppy in any way
  36. >Firm and round
  37. >Minty is now letting out all sorts of pleasured moth noises that are like sex to your ears
  38. >You can’t help but to slap her ass, you want to feel if it wobbles nicely like you have always imagined an ass would when watching all that porn and then some
  39. >It does, and you can’t help but to grin a bit
  40. >Minty seems to notice this as she breaks the kiss again and grins at you while sadly removing her hoof from her spot of caressing your meat to lift her up a bit, resting against you with her hoofs
  41. >Poor little thing seems to be so aroused it is taking a lot of concentration to hoist herself up
  42. “You like?”
  43. >”Oh god yes” is all that you get out as your dick throbs painfully in your pants and your hand sinks deep into moth pony butt
  44. “You know… I am pretty ready in here” Minty says while hoisting herself up a bit and giving you a view down to her crotch area
  45. >You were so preoccupied that you did not notice how big of a wet spot she has now left against your shirt and pants
  46. >She’s absolutely gushing
  47. >You also take notice of a wet rhythmic sound
  48. >Winking, ooooh baby
  49. >”I thought you were going to make me taste your sweet nectar?”
  50. >You want her to tell you in a pleading manner how much she wants you inside her
  51. >Or just rip your pants off and smash her hips down on your cane, which works too
  52. >But instead, Minty gets a rather naughty look on her face
  53. “Oh, my Anon if that was what you wanted…”
  54. >Minty gets up from on top of you
  55. “…You should have just said so…”
  56. >She flutters up to you and puts her hoofs behind your head, and oh lord is she going to?
  57. >Yes she is, she places her wet organ against your face
  58. >It feels so moist and soft
  59. >Suddenly you feel it wink against your face
  60. “Mmmmhhhh~”
  61. >You give it a lick
  62. >It tastes sweet and a bit salty, like licking off nectar from your hand
  63. >There is also a hint of something you have not tasted before
  64. >it is pleasant
  65. >You dub this as the taste of Mintys vagina
  66. >Well technically all three of those flavors are the taste but who cares you have a mothponys pussy on your face
  67. >Minty tightens her grip on your face
  68. “Suckle it…”
  69. >You start to work on her lower end, using your lips and your tongue, lapping up her sweet juices and massaging her most private parts
  70. >Your nose is filled with the musky odor of sex and arousal
  71. >You can feel her pussy pulsating and convulsing
  72. >Minty herself is having a hard time staying on top of your face
  73. >She seems to be enjoying it so much
  74. >She starts to grind herself strongly against your face and removes her hoofs from the back of your head and caresses her own body and face with them
  75. >Her wings are fully extended and vibrating wildly now and her breathing has become faster
  76. “MMMmhh mmh mmh MMH MMH”
  77. >Her lower end is also throbbing against your mouth faster and faster
  78. >Suddenly it feels as if she looses all control of her pussy as it moves wildly against your face
  79. >She quickly bites down on one of her hoofs as her body suddenly jerks about
  80. “HMNNNNNNnnggggghhhaaah”
  81. >Did she just cum?
  82. >Holy hell you gave her an orgasm
  83. >You would be overjoyed if it was not for a very now painful throbbing in your own pants
  84. >Minty regains herself and flutters shakily down onto the floor
  85. >She turns her back towards you and starts walking towards her bedroom while her butt sways from side to side in a very, very alluring and inviting manner, her tail lifted high to give you a very clear view of her state, her juices running down her inner tights
  86. “Let’s change to a more comfortable location”
  87. >Her voice is absolutely husky
  88. >You quickly scramble up and start undressing
  89. >Every fiber of your body is screaming to pound that moth pussy until your balls have shrunk to the size of peas
  90. >This damn shirt and these damn underwear goddamit get the fuck off
  91. >You hear fabric tearing but honestly you do not give a shit
  92. >You get the darn things off and rush to Mintys bedroom faster than Rainbow Dash dashes to the toilet when she has explosive diarrhea
  93. >The room is dimly lit and Minty is lying on her tummy on her bed
  94. >Her legs are apart and her wings are folded neatly against her sides, and her tail is off to the side
  95. >Her dripping pussy is there, waiting for you, winking strongly
  96. >Minty turns her head and gazes at you face blushed heavily with arousal and need
  97. “Take me now Anon”
  98. >You make your way onto the bed and position yourself behind her as she lifts her behind up so you can take her
  99. >Oh god this is really going to happen
  100. >Shakily you get on your knees place your erect dick against her hole
  101. >It’s giving off heat and starts to wink even more wildly as you come into contact with it
  102. >”I-I’m going in Mi-“
  103. >Before you have the chance to finish your sentence Minty slams her hips against you and sinks your member inside herself
  104. >Oh god
  105. >It takes all of your willpower to not bust your nuts at that sudden movement and sensation
  106. >Wet and hot soft flesh grazing against every part of your cock and tightening on it
  107. >Minty throws her head back in pure pleasure and bites on her lower lip as her antennae and her wings straighten outwards
  108. “Oh Anon your dick feels even better than I imagined”
  109. >That sentence right there makes you feel like a million bucks
  110. >You pull your own hips backwards
  111. “Aaah”
  112. >It is like her pussy is trying to hold onto you and keep you inside of her while throbbing as you pull your dick out a bit and then slam it back in
  113. “AH yees”
  114. >It feels like her insides are trying to push against your dick a bit as it slides back in and her butt wobbles a bit as it hits your loins
  115. >You pull back again but this time Minty pulls herself away from you as well
  116. “Mmmhh”
  117. >And as you slam against her Minty moves her body as well
  118. “Aaah”
  119. >This feels even more intense
  120. >The pleasure feels like it is travelling trough your penis into your testicles and then throughout your lower body
  121. >You pick up the pace and so does Minty
  122. >The bedroom is filled with wet sloppy noises of sex and bodies slamming against each other
  123. >Minty is also getting really into it and is now grasping the sheets, biting the sheets, throwing her body and head around
  124. “Mnn oh yes Anon aah aah ah ah aah”
  125. >She is getting really into the throws of passion
  126. >And so are you
  127. >It fees like your head is going blank
  128. >All you want to do is slam your dick into his pony again and again and again
  129. >The pleasure feels like it is growing more and more and more with each thrust
  130. >Suddenly Mintys body tenses up
  132. >Minty lets out ferocious feral sounds as her body is rocked by a powerful orgasm
  133. >It feels like her nether region is going absolutely crazy around your penis as she gushes
  134. >You can’t take it anymore
  135. >With one final thrust you berry your dick as deep into her as you can as your testicles feel like they are going to assplode
  136. >Now it’s your body’s turn to go nuts as you have your orgasm
  137. >Oh god it feels like this is the most sperm you have shot out ever
  138. >You count four long shots, each blackening your mind and consciousness as your whole being is flushed with euphoria
  139. >You just fall back onto the bed and breathe hard as Minty collapses onto her stomach on the bed panting
  140. >After the two of you have caught your breath for a while you scoot up closer to Minty
  141. >She’s still breathing pretty hard and that is the most flushed you have seen anyone’s face ever being
  142. “Oh Anon that was amazing” She says, out of breath
  143. >”Yeah, that was awesome” Is all that you can come up with in your post-orgasm haze
  144. >Minty scoots up closer to you and cuddles you
  145. “Let’s stay like this for a while…”
  146. >The two of you cuddle until you feel sleep overtaking you
  147. >You look at Minty, who has always fallen asleep
  148. >Tonight, love was found
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