Kuudere coating (SugarcoatxAnon, pseudo rapeplay)

Jul 19th, 2017
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  1. >>she's got a tiny skirt
  2. >>Tell me about Sugarcoat.
  3. >>Why does she wear the leggings?
  4. >>To attract rapists
  6. >You end up working on a school project in tandem
  7. >You don't really know her, other than her tongue being a weapon of mass destruction
  8. >But you know that she's smart, so she's going to carry your sorry ass and get you an A EASY
  9. >"Show me what you've got so far,"
  10. >You open your laptop up
  11. >And you soon realize that you forgot you closed it right in the middle of yesterday's fap session
  12. >And the page of some gook comic appears on screen
  13. >"N-no, that's rape! I'm going to come from having your huge cock raping my womb! Your dick is raping my uterus and you're going to make me pregnant~!" is written in a bubble, right next to the sex scene displaying the guy going full nelson and his enormous cock bulging out of her belly
  14. >Your eyes go wide and you clap the screen down as fast as you can
  15. "U-umh..."
  16. >You glance back and find her eyes on you, an eyebrow raised
  17. >And you prepare yourself to be berated to death, for her to call you a misogynistic pig and rape fetishist and that you belong in prison and--
  18. >"I didn't expect you to be into that sort of things."
  19. >Her tone is the same as always
  20. >Cold, calculated and calm
  21. "S-sorry, I-huh..."
  22. >"We've got work to do."
  23. >You blink in surprise, wondering if that'll be all there is to it
  24. >But you're still relieved and thankful that she doesn't want to pick up on it
  25. >You mumble another sorry in advance, before you open it up once more and close the window as fast as you can
  26. >And you both get to work
  28. >You've been working on this for a few days already
  29. >It was really awkward at first, the first impression you gave her was far from perfect
  30. >But her being a kuudere made things easier
  31. >Even though you were sweating bullets and fighting hard to keep your spaghettis in your pockets
  32. >Just look at her, she's like, five leagues above your sorry ass
  33. >She's smart, beautiful, has top grades and isn't bad at sports
  34. >You know she's going to become a lawyer or a doctor or some shit
  35. >"That's why it's easier to use method B over... are you listening?"
  36. >You shake your head to clear your thoughts and tear your gaze away from her, realizing that you've been gawking at her pretty face for way too long
  37. "Y-yeah, method B, I got it,"
  38. >She doesn't say anything for a second, so you glance back to your left to find her eyes on you
  39. >Your eyes flick left and right, anxiously waiting for her to get back to work
  40. >"Are you thinking of doing things to me?"
  41. >Your eyes widen in surprise
  42. "W-wha--?!"
  43. >"You're disgusting,"
  44. >And her eyes finally leave yours to get back to the laptop
  45. >And just like that, reality crushes your hopes and dreams and makes you realize that real girls hate guys like you and finds you disgusting
  47. >You thankfully get back to work, and she plays it as if nothing happened, again
  48. >Maybe you should tell her you're sorry?
  49. >Maybe you should tell her to mind her own business?
  50. >What are you supposed to do in this situation?
  51. >Your video games and chinese cartoons never prepared you for this
  53. >"And I believe it'd be better if we worked on it some more this week-end, together."
  54. "You mean, outside of school hours?"
  55. >"Yes."
  56. "Huh, I guess, if you want to--"
  57. >"Then I'll be coming over to your place today so we can get to it right away."
  58. >Wait what
  59. "Wait what?"
  60. >"My parents would dislike your presence, and the library is closed this weekend, this is the best solution we have."
  61. >You're left bewildered by her response
  62. >Not an hour ago she was calling you disgusting, and now she says she wants to come over to your place
  63. "A-are you sure? I mean, I live alone and I think my place is far from being acceptable for someone of your--"
  64. >"Are you saying you couldn't control your urges?"
  65. "What the... NO, no, I'm not saying that!"
  66. >"Let's go then."
  67. >And just like that, she stands up and starts packing her shit
  69. >The walk to the bus stop is rather uneventful
  70. >Other than you wondering and pondering over the situation
  71. >What the fuck is her problem?!
  72. >She's not really talkative either, unless it's about a subject she understands or if she can tell you that you're wrong
  73. >Thankfully, the bus arrives soon enough, stopping things from getting even more awkward
  74. "Shit, it's packed today.."
  75. >You mutter to yourself, noticing that there's no open seats
  76. "We'll have to stand up for the ride,"
  77. >You say, while you make your way next to the middle of the car and drop your bag, taking hold of one of the bars
  78. >"I don't mind."
  79. >To your surprise, she takes hold of the same one as you, instead of the free one a couple feet away
  80. >And she turns her back to you
  81. >Well, at least it won't be as awkward--
  82. >The bus' sharp acceleration gets her by surprise, she loses her footings and is sent backwards, crashing into you
  83. >Your free hand takes hold of her haunch by reflex to secure her in place
  84. "Not used to this, huh?"
  85. >"Where do you think you're touching?"
  86. >The acid in her tone could melt steel beams
  87. >And you instantly throw your hand away
  88. "S-sorry, I didn't mean to..."
  89. >But she doesn't do anything to stand back up
  90. >She simply leans more and more of her weight into you
  91. >She's so close you can smell her fruity shampoo and feel how soft her body is
  92. >You're unsure of what to do with your hand
  93. >What is she doing?!
  94. "Uhm... are you okay?"
  95. >Her head turns slightly and she frowns as she glares at you from the corner of her eyes
  96. >"Pervert."
  97. >And just like that, the contact breaks
  98. >You don't say anything for the rest of the ride
  99. >You don't even know what to say
  100. >You don't even know what to think
  101. >But you do think, about how good she smells
  102. >And how soft her butt is
  104. >>30553354
  105. >You find your keys and open the door of your flat, and turn to her before taking a step inside
  106. "Uhm, maybe you should wait here for a minute so I can tidy up--"
  107. >"I don't mind."
  108. >She completely ignores you and steps inside, and you wince internally as you follow her and the smell hits you
  109. >You can usually ignore it, it's your home, your scent
  110. >And you really didn't expect company today...
  111. "Well, huh, make yourself at home--"
  112. >"It stinks."
  113. >You'd think that someone of her caliber would know what courtesy is
  114. "That's why I said I wanted to--"
  115. >"I don't mind. I was expecting as much from a young male living alone."
  116. >You don't even know what to respond to that, so you simply sigh in defeat
  117. >But you stop her before she can get any further
  118. "Wait, shoes, remove them."
  119. >She blinks, staring at you while you remove yours
  120. >"Why? Do you have a thing for feet too?"
  121. "Ugh!"
  122. >You groan, eyes rolling up to show how annoyed you are
  123. "No, it's just easier to clean up and shit, listen just do it, please."
  124. >She stands still for a second, and you get ready to accept your defeat and tell her that she can keep them on
  125. >But she leans forward, left foot lifting as she does and proceeds to remove the converse
  126. >Her eyes lift up to meet yours and she catches you staring at her socked foot getting freed from its prison
  127. >You don't really know why you turn your gaze away from her, it's not like you were doing anything wrong
  128. >But her eyes make you feel that way, her cold stare silently judging you
  129. >You're not even into feet!
  130. >It's just that you're kind of surprised of how small they are
  131. >You glance back down when you see her toes curling a bit
  132. >And you realizes her eyes are still on you
  133. >Fuck, she really doesn't need more ammunitions
  134. >She doesn't say anything though, lowering her foot down and lifting the other one
  135. >You're not sure because of the weird angle, but you think you can see her smirking
  136. >But her typical poker face greets you when she's finished removing the second shoe
  138. >Whatever, let's get on with it
  139. "Let's get to work,"
  140. >You walk past her and enter the living room, and she follows suit
  141. >It's far from spacious, but that's the best you can afford
  142. "We'll have to use the couch, as you can see, I don't have that much furnitures,"
  143. >You wince internally when you see her eyes scanning the room
  144. >You know she's smart enough to have picked up the signs by now, the cat's out of the bag
  145. >You're a fucking slob
  146. "Just give me a sec,"
  147. >As you say that you pick up the used shirts and underwears lying around
  148. >Then the half empty box from yesterday's pizza
  149. >And then her eyes stop on your battlestation
  150. >Or rather, the thrash bin right next to it
  151. >Filled with used tissues
  152. >FUCK
  153. >You do your best snake impression and tries to inconspicuously extract the target out of her sight
  154. >It's not working as intended, she simply stares at you with a raised eyebrow
  155. >You don't say anything
  156. >It's her fault anyway for barging in like that
  157. >And who cares anyway?!
  158. >It's not like you're friends or anything, and it's not like she'll ever talk to you again after this is over
  159. >Even if she'll certainly bring all this shit up at school
  160. >In front of everyone
  161. >Fuck
  162. >You'd think you'd be happier after having brought a 9/10 girl to your place
  163. >You finish cleaning, and by that I mean, throw your clothes on the bed and hide the bin in one of the kitchen's cupboards
  164. >And get back to see her sitting on the couch, setting the papers over the table
  165. >Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it--
  166. >"I see that you masturbate a lot."
  167. >She says matter of factly, without even looking at you
  168. >Ugh
  170. "Can we not talk about this?"
  171. >She shrugs, still not paying attention to you
  172. >You exhale, slightly relieved when you see that she doesn't pick the subject back up
  173. >And sit down on the other end of the couch
  174. >She turns your way when she notices it
  175. >"Why are you sitting so far away?"
  176. >You blink, taking a second to process her question
  177. >But she doesn't leave you the time to answer, and scooches closer to you
  178. >Way too close
  179. >"It'll be easier to exchange notes."
  180. >Whatever
  182. >You get to work, reviewing the various papers and discussing the subject
  183. >And she got closer and closer over the hour, her left arm now brushing against yours whenever she moves it to point at something
  184. >And your concentration dies some more every time it happens
  185. >What's wrong with her?
  186. >She obviously believes you're some sort of perverted rapist, so why is she doing all of this?
  187. >If you really were one, you'd have no trouble pinning her down and having your way with her
  188. >Her arm moves once more and she points to the paper in your hand
  189. >The motion sends a waft of her perfume your way, and you can't help but inhale and bask in it
  190. >"No, that's wrong, this should be 3 and not 5,"
  191. >Her delicate finger taps against the paper, pointing to a certain theorem
  192. "What? How? This can't be wrong, if that's wrong then the whole page is!"
  193. >You're not actually going against her judgement
  194. >If she says it's wrong, then it certainly is
  195. >But you really don't want to start all over again
  196. >"That's because you forgot to take account of every variables, look,"
  197. >She leans forward and your eyes go wide when she invades your personal space
  198. >She place a hand on your knee for support, while she extends her right arm towards the table
  199. >You open your mouth, ready to tell her... something
  200. >But it's not weird unless you make it so, right?
  201. >She's some rich kid that doesn't know much about these sort of things
  202. >You guess
  203. >She grabs the paper a second later and sits back down
  204. >Even closer, her knee now lying against yours
  206. >"See, you missed this part and you got the resulting velocity wrong, as well as..."
  207. >You simply nod along, trying to concentrate on what she says but your mind always drifts back to the alien sensation of her knee rubbing against yours, or her fragrance now filling your nostrils with how close she is
  208. >And you can't help but steal glances at her
  209. >Her pale perfect skin, her cute nerdy glasses, her soft-looking lips
  210. >And how soft they'd feel on your dick...
  211. >Welp, that came from nowhere
  212. "Say,"
  213. >You interrupt her and she turns to look at you
  214. "We've been at it for a while now, want a drink or something?"
  215. >She shrugs
  216. >"I guess,"
  217. >She guesses?
  218. >You don't mull over her response too long, the awkwardness of her proximity helping you decide, and you push yourself up
  219. "Soda or water?"
  220. >You ask her as you get to your fridge
  221. >Anything to clear your mind, no way you're going to let your dick develop a crush on her
  222. >"Water."
  223. >You grab a glass and pour her some water, then grab a can for yourself, and head back to the couch
  224. >She's still inspecting the room, not caring about the fact that you're here
  225. "Here,"
  226. >You hand her the glass and she takes it, before she inspects it too
  227. >"Did you put something in it?"
  228. >You blink
  229. "What the f--No! No, it's just water!"
  230. >You groan, your hand finding your face to try and wipe the frustration away
  231. "I'm not a rapist! I'm not going to rape you!"
  232. >"Why not?"
  233. >You stay silent for a couple seconds, completely stunned by her answer
  234. "Why... not...?"
  235. >"Why don't you want to rape me?"
  236. >You stare at her, trying to find some sort of rictus or anything that would indicate that she's joking
  237. >But you don't find anything but her usual cold expressionless poker face
  238. "I-I don't know, what the hell is this--"
  239. >"Am I not good enough?"
  240. "What?! No, that's not why I don't want to rape you--"
  241. >"Why then?"
  242. >You stay there and stare at her with wide eyes for a good moment
  244. "Because I'm not a rapist!"
  245. >"So, you would rape me if you were one?"
  246. >You open your mouth but your voice dies in your throat
  247. >What the fuck is happening?
  248. >She can't be serious
  249. >This has to be some kind of joke
  250. "Maybe, but I'm not--"
  251. >"How?"
  252. >This question came differently
  253. >Her tone shifted ever so slightly, which is a lot for her
  254. "How...?"
  255. >You repeat the question, still wondering if this is actually happening
  256. >"How would you do it? Would you do it like in your comics?"
  257. "I don't know, I--"
  258. >"Would you pin me down and tear my clothes off and roughly squeeze my breasts?"
  259. >You try to respond, but she cuts you off once more
  260. >"Would you slap my asscheeks until they're sore? Would you make me beg for you to stop?"
  261. >She's completely nuts
  262. >But her voice does a good job of flashing the images of the scenes through your mind, which is more than enough to send junior its wake-up call
  263. >"Would you ignore my pleas as you force your entire length inside of me?"
  264. >As much as you want to tell her to fuck off, you know that what's happening will fuel your self-love sessions for a really, really long time
  265. >And you're glad it's happening
  266. >"Where would you cum? On my face? Spreading your seed over my glasses and in my hair? Or maybe you'd tell me to keep my mouth open? Or maybe you'd cum inside of me? Just like in that image? Would you like it if I got pregnant from that? Would you want me to bear your children?"
  267. >She finally stops asking questions, and you're left completely bewildered
  268. >Then her eyes leave yours, and they stop on the growing bulge in front of her face
  269. >"You're hard."
  271. "And you're insane--"
  272. >Her arms shoot forward and she takes hold of your hand, before she pulls it towards her and on top of her head
  273. >Her fingers clenches around yours, forcing you to take a fistful of her hair
  274. >And then she throws her face forward and into your groin
  275. >You recoil in surprise, but her grip and the suddenness of it all keeps you locked in place
  276. >And you simply watch her press her face into you, the contact sending pleasurable sensations up your spine and through the shock
  277. "What the hell are you doing--"
  278. >"Ugh, I can't believe you're making me do this."
  279. >She glares at you, her nose still crunched against your scrotum, and she takes a deep inhale
  280. >You try to take your hand away but she keeps it tightly locked around her hair
  281. >"And that stench, I bet you didn't even take a shower today."
  282. >Well you actually didn't, because you overslept
  283. "I took one before going to bed--Ahgh?!"
  284. >You give a yelp when you feel her teeth nibbling at the bulge of your shaft
  285. >You stare wide eyed, the fear of her biting you soon leaving your mind when you realize how much you're enjoying it
  286. >And she keeps her eyes on yours while she nibbles her way to the top of your shaft
  287. >And you throb when she gets close to your head
  288. "W-wait a second,--"
  289. >You miss the contact the second it breaks
  290. >"Wash it with my tongue?! You're a fucking pervert!"
  291. "Wait what?!"
  292. >Your belt buckle flies off not a blink of an eye later, and she pulls your pants and trousers all the way down
  293. >Your pride happily bobs up and down for a couple seconds, now free from its prison
  294. >She simply stares at it with the same calculating expression she always has
  295. >And her hand comes back on top of yours, the one you kept on her head, and she throws her face forward once more, her nose burying itself right below your shaft and her lips pushing against your balls
  296. >"You won't get away with this."
  297. >Her lips slightly part and her tongue brings one of your jewels in her mouth
  299. >You grunt in surprise, and maybe because of how warm and inviting her embrace feels against your sensitive plum
  300. >Your shaft gives a happy throb on top of her face while she eyes the tip and the small bead of pre forming on it
  301. >She releases you from her mouth and gives your shaft another nibble
  302. >You yelp again, the feeling of her sharp teeth sinking in your flesh being worlds apart from earlier
  303. >But you don't stop her, you simply groan and your hips buck on their own every few seconds
  304. >And a warm exhale escapes her lips when you unconsciously clench harder around her hair
  305. >"You're lucky you're so much stronger than me, or I'd tear it off--mmph!"
  306. >She cuts herself off by taking the first few inches of your pride inside of her
  307. >And you're left panting, heart hammering in your chest
  308. >What the fuck is her problem?!
  309. >Is she going to blackmail you or something?
  310. >She derails your train of thoughts by giving your tip a long, slow lap, your hips giving another quick thrust in response
  311. >Then she pushes herself off, her lips hungrily scraping their way up your crown, leaving you throbbing in the cold air
  312. >"Ugh, I'm sure I'm going to be stuck with the taste of your cock for the next two weeks!"
  313. >You only now notice her second hand deep between her thighs, the short motions indicating that she's having fun
  314. >You guess
  315. >"Disgusting,"
  316. >And she takes you back into her mouth, half of your member disappearing between her lips
  317. "Shit..."
  318. >Another thrust of your hips forces another inch inside, and her eyes go wide in surprise
  319. >And she pushes herself off once more, hacking and coughing
  320. "Oh shit, sorry, I-I didn't mean to--"
  321. >"A-are you trying to suffocate me?!"
  322. >She gulps and coughs again
  323. >But she doesn't let you apologize again
  324. >"Do you want me to choke on your cock?"
  325. >Her condescending tone reminds you of the insane situation you're in, but the frantic movements of her hand between her legs somewhat reassure you
  326. >And she swallows as much of your dick as she can
  328. >Which isn't much more than what she took ten seconds ago
  329. >But it's still way too much for her, and you feel her tongue trying to push you out, but all it does is give your dick another reason to throb appreciatively
  330. >She stays that way for a moment, trying to adjust to the intruder
  331. >And you groan when she tries to push another inch in
  332. >She obviously lacks experience in the matter, and you see tears forming in the side of her eyes
  333. >You think of pushing her off before she hurts herself, until she gives a content moan around your length, all her muscles clenching for a fraction of a second, her hand pulling yours harder against her scalp while the other one sends a visible shiver up her back, her legs quaking and toes curling against the floor
  334. >Then she leans back from your pride, a deep breath taking in as much oxygen as she can now that her airway is free, before she starts hacking again
  335. >You're kind of pissed that she stopped, you were getting close
  336. >But seeing her like that isn't so bad
  337. >Did she really come from choking herself on your cock?
  338. >She sighs contently, before her frowning glare comes back up to greet you
  339. >"You did not orgasm."
  340. >She sounds disappointed
  341. "W-well,"
  342. >"That means you want more, right?"
  343. >You blink, and a second later you feel her hands quickly pull you forward while she spreads her legs wide
  344. >You stumble on top of her, your hands barely able to catch you in time before your face crashes against the backrest
  345. >"Are you going to rape me?"
  347. >You're left panting, the feeling of your tip rubbing against her skirt forcing a barely audible groan out of you
  348. >And you take a moment to study her
  349. >Her breath is just as uneven as yours, her chest is heaving up and down and there's the faintest of blushes reddening her cheeks
  350. >But her stare is still the same as always, cold and unwavering
  351. >As if she hadn't been sucking on your cock ten seconds ago
  352. >You gasp in surprise when you feel her fingers around your cock
  353. >"I'm not going to let you do whatever you want to me--"
  354. >She gasps when her free hand tears her shirt open, its buttons popping off one after the other
  355. >"Do you have any idea how much does this thing cost?!"
  356. >You ignore her condescending tone in favor of taking in the sight of her newly exposed flesh
  357. >Of her small belly button resting in the middle of her toned stomach, and of her breasts, which are slightly larger than you thought they were, but that may be due to how tight her bra is hugging them
  358. >A downward tug from her fingers makes her mounds slip free from the lingerie, revealing two rather big areolas, their dark blue contrasting so beautifully with the tone of her perfect skin
  359. >But then you notice something's missing
  360. >And your eyes go wide when you realize that her nipples are inverted
  361. >You thought those were only real on the internet!
  362. >She traces the fingers of her free hand around one, quite obviously appreciating the fact that your gaze is following its every moves, before she extends it up, taking hold of your wrist and pulls it down, placing your hand right above the globe of flesh, and pushes it down
  363. >Your palm squeezes it without any effort and your fingers sink into it with mesmerizing satisfaction
  364. >A low moan escapes her lips, and you feel her heart beating under your palm
  365. >"D-don't play with these, I'm not a toy!"
  366. >Your eyes shoot up to find hers
  367. >There was a stutter there, you're sure of it
  368. >Even tho she still looks as composed as ever
  369. >Maybe you could make her stutter again
  371. >"Why are you looking at me like that?"
  372. >You open your mouth, but closes it instantly
  373. >There's no point in telling her
  374. >Not using your words at least
  375. >You slide your palm down her supple flesh, enough to let your hand slip below it to give it a measuring uplift motion
  376. >It's heavier than you thought
  377. >And oh so soft
  378. >You let your thumb roam across the expanse of her skin and she gives a short gasp when you reach the bump of her nipple
  379. >Or at least, the place it should be...
  380. >So you press down, trying to wiggle it down the small slit replacing it
  381. >"Don't!"
  382. >She says that, but her fingers still wrapped around your wrist and keeping your hand right where it is reveals her real intentions
  383. >So you keep going, pushing your thumb harder against the small opening
  384. >Seeing as you're not making much progress, you lift your index to help your thumb in its task
  385. >You start by trying to part it open, your thumb pulling on one side and index on the other
  386. >And you groan when you feel her fingers squeeze the tip of your cock
  387. >You can't believe you nearly forgot the fact that she's had her hand on your cock the whole time, her tits having consumed your entire attention until now
  388. >Part of you want to simply start jerking off
  389. >Or maybe even use her hand as an onahole or even ask her to use her mouth again
  390. >But you want to see more of her
  391. >You pinch the sensitive nub, and she gasps in surprise
  392. >"I told you not to-ah!"
  393. >You want to make her drop her 'act'
  394. >She obviously wants it as much as you do
  395. >Hell, she's the one that caused all of this
  396. >"Don't you dare bite them."
  397. >You blink
  398. >She simply stares at you, her lips are slightly parted to facilitate the airflow
  399. >Bite?
  400. >It doesn't take you long to get the message
  401. >You feel her shivering in anticipation when you start leaning down
  402. >And she fails to stifle a moan when your lips find their dark target
  404. >But your eyes don't find anything out of place when you look up
  405. >But you know you heard it
  406. >That's all you need to continue
  407. >You open your mouth as wide as you can and find out you can barely fit the entire areola in
  408. >And your tongue follows suit, giving the small opening a teasing lick
  409. >She shifts a bit from under you, her back arching ever so slightly and pressing her tit even harder into you, while she lets go of your shaft, the new position you're in making it too awkward for her, and brings her hand up, letting it rest on top of your shoulder and right next to your neck
  410. >Your cock gives a disappointed throb, but your mind soon moves back to the matter at hand
  411. >Speaking of which, you slide your palm back up and over her second nub and give her globe a grope
  412. >The hand that was still on your wrist finally releases it, happy to see that you intend on pleasing her without needing its help, and trails its way down her side to end slipping its way below the hem of her skirt and leggings and you guess, her panties
  413. >You keep at it for another ten seconds, your lips kissing her dark flesh and tongue lapping at its crevice, while your hand keeps its groping, stroking and caressing motions
  414. >Then another gasp escapes her lips, followed by her hips lifting up from her seat, high enough to use your chest to push her hand even deeper against her crotch
  415. >You instantly look up to find her biting her lip, her eyes silently begging for more
  416. >And your eyes find hers
  417. >She blinks once, before that expression disappears
  418. >And she frowns, visibly not happy from the fact that you saw that
  419. >And your cock throbs
  420. >"I told you not to bite! Are you some kind of animal?!"
  421. >It's your turn to blink
  422. >But it doesn't take you long to understand what she wants
  423. >She gasps again when your teeth sink inside of her supple skin
  424. >Slowly, gently
  425. >Keeping your eyes on hers, making sure that she's enjoying it as much as you are
  426. >Then you press harder, and harder
  428. >A shiver runs all the way up her back, and her breath hitches in her throat
  429. >Her heart is beating quite fast
  430. >You think
  431. >And then you feel it, on the tip of your tongue
  432. >A small bump of flesh that wasn't there seconds ago
  433. >You give it a lick, to make sure it's really there
  434. >And you pull away, just enough for you to see it, and surely enough, you find her hard nipple
  435. >You're not sure why, but you find the sight incredibly hot
  436. >Then her hand travels up your shoulder and up your neck
  437. >Her gaze is still cold, but the feeling of her fingertips tracing lazy circles on the back of your head makes your heart skip a beat
  438. "Uhm, should we--"
  439. >"Rape me."
  440. >The words came out wrong, you can see the surprise on her face
  441. >There wasn't this haughty, patronizing tone she used until now
  442. >Something deep inside tells you that you should be shocked by this development, but your instincts tell you to shut the fuck up and do it
  443. >You give her breast one last grope before you let your hands slide down her frame to rest on the edge of her skirt
  444. >You look at her for a couple seconds, waiting for some form of confirmation, but realizes that you won't get any
  445. >That's part of her little game
  446. >You think
  447. >You don't care anyway
  448. >Your fingers slip inside the hem and you start pulling it down
  449. >She lifts her hips to make it easier for you, or maybe to make it faster
  450. >It slides down easily enough, and your eyes greedily follows it to take everything in
  451. >Her hand is still deep inside her panties, which are themselves hidden by the dark leggings
  452. >You don't wait, you don't feel like it, and they go down next
  453. >You nearly groan in anticipation when her smell hits you
  454. >And your eyes shoot down, ready to see it all
  455. >But you can't, because of the hand still cupping her treasure
  456. >You can only see the pink of the end of her slit, her fingertip parting her lips apart
  457. >You groan for real this time
  458. >And you think you can see her smirking from afar
  460. >You think of asking her to move it away
  461. >For a second, before your hand shoots forward to grab her wrist, yanking it away from her flower
  462. >She gasps in surprise, not expecting you to react this way
  463. >But she doesn't voice any complaint, so you decide not to care
  464. >You're far too busy admiring her nethers to care anyway
  465. >Her slit is simply beautiful, her lips are perfectly closed--sealed, even, and her crotch is completely barren of any hair
  466. >You could mistake it for a little girl's pussy if not for the sizable pair of breasts resting not far from there
  467. >And then you notice how wet she looks
  468. >Wet means ready to take a cock
  469. >The thought alone sends a throb down your shaft
  470. >The grip on the back of your head tightens when your eyes meet
  471. >Her expression stays unreadable if not for the blush signaling that she's aware of how exposed she is right now
  472. >You'd go down on her if you weren't feeling so needy
  473. >But you just can't take it any more
  474. >You want it and she wants it
  475. >You take one deep inhale to steel yourself while you finish pulling her leggings and panties down, don't want that in the way
  476. >She helps you as much as she can, lifting and moving her legs in sync with your hands, and they come off soon enough
  477. >You stay on your knees seeing as the seats are low enough for you to make it work and scooches closer to her
  478. >She quickly gets the idea, her small feet caressing your sides as she slips them behind your back, then locking her ankles as if to stop you from chickening out
  479. >That's the last thing you feel like doing
  480. >You take hold of her hips and pull her towards you, enough to let her butt protrude from the edge of the couch, and you scooch some more
  481. >She gasps when the base of your shaft slides against her flower and her legs pull you in even harder, as much as she can
  482. >You can feel her secretions spreading and covering any part of you that touches her insides, her soft lips giving in and opening under the pressure of your shaft and balls
  483. >It feels nice
  485. >But you want way more than this
  486. >You let your hands roam her hips and down her cheeks for a second, fondling and groping around
  487. >You feel her legs tightening their embrace and her hips arching to find even more of you, to add more pressure against her sensitive flesh
  488. >Senpai's words resonates inside of your mind
  489. >JUST DO IT
  490. >Your right hand let go of her ass and you bring it to your shaft
  491. >You can't remember ever being so hard
  492. >You give it a slow pump, and a moan escapes her lips when you let the top of your fingers brush against her button
  493. >This position is a bit awkward, but you're sure you can make it work
  494. >You slowly pull away, her hips following yours for a moment, until you decides to place your left hand against her stomach to keep her pinned down
  495. >You give your shaft one last pump when her slit enters your field of view
  496. >And you press your tip against it, eager to know what it feels like, to finally know how soft it really is
  497. >And it is, you groan when you see her lips parting open under the pressure of your head
  498. >You slide it down the entire length of her slit, and then up, and you stare in awe as you see it glistening with her honey
  499. >And a needy moan escapes her lips when you press against her pearl
  500. >She's biting her lip again
  501. >That's all you need to decide to stop fooling around
  502. >You look back down and use your right hand to line yourself with her opening
  503. >And you stop yourself right before you dive in
  504. >Maybe that's her first time? Shouldn't you go slow and be gentle and shit?
  505. >That's what they say in your doujins, right? Or is it a meme--
  506. >"Don't just ram it in!"
  507. >Her frown and lips tells you not to, but her eyes are begging for it
  508. >"If you do that I'll--Ahn~?!"
  509. >Her eyes go wide and her voice cracks and dies in her throat when you hilt it all in one go
  510. >Fuck
  512. >That's nothing like your onahole
  513. >She's so warm, wet and you can even feel her walls moving around
  514. >But that isn't even the best part
  515. >Her face is
  516. >She's obviously doing her best to look angry, but failing to do so
  517. >She lets out a long throaty exhale while her hips wriggle a bit trying to get used to the new intruder
  518. >"I-I-you! You can't-I can't believe--Mmh!"
  519. >You look at her stuttering for a moment, her words failing her in between pants and inhales, until your hips instinctively start pulling out
  520. >Her frowns deepens as she closes her mouth to try and stop her moan from escaping
  521. >You never ever thought she was capable of making this kind of face
  522. >You stop right before your tip could escape her embrace, looking down to appreciate the sight
  523. >"I can't believe you forced your filthy cock inside like thaAhhhn~!"
  524. >And you do it again, grinning as you do so
  525. >Her legs quiver for a moment and her inner walls spasm around your member
  526. >Then she brings her free hand up and on top of her face
  527. >Is she trying to hide from you?
  528. >No, no, no, no, that won't do
  529. >You grab it as fast as you can and yank it up, pinning it against the backrest
  530. >And her eyes go wide in surprise
  531. >She doesn't resist, she doesn't even try
  532. >You feel her squeezing your member again, and your hips buck forward in response
  533. >She bites the edge of her lips
  534. >And then she brings her second hand up and places it right next to her sister
  535. >"P-please, let me go,"
  536. >It's all wrong, fear should come out of her lips, not eagerness, not want
  537. >And a content, needy sigh leaves her lips when you bring your second hand up to pin it down
  538. >You're not exactly sure of what you're doing, but you know that you're doing it right
  539. >And you want more
  540. >"No, stop, no more-ah!"
  541. >A meaty slap echoes from your flesh meeting
  542. "Fuckkkk..."
  544. >She squirms a bit under you, her hands tugging to try and break free
  545. >But you don't let go
  546. >And you pull out once more, her walls coiling around your cock as you do so, trying to keep you in
  547. >And you thrust
  548. >"Fuck~!"
  549. >Her voice cracks again
  550. >And your heart skips a beat
  551. >You want to hear it again
  552. >"Wait!"
  553. >You blink, her voice stopping you from thrusting again
  554. >"D-don't... don't kiss me you pig!"
  555. >Oh
  556. >And you thrust, her mouth opening to gasp, before you lean down and capture her lips with yours
  557. >And she squirms again for a second, her arms flailing, walls constricting and legs pulling you in even closer, before she melts under your touch
  558. >She closes her eyes and lets go of everything, letting you do as you please
  559. >And you oblige, your dick pulling out from her as your tongue darts forward and part her lips
  560. >She squeaks in surprise but instantly lets you in
  561. >She lacks experience, and so do you
  562. >Your tongues meet, hers freeze
  563. >And you decide to explore her mouth for a moment
  564. >The kiss is awkward, and amateurish
  565. >It's all but perfect, but you love it, and you know she loves it
  566. >And you thrust
  567. >And her moan resonates inside of your mouth
  568. >You start building a rhythm, your thrusts building in speed and intensity
  569. >But your position makes it really awkward, there's no way you can keep up this way
  570. >You push yourself away from her, and a low whiny escapes her lips as you break the kiss, her eyes opening to try and find out why you stopped
  571. >"Why--"
  572. >Her plea stop the second she realizes how off tone she sounds
  573. >And her frown comes back
  574. >"Who do you think you are?! I'm not a toy you can fuck and k-kiss and do all these things to!"
  575. >You have to fight the urge to dive back in and shut her up
  576. >And you scan your surroundings, as well as her, taking a second to ponder over the ways you could make it work
  577. >You think you got it
  578. >So you let go of her hands, and she eyes you up and down, wondering what you're planning
  579. >But she keeps her hands exactly where they are
  581. >She wants you to pin her down
  582. >To stop her from moving
  583. >To use her
  584. >And fuck her
  585. >And kiss her
  586. >You throb, still deep inside of her
  587. >You straighten your back and slip your hands in between you and her legs, pulling them up to free yourself from her leg lock
  588. >And you lean down again, keeping your arms under her knees and extending your hands forward, pushing them in between her back and the cushion before you lift yourself up and on your feet
  589. >And then you pull her up, and she lets out an 'eep' in surprise
  590. >You're surprised of how light she is
  591. >Her arms shoot forward and she takes hold of your neck to keep herself from collapsing backward
  592. >You can see that she has no idea of what you're doing, but she doesn't say anything
  593. >Maybe you shouldn't take her to your bed
  594. >You haven't changed the sheets in what... a week?
  595. >At least
  596. >...
  597. >Oh well, if she starts berating you'll just have to shut her up
  598. >You heave in effort as you pick her up and she throws herself forward, her arms wrapping themselves around your back to hug you and keep her from falling
  599. >She smells so good
  600. >You turn around to face the door to your bedroom and take the first step
  601. >Then another, and another
  602. >It's not as easy as you thought it'd be, and your member slips out of her on the way there
  603. >But you get there, and you throw her on the bed
  604. >She takes a moment to scan the room, and the poor state in which the bed is
  605. >Her eyes lingering on a stain coming from... you don't remember, pizza, maybe
  606. >But to your surprise she doesn't say anything, she turns for her gaze to find yours, and she leans down on her back, splaying her legs apart and bringing her hands back up
  607. >"Let me go!"
  608. >Fuck
  610. >You grab a rather long sock lying around, and climb on the bed, then on top of her
  611. >She doesn't move, her eyes curiously looking you up and down
  612. >Especially down, eyes stopping on your bobbing cock going up and down all the way there
  613. >And she brings her hands down, pushing her tits together, waiting for you to use them as a cocksleeve
  614. >But that's not what you have in mind
  615. >...maybe later
  616. >You take hold of her wrists and pull them up
  617. >You're harsh but still, you take great care not to hurt her
  618. >Her eyes squints slightly
  619. >"What are you doing?"
  620. >You ignore her, and tie them up with the sock
  621. >Not too tight tho
  622. >And you feel her take another deep intake when she realizes what you just did
  623. >"U-untie me!"
  624. >You grin
  625. >And she gasps when you pinch her exposed nipple
  626. >But you still got an erection to take care of
  627. >You push yourself off and step in between her legs, pushing them apart and squatting right in front of her
  628. >You take her knees in each hand, not unlike you did to pick her up earlier, and push them up and then towards her
  629. >You know she's some kinda dancer, so she's flexible
  630. >Incredibly so, as you end up bringing her knees against her tits, pressing and squeezing them by doing so
  631. >And exposing her entrance even more than before
  632. >Fuck she's so hot
  633. >You grab her wrists by the sock and pull them up to pass each of her legs in between her arms
  634. >It's not as tight and constraining as you thought it'd be but it'll do
  635. >And she shares your thoughts, making a show of squirming around and showing you that she could get out of it easily enough
  636. >Unless you limit her movements by, say, fucking her raw and holding her down
  637. >Because that was part of the plan too
  638. >You move right behind her and drop on your knees
  639. >You feel your dick throb in anticipation between your fingers
  640. >You align yourself with her fuckhole and press just a bit
  641. >Just enough for your tip to enter her
  642. >Oh yeah, this is going to be great
  643. >And you ram it in, a whiny moan escaping her lips as you do so
  645. >"Fuck!"
  646. >Her back arches up and she throws her head back when you hilt inside of her
  647. >No, that won't do!
  648. >You lean forward with a hand extending towards her face, keeping your dick as deep in her as you can, and grab a handful of her scalp to bring her head back down
  649. >And you close the distance when her eyes find yours
  650. >Your lips crash against hers and she lets out a surprised sound, before she leans into it, that same needy sound escaping her throat telling you how much she's enjoying it
  651. >And it spurs you on
  652. >Your shoulders find the back of her knees and your weight pushes her legs even deeper against her breasts
  653. >You break the kiss and open your mouth, ready to ask her if you're not too heavy or if she's okay, but her voice comes faster than yours
  654. >"I am not your fucktoy! So you better pull your filthy, disgusting cock-Mmph~!"
  655. >She's more than okay
  656. >But you do pull your cock out of her, only to thrust everything back in a second later
  657. >And she moans around your tongue again as you do so
  658. >And again
  659. >And again
  660. >And you start building your rhythm back up
  661. >This is way easier and less straining than on the sofa
  662. >And one of your hand is free to roam her body
  663. >You instantly go for one of her tits, slightly leaning back up to let your hand slip below her leg to fondle the soft flesh, appreciating how squeezable it is and how hard her nipple feels
  664. >As well as the sounds she makes whenever you pinch it and roll it under your thumb
  665. >You feel like you could play with her tits for hours and hours, but your hands have more places to touch
  666. >So you caress your way off her sides and to her thigh
  667. >Rubbing and caressing your way there
  668. >Her skin is so soft
  670. >You have to give her more, so you let your head drop down, right next to hers, your cheek ending up nuzzling against the side of her neck, and your hand finally leaves her backside in favor of helping you support your weight to fuck her even faster and harder than before
  671. "I'm getting close."
  672. >You groan, and you feel her tensing again
  673. >You count another two thrusts before she regains enough composure to respond
  674. >"Are you going to-Nhh~, ah, come inside?! Is that what you-oh -want? N-now that you raped meee, you're going to impre-egnate me with y-yourrrr filthy cum?! T-to fill my womb f-uull of your seed?!"
  675. >You're too out to really comprehend whatever she's saying
  676. >But she didn't say no
  677. >So you hilt one last time, and you fail to stifle the most animalistic groan you've ever given
  678. >It sounds like
  679. "OOOooouuuuhhaaahrrrrghhhuuuuuuhhhhh!"
  680. >You feel yourself throb and pulse with each spurts of seed shooting from your tip, and you collapse on top of her
  681. >And the content sigh leaving her lips when she realizes what's happening just coaxes even more from you
  682. "F-fuck..."
  683. >Your heart is thumping in your ears, you don't ever remember feeling so exhausted
  684. >But it still skips a beat when you feel her nuzzling your neck and her lips meeting your skin, followed by her fingers slowly stroking and tracing circles along your chest, or at least where they can reach, as she shifts her legs around a bit to lock them around your shoulders to pull you in
  686. >You feel like you're floating
  687. >You never felt so good, and you never could've expected this position to feel so comfortable
  688. >Your entire weight crushing the girl you just fucked senseless, your dick still as deep inside of her as you could ever be and throbbing in rhythm with her inner walls contracting and spasming around it to squeeze you dry
  689. >Her ankles are still locked around the back of your head, pulling you in and keeping you in place as her soft lips rests against the side of your neck, kissing you whenever she's not gasping for air, or letting out satisfied, happy sounds and sighs
  690. >You feel like you could fall asleep, just like that
  691. >"That was great."
  692. >But her voice makes you snap out of it, your eyes opening wide and mind springing to life a fraction of a second later
  693. >That just happened
  694. >You just pushed her on your bed, tied her hands and plowed her
  695. >"We still have some time until my curfew,"
  696. >You never heard her using this voice, it's so different from the haughty tone she was using earlier that you could mistake her for someone else's
  697. >"We can go again if you want, I've always wanted to try doggystyle,"
  698. >She can't be serious
  699. >She leans forward, her mouth stopping so close to your ear that you can feel the warmth of her breath washing over it
  700. >"You could pull on my pigtails as you mount me?"
  701. >You half-whine half-groan, because of her whispering voice sending these images to your brain, as well as her clam squeezing your pride extra hard
  702. >Whether it's to further entice you or because she finds the idea as hot as you do, you're unsure
  703. >Certainly both
  704. >But as much as your dick screams and begs you to accept the offer, the ache from the rest of your body forces you to shake your head
  705. "Just... can we take a break first?"
  706. >You push your upper half off of her to look at her as you say that
  707. >And your heart stops for a second
  709. >You always thought that she was beautiful, but she's actually way above that
  710. >Maybe it's the thin layer of sweat covering her forehead, or how exhausted she looks, or maybe it's the high of your orgasm speaking
  711. >But it's probably because of the smile she's giving you
  712. >You feel like you could fall for her just by looking at it
  713. >Maybe you already did
  714. >Until it disappears, a disappointed frown replacing her satisfied expression
  715. >"You'll have to work on your stamina."
  716. >She doesn't give you her opinion, she states a matter of fact
  717. >You frown too, a second later, ready to retort something, but she leans up to give your lips a peck
  718. >And you stand there, blinking
  719. >"Could you untie me?"
  720. >You sigh in defeat, and nod, before you lift yourself off completely, her legs quickly parting to let you free
  721. >And your wilting shaft escapes her slit, your eyes staring as the mix of your juices create a bridge between your tip and her entrance, keeping you connected for a moment before it finally breaks, the sticky line of your love, now free, swinging down to crash against her backdoor
  722. >You feel yourself throb
  723. >"Mmhh~, or maybe we could use this position again,"
  724. >Your eyes find hers and you gulp as you see her biting her lip
  725. >And you nod
  726. >Maybe you could
  727. >But she still asked for you to untie her, so you lean forward and do so
  728. >You fumble with the sock for a moment, and it finally comes undone
  729. >You slightly back away to give her some more space as she extends and stretches her legs, her hands shooting down to massage them
  730. >And you watch her for a while
  731. >How did you even manage to score that?
  732. >It was mostly her doing, but still
  733. >She spreads her legs wide with her fingers still wrapped around her small feet
  734. >It's surely one of her ballet exercises or something
  735. >But it still gives you a perfect view of her flower
  736. >And of your seed dripping from it
  737. >Oh shit
  739. >As hot as it is, you're sure it must feel gross, so you turn around and move to the edge of the bed, extending an arm to grab the box of kleenex placed on your nightstand, and turn back to present it to her
  740. "Here,"
  741. >She blinks, then gives an inaudible 'oh' when she follows your gaze
  742. >"Thanks--"
  743. >Her hand reaches the box, but she stops before taking hold of it
  744. >"Actually, you should do it."
  745. >What
  746. >You don't have the time to process what she just said, her arm rushes past the box and she pulls you back in the center of the bed
  747. "W-wait,"
  748. >She doesn't, she keeps shifting and pushing or pulling you or your limbs until you're kneeling in front of her, her legs spread wide to give you complete access to her everything as she lays down on her back, her eyes never leaving yours as the back of her head drops against your pillow
  749. >And she smirks knowingly, one of her hand moving up to circle around one of her nipples as she bites her lips
  750. >Ugh
  751. >She knows what the fuck she's doing
  752. >And her smirk widens when she sees you picking up a tissue
  753. >No point arguing
  754. >It is kinda hot anyway
  755. >Weird, but hot
  756. >And she gasps when you push the paper right below her flower
  757. >You feel your seed on the tip of your fingers, proof of how much there is and that one fold won't be enough
  758. >You crumple the tissue and swipes along her slit, watching in awe as you start (involuntarily) smearing your seed around her flower, the strands breaking and swinging back against her softness when you pull your hand away
  759. >You really gave her quite the load, and you can only see what's coming out of her
  760. >Maybe you filled her to the brim
  761. >unf
  763. >And she enjoys the view as much as you do, or rather, she enjoys watching you as you clean your mess
  764. >You throw the balled paper away, you'll clean up later, and pick another tissue from the box, instantly bringing it back against her folds to remove the mess you just made, and she gasps as you part her lips to wipe her crevice, her hips slowly rolling up to try and find more of your touch and a leg extending until her foot reaches your thigh
  765. >"Mmmh~,"
  766. >Her sock is so soft, holy shit
  767. >You ball up and throw the second tissue away, instantly readying a third as she strokes the entire length of your thigh, her toes curling a bit as she reaches the top, before she brings it back down
  768. >The sensual touch is enough to make your soldier slowly but surely rise from the dead
  769. >You try to ignore it as your hand reaches her pussy, hoping this'll be the last tissue needed
  770. >But she doesn't feel like ignoring it, if the feelling of her toes wriggling dangerously close to your growing meat tells you anything
  771. >And you groan when she finally touches it, her toes slipping under your shaft to pull it up before she presses forward with the ball of her foot and pushes your balls down
  772. "Sugar, please, I'm drained, can't we not do anything for five minutes?"
  773. >You try to sound as serious as possible, but it's kind of hard with a hand wiping her snatch and her foot fondling your balls
  774. >But to your surprise, she accepts, her shoulders giving a quick shrug as the pressure of her foot disappears
  775. "Thanks,"
  776. >You can't believe you just thanked a girl for stopping doing things to your dick using her small, sock covered feet
  777. >You finish with your cleaning duties keeping this in mind, wondering where and when did your life go so wrong
  778. "Done, I guess...?"
  779. >You throw the last kleenex away, before you pick the box up and lob it
  780. >And it goes past the nightstand and falls to the ground
  781. >Fuck
  783. >And you turn to her the moment you feel her weight shifting on the bed but she's way too fast, her arms are wrapped around your chest before you can comprehend what's happening and she pulls you down
  784. >You don't have the presence of mind to resist, not that you would've done it anyway, and she crawls half next and half on top of you, her jugs pressing against your side as she uses your shoulder as a pillow
  785. >And she gasps, her front half lifting up at the speed of sound while she looks down at where her head was a second ago in disgust
  786. >You don't have the time to ask her what's happening that she tugs the hem of your shirt up
  787. >"Remove it, it's all sweaty and gross, and it stinks."
  788. >Yeah, that's still the same girl that you see at school
  789. >But you comply, sitting up and taking hold of it to pull it up and off you
  790. >And you throw it away, somewhere, you don't really care
  791. >And she pushes you back down the second you do, and you stop her right before she follows you
  792. "Wait, I'm still sweaty and... gross and all you know, maybe I should shower?"
  793. >She looks at you and ponder over it for a second, before she shakes her head and resumes her earlier position, her head dropping on top of your shoulder while she wraps an arm around your chest and she lifts one of her legs to push it in between yours to entwine them together
  794. >"I don't mind."
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