Kazetaki Uchiha

Apr 12th, 2020
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  1. >Name: Kazetaki Uchiha
  2. >Land: Otogakure (Konohagakure)
  3. >Timeframe: Shinobi Cold War Era
  4. >Perks:
  5. Bloodline Limit
  6. Gifted
  7. Talented (Genjutsu)
  8. Genius
  9. Deep Reserves (+5/45)
  10. Unbreakable Will (+5/50)
  11. >Jutsu
  12. Clone
  13. Transformation+ (-5/45)
  14. Body Flicker
  15. Hell Viewing+ (-5/40)
  16. >Advanced Jutsu
  17. Chakra Flow+ (-10/30)
  18. Sensory Arts (Chakra) (-4/26)
  19. Illusory Arts+ (Sight) (Free from Talented/Free from Genius)
  20. Illusory Arts (Sound) (-4/22)
  21. >Hidden Jutsu
  22. Mind Transfer (Free from Gifted)
  23. Camouflage (-5/17)
  24. >Special Techniques
  25. Mad Science (-20/-3)
  26. >Chakra Nature: Water, Wind (-5/-8)
  27. >Kekkai Genkai
  28. Mangekyo Shariangan (-15/-23)
  29. Chakra Absorption (-15/-38)
  30. >Drawbacks:
  31. Tragic Backstory (+10/-28)
  32. Distinct Look (+3/-25)
  33. Fated Rival (+7/-18)
  34. Akatsuki (+7/-11)
  35. Villain's Vendetta (+7/-4)
  36. Star-Crossed (+7/3)
  37. Give 1 point to companion 1, 2 points to companion 2
  38. >Missions:
  39. Slice of Life
  40. Believe It
  41. Rival's Radical Reveal
  42. Paying Homage
  43. Castle Crasher
  44. Co-Op
  45. PvP (my friend's build, that hasn't been posted (Yet))
  47. Companion 1 (Custom)
  48. My beloved, dead for several years, but coming back through some means. She was an excellent kunoichi, excelling in stealth and weapon combat.
  49. >Attractive, Skilled, Deep Reserves
  50. >Clone, Transformation, Substitution, Body Flicker, Weapon Arts+, Shadow Shuriken, Camoflauge+, Dustless Bewilderment Cover
  51. >Wind, Lightning, Vibration Styles
  53. Companion 2 (Custom)
  54. The only victim of my experiments that wasn't discovered, thus she grew up fairly normally. Leverage for infiltrating the village, 100% loyal to me. A Hyuuga girl who I selected to get access to the Byakugan.
  55. >Bloodline Limit, Talented (Taijutsu), Tough
  56. >Clone, Transformation, Substitution, Body Flicker, Shadow Clone, Chakra Flow+, Medical Arts, Hidden Fighting Style+, Eight Gates Technique
  57. >Fire, Lightning, Flare styles
  58. >Byakugan
  60. A member of the Uchiha clan and a prodigy with Genjutsu who got too interested in how far it can go, I ended up doing horrific experiments to create my ultimate technique: by draining my opponent of a large portion of their chakra and then replacing it with my own, I can fuck around with their brain on a deep, permanent level until I break contact. This takes time and quiet to do right, but once I do I basically have a puppet to control. In the process, I leaned the Yamanaka clan's hidden techniques by experimenting on one of them.
  61. I hit a wall, though, that required stronger powers. Driven by my Unbreakable Will, I resorted to the unthinkable; I killed my beloved to gain Mangekyo Sharingan. (And then she comes back, years later, somehow? and justifiably sees me as a major villain. Good thing she doesn't know my new face.)
  62. This lead to my downfall. An investigation eventually uncovered my tracks, and everyone was shocked and outraged. I barely escaped with my life.
  63. I fled to Otogakure to hide, and reflect on my actions. Everything seemed necessary at the time, but in retrospect it was sheer madness. After years of soul-searching and regret, I was discovered... by the Akatsuki, who wanted to make use of my talents to infiltrate Konohagakure. Hearing about their plans, I decided that I might be evil, but these guys sound crazy evil. Still, they have info on me that would kill me if let out, so I have to play along, for now. They gave me a special seal that lets me maintain a specific Transformation for extended periods of time, even when asleep, to help me to infiltrate the village.
  64. What I didn't know is that my brother left the village to follow me, and has been searching for me for years. His investigation led him to the Akatsuki, and he's infiltrating the group to find more info about me. This will lead to an inevitable confrontation between us.
  65. Plan is to play by ear, delaying my mission until I gain some clout in the village through Believe It, before revealing the Akatsuki to the Hokage and feeding intel to the village.
  66. My fighting style relies very heavily on Genjutsu, to shut down my opponent and remove them as a threat, and nearly everything I took plays into that, or into my ultimate technique. Once my opponent is incapacitated, I can either "convince" them to stop fighting me, or if nessisary, use the Genjustsu trap to cause their body to shut down from the phantom pain. But I'd rather avoid a fight when I can, using my techniques keep people from confronting me at all. My biggest weakness is someone who's immune to Genjutsu for some reason, be it someone in the Aburame clan (apparently their bugs are immune to Genjutsu) or the user of a Kekkai Genkai like the Sharingan or the Byakugan, though I think Mangekyo Shariangan trumps regular Shariangan and I could put someone with only the basic Shariangan in a Genjutsu.
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