14-day ban

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  1. Pre-Game
  2. did you now? (after "Twitch has left the lobby" message popped up)
  4. In-Game
  5. oh nice
  6. so... I farm?
  7. ................
  8. fuck this game
  9. gg, wp
  10. enjoy the freelo
  11. promos happen
  12. why not collapse?
  13. like
  14. before the 3v1 me for 8 seconds
  15. especially when the reason I was there
  16. is because you fucking ping'd
  17. and especially more when playing the long game is not an option
  18. good question
  19. feels so good to have no pressure against a tryhard duo after the jugnler literally fucks my lane up
  20. i'll just reiterate that fuck this game
  21. at least mid is winning so we got that  going for us
  22. still waiting on that first gank
  23. well, I might as well try to cheese
  24. if you're gonna AFK
  25. he's been at my tower
  26. for literally 7 minutes
  27. no, but exploiting vel's roam is (heca spam ping "?" on me because I tried to sneak a kill on Jhin while Vel'Koz was killing a ward in river and died)
  28. meanwhile, what are YOU dfoing?
  29. the lane that's already won? (he mentions ganking for top, since mid wasn't getting any help either)
  30. we have no midlaner no adc
  31. if at least he'd left
  32. so he drops the popup spam
  33. bot gone
  34. at least I ain't worth shit
  35. yall are fucking trolling
  36. lb can literally 100-0 me
  37. nice teamwork
  38. I am
  39. so now we can't win?
  40. now you wake the fuck up?
  41. teamwork wins game
  42. sadly, you need a team for that
  43. who would've thought
  44. that you can't 3v5 a fed team
  45. who would've thought that when they stop trolling, they start winning
  46. you literally invaded their jungle
  47. as 7/7 yasuo
  48. with no vision
  49. I am
  50. as support 1v2 (heca complaining about my score)
  51. when you fucked up my lane
  52. it does though
  53. it means I'm not 1 level behind 2 people
  54. I do waveclear though
  55. and u are
  56. but you'd rather try to bro up with your duo and flame me
  57. that explains a lot then (after heca said he was duo with AFK adc)
  58. both of you had great contribution! (he mentions that he was helping by ganking top)
  59. I'm toxic for being held hostage by trolls (heca says I'm toxic)
  60. I queue'd up for support, not for bottom bitch
  61. except that they 100-0 me under tower with CC
  62. so yes
  63. unless you gank
  64. there is a reason
  65. I wasn't toxic (after he says he doesn't gank for toxic neeko support 1v2)
  66. until you afk'd
  67. and yo uclearly do
  68. or yasuo does, probably
  69. nice bet there man (after hecarim and yasuo dies in enemy jungle again)
  70. paid off
  71. no shit sherlock (Yasuo says we should surrender)
  72. tried and yall said no
  73. blame the support for losing 1v2
  74. while you're off fapping top and giving objectives
  75. it's ok
  76. this game is my fault
  77. not the duo who both had no impact other than farming up you guys' worst player
  78. and then inting it down midlane
  79. my 9 deaths is why we're losing
  80. as solo support 1v2
  81. "unlucky" (all chat)
  82. I'd blame luck if fuckface was surrendering (all chat)
  83. now he's just being a terrorist (all chat)
  84. lol (think it was team chat after jg said something stupid, can't recall tbh)
  86. Post-Game
  87. this heca
  88. so good
  89. he won top 2v1
  90. he had so much pressure on the map
  91. that bot lane was shoving me out of tower range without wards
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