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How a True Hero Fights (Editted)

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Dec 5th, 2017
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  1. How a True Hero Fights
  5. By Tomatorte
  7. That man was the peerless hero. The man chosen by the goddess to defeat the vile demon king.
  8. Destroying many evildoers seeking out the height of tyranny, a warrior who fought for the sake of the weak he knew he must defend. Stronger than anyone, holding a nature more pure than all. And more beautiful than any.
  9. Without seeking out the slightest reward, his attire could only be seen as destitute.
  10. But upon seeing that man, both enemy and ally understood his identity. No matter the enemy who stood before his dignity, their body would tense, only for the swipe of a blade to await them.
  11. And that didn’t only hold for foes. The people he protected, upon seeing his form, would sense he was the hero of rumor. Their bodies would likewise stiffen, averting their eyes from the sheer terror of how the hero fought. And all would say unanimously.
  12. The hero was human not so.
  21. “Fufufu… so this is the rumored hero who’s invading my castle. How interesting, how truly interesting. Unlike the small fries who have challenged me up to now, perhaps I’ll be able to have some fun.”
  23. Despite it being midday, not a single strand of light filtered into the throne room of the demon king’s castle. The one spreading an enchanting smile as she sat on the throne was the castle’s lord, the demon king. Long hair so red it could be called malign, a peerless beauty of proportions that would lock any man in her cage.
  25. Be that as it may, as she awaited the hero, the expression that graced her was that of a demon. An expression enough for any layman to feel a premonition of their own demise.
  26. Approaching that transcendent being was a single hero.
  28. It was simply a cog in the fated battle that had carried on for centuries.
  30. “I know that you’re there. Enter.”
  31. “…”
  33. She felt the presence of a man mulling before the door that led to the throne room. He was most likely suspicious of a possible trap, but that too soon came to a close as the giant door slowly swung open. Alongside that, the demon king stood to greet the hero.
  35. “You have done wonderfully to make it to me, hero… ff…?”
  37. The lines she had prepared for the hero she knew would come, partway through them, she froze up. For what reason? It was because the hero’s form exceeded the extent of her imagination.
  38. His rumored strength seemed the real deal. Despite the distance and adventures he must have gone through, there wasn’t the slightest scratch on the man’s body. Imbued with a strong will, his eyes made clear the reality of his untainted soul. And his build was such a beautiful one even a transcendent being such as the demon king couldn’t help but admire it.
  39. However, that much wasn’t surprising. What could have stolen away the demon king’s words.
  40. It was…
  42. “I take it that you are the lord of this castle, Demon King Lucifelia.
  43. The many years of battle between human and demon, I shall end it here!”
  45. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothing or armor!?”
  47. “Clothing is uncouth, a true hero fights naked!”
  48. “Like I care, just put something on you pervert!!”
  50. … The hero was completely naked.
  51. The man spoke out in a voice worthy of a decisive battle, brandishing his blessed sword, but it wasn’t entering her ears.
  53. To that point, the demon king had taken on many a hero, but someone like this was unprecedented. They would usually be wearing some legendary armor or helmet.
  54. So why did it have to be naked with the holy sword?
  55. Was he trying to count his lower sword to say he fought in a double bladed style?
  57. “Mn? In the first place, is my nakedness of any inconvenience to you?”
  58. “It is! A huge one! This has got to be strange, just common sensically!”
  59. “Ngh, for the demon king to question my common sense… perhaps I am going senile.”
  60. “Are you looking for a beating?”
  62. Sighing and lowering her shoulders, a vein was surfacing on the demon king’s forehead.
  63. But she hadn’t served as demon king for so many years for show.
  64. Her thoughts were always turning within a level head. And reaching the conclusion this was undoubtedly his strategy, she regained her composure.
  66. “Hah… looks like you’ve thought this through. I shall admit, your actions have taken me by complete surprise. But I’m not so weak to be offed by a fluster of this level.”
  67. “No, but I dress like this all day every day.”
  68. “… Seriously?”
  69. “Quite.”
  71. As he nodded with a straight face, her head was beset by chaos once more.
  72. She couldn’t see any hint that the hero was lying.
  73. No, but this had to be strange.
  75. He was a hero of all things. He had come all the way here as the representative of humanity.
  76. If she tried confronting her foes naked, she would undoubtedly be bashed by all of demonkind. Even the demon king would rather die than have her race’s representative fight in the nude. Which incidentally would end the fight then and there.
  78. “No, but, this is the first time I’m hearing of it, you know.”
  79. “I guess this is what they mean when they say a picture is worth a thousand words.”
  80. “Though I’d rather not have to know anything about you!”
  82. Irritated by the hero’s needlessly skillful way with words, the demon lord tried recollecting her past information.
  84. “So when they said the hero’s attire was destitute, they meant…”
  85. “My policy is not to put on any unnecessary armor.”
  87. No matter how she thought about it, some of those things were necessary. Mainly in regards to his nether regions.
  89. “Come to think of it, all who see the hero’s form tense up…”
  90. “Yes. For some reason, they quite often concede me the first blow. It truly is peculiar.”
  92. Of course, with a naked man suddenly before their eyes, anyone would freeze up.
  93. Spitting toxicity in her heart, the demon king processed the information even further.
  95. “And averting their eyes from the terror of the hero’s fighting style… ah, yep, so that’s how it is.”
  96. “It cannot be helped. A gruesome battle is hard on the populace. Especially for the children, I often see their parents covering their eyes.”
  97. “No matter how you look at it, they’re making sure they don’t look at you!”
  98. “… Certainly, it wouldn’t be strange for this bloodstained body to become an object of disdain.”
  99. “Start off by putting on some clothes!”
  101. When she had put in so many retorts, it was as if her opponent didn’t understand at all. She was getting out of breath for the first in quite a while and it all felt just a tad unfair. That on her mind, the demon king glared at him, but her foe seemed carefree as ever. To be honest, it pissed her off.
  103. “Ah, I do wear something when I’m not fighting, mind you.”
  104. “Thank god. I was sure you went about normal life naked as well.”
  105. “Though I wonder if you can count a single cape.”
  106. “You're just increasing your pervert level!”
  108. It was a wonder the man had yet to be taken in by his own palace guard, or so the thought inevitably crossed her mind. Even if he wasn’t a full-fledged pervert, that didn’t change the fact he was a pervert taking the name of hero.
  110. “In the first place, why are you naked, you exhibitionist!”
  111. “Muh, you’re a rude one you are. This appearance of mine had a proper reason to it.”
  112. “A reason…”
  114. Hearing that from a straight face, the demon king was taken aback.
  115. The hero observed her closely, he determined there wouldn’t be a problem in speaking and went into his tale.
  116. It was a secret concealed in his own birth.
  118. “To start off, I was born of the royal house.”
  119. “Is the country of humans going to be alright…”
  121. The demon king honestly worried for an enemy nation.
  123. “Could you stop with the teasing? Anyways, I received life as royalty and was blessed with a strong grace from the goddess. My mother wished to give me the boon of immortality, submerging my body in the holy stream. As a result, my flesh became impervious and all armor lost its meaning. Discarding heavy armor allows one to move just that much faster, after all. I’m thankful to the goddess and my mother… of course, it’s because of this power that my father disinherited me.”
  124. “I see, I understand why you don’t need armor. I’m pretty sure the reason you were disinherited was because you’re naked, not the power. Also, if you’ll hear me out just once…
  125. … At least wear some pants!!!”
  127. There’s no way a single pair of pants would obstruct his movements.
  128. The demon king made a sorrowful plea. For her sake, for the world’s sake.
  130. “Hmm, I haven’t finished speaking. If the one calling themselves the demon king is so impatient, some might come to suspect your character.”
  131. “That’s something I don’t want to hear from a pervert of a hero.”
  133. The demon king’s face stiffened as she considered obliterating the hero this instant.
  134. But she put up with it to draw out more info on the enemy. The demon king was surprisingly patient.
  136. “My mother was wise, but as she bathed me in the holy waters, there was one part she neglected.”
  137. “Could it be the heel she held you by?”
  140. “No… it’s my sushi roll.”
  143. “Humanity can go to hell!!”
  145. To the hero who declared it with a straight face, the demon king embraced more killing intent towards a human than ever before. Even if she was bathing a child, shy did she have to hold there of all places? Thinking about it rationally, the nether regions were already one huge weak point.
  147. “And wait, that’s an even bigger reason for you to wear pants! Isn’t it strange for you to wave around your weakness!?”
  148. “Hiding one’s weak point isn’t the doing of a proud knight!”
  149. “A proud knight doesn’t prance around naked!”
  151. The demon king let out the sort of voice a child might use as they screamed out there wasn’t anyone in the mascot costumes. Honestly, she was reaching her mental breaking point.
  153. “You’re being naïve, demon king.
  154. From ancient times, a sturdy palace has always been built with a single flaw.
  155. This is not a failure of design, it is a trap to anticipate and eliminate the enemies who aim for it. The act of exposing one’s weak point is one founded on logic. On top of that, by constantly imbuing my body with the sensation I am making my last stand, it is possible for me to exhibit greater power than the norm. Therefore, nudity is the ultimate defense, falling not short of any legendary armor!”
  156. “Shut it, pervert!!”
  158. Even if he gave a needlessly logical explanation, she couldn’t accept it.
  159. Rather, standing on the pride of the demon and human races, she didn’t want to recognize it.
  161. “That’s enough, I’ve grown tired of talking to you. Rather, I don’t want to hear any more.”
  162. “Hmm, you do have a point. The reason I came here has and still is to fight.”
  164. The demon king swung her skull-adorned staff, the hero prepared his blessed blade.
  165. The conversation to that point held no meaning. In the end, the winning side was justice.
  166. Whether it be demonkind, humankind, or pervert, one simply had to come out on top.
  167. That was the absolute law of the world. The fate of human and demon that repeated countless times.
  169. “My name is Hero Maximilian. King of demons--”
  170. “My name is Demon King Lucifelia. Hero of humans--”
  172. The two kicked the ground simultaneously, an explosion rung out.
  174. ‘May the best fighter win!’
  176. The final battle with the future of two races on the line began.
  186. “Kuh… just kill me already…!”
  187. “That was over surprisingly fast, demon king.”
  189. And around ten minutes later, it was settled.
  190. The hero stood on the ground in victory. The demon king prostrated on it in defeat.
  191. The hero was a pervert, but his strength was the real thing.
  192. To such an extent it was no exaggeration to say he was the strongest hero in history. At the same time, he was history’s strongest pervert.
  194. “But… demon king, your movements were quite lacking in direction.”
  195. “Erk…”
  196. “How should I put it, with this, I really don’t feel like I won. Could you at least tell me the reason?”
  198. The hero’s strength was real. But the demon king’s strength was supposed to be real as well. It was, and yet the result was a crushing victory. It didn’t take a hero to think something was up.
  199. In regards to the hero’s question, the demon king’s face reddened as she averted it from his body.
  201. “...... ody.”
  202. “Hmm? My apologies, could you say it a little louder?”
  203. “It’s because I couldn’t take my eyes off your lower body!”
  205. For some reason, the demon king cried in a voice of desperation.
  206. The hero opened his mouth blankly as if to say he had no idea what she was talking about.
  208. “… Why? At the very least, I doubt it should bother you once combat commences. Rather, all the enemies I’ve faced to this point, the start aside, they never had their thoughts taken in the midst of battle.”
  209. “That’s because all the officers were men, right!? I’m a woman you know!? A maiden you know!?”
  211. As if noticing that fact for the very first time, the hero opened his eyes wide.
  212. That man hadn’t the slightest recognition he had put all his might into committing sexual harassment.
  214. “And because you said it was your weak point, I had to look at it whether I wanted to or not, right!?
  215. What’s more, whenever you jump and run around, your lower sword bounces and swings and spins; there’s no way in hell I can concentrate! You pervert! Pervert! Peeerrrvveeert!!”
  217. Her eyes growing teary as she cried pervert, contrary to her appearance, she looked no more than a little girl. And seeing that form, the hero noticed a certain possibility.
  219. “Demon king… are you perhaps… a virgin?”
  220. “Kill me! Kill me already! Just let me die! Cut me down this very instant!”
  222. Her face bright red, her eyes teary, the demon king fell into a half-crazed state. Seeing her like that, the hero realized he had done something wrong and covered his face.
  224. “Ah, no, I’m sorry. It was definitely not my intent to mock you.”
  225. “What’s that, you’re going to spread the rumor ‘She’s a virgin even when she’s the demon king(lol)’ aren’t you!?”
  226. “No, I don’t plan on doing such a thing, but…”
  227. “Then what is it!? You’re going to say, ‘I can fix that for you, he he he,’ and violate me!? Just like in those dirty books! Those dirty, dirty books!!?”
  228. “Calm down a bit.”
  230. As the demon king got all heated up on her own, the hero lightly poked her head. She was already quite ruined, in various ways.
  232. “You seems to be misunderstanding something, but… I have no intent to kill you, and I won’t do anything terrible to you.”
  233. “Hmm…? The later half aside, isn’t the first part a hero’s duty?”
  234. “Yes, you do have a point. But try thinking about it. In the case that I kill you, who is going to manage the monsters under your rule? Even if I do kill you and suppress the monsters through force, the war will become even more severe, and we won’t be able to evade a greater number of casualties.”
  235. “Your words are just, but what is this feeling… when you’re just a pervert, just a pervert…”
  237. To express the demon king’s current mental state, perhaps ‘I hate to admit it, but I understand, hmph, go die in a ditch,’ would be accurate.
  239. “Accordingly, what I desire is peace. It can just be for as long as I live. I wish to supervise the one who presides over them and stop monsters from attacking humans.”
  240. “… I can’t make any promises, you know? What’s more, when they learn I’m alive, will the humans let you off?”
  241. “What you’re capable of is plenty. What’s more, I just have to make it that you were sealed away. As I am the only one to ever see your face and return alive, I doubt it will come to light.”
  242. “… Are you really humanity’s ally?”
  245. With eyes of disbelief, she gazed at the hero.
  246. In response, the hero gave a gentle smile.
  248. “In the first place, the reason I became a hero was for father to revoke my disinheritance. I never particularly wished for your head. What’s more…”
  250. Putting a pause on his words, the hero extended a hand to the demon king.
  251. He spoke the killing words.
  253. “… You don’t seem like a bad person.”
  255. On those words, the demon king’s downturned face reddened in a different sense from before.
  256. But giving a proper reply was her final piece of dignity as the demon king.
  258. “… Hmph, you’d do well not to regret this later.”
  259. “I’ll pray to the goddess it never comes to that.”
  261. No matter how many times she turned against him, this man would probably say the same thing.
  262. Breathing a sigh at that impression, in order to hide her reddened face, she turned it away and reached out her hand.
  263. Because of that… she ended up grabbing something soft and elastic.
  266. “My apologies, that is my sushi roll.”
  268. “Bloody peeerrrvveerrt!”
  271. Demon king Lucifelia, XXX years old. A maiden to such even the flowers would blush.
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