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  2. Model prompt >>> In shocking news, Reddit just announced it has acquired 4chan.
  3. ======================================== SAMPLE 1 ========================================
  6. We're going to call it reddit.
  8. Reddit will allow its adult content site "adult content" (see: The Onion article here). Adult content has been in existence since the dawn of the Internet. You can read an excerpt here.
  10. It's called "the Internet of Things", and it's built on the principle that people could communicate information in the form of messages – things like, say, a letter, or perhaps something else. Here's what Reddit is currently using the site to do in its mission:
  12. Reddit is the only place that wants to build things, not just build a place to serve these things.
  14. For the record, Reddit is only an online news site, not one that will provide you with news, content, information, or other services.
  16. We already saw the first signs of new user growth.
  18. Reddit is a massive new community for kids with autism
  20. The current spike in traffic is coming out of a small town on the Upper West Side of New York, where children from underprivileged backgrounds make up the community.
  22. People are taking over a place called "Avenue B," which is where they go on Halloween.
  24. Reddit has been in trouble in some cases, but most often it's to people who come from a social group, say, Middle East and a conservative background.
  26. The average user here is an outsider with a strong interest in learning about culture, and a penchant to join up communities, like Aussies at Work. And Reddit was the site where people like this sort of person were once a part of the community.
  28. And what's more, people from out of town in social groups often end up at reddit.
  30. The problem isn't just that most people at reddit, where they have communities, see content as being free. The real problem is that many people are too lazy to care for it, especially when they do care for their own life, and even when they're tired of the crap they read about or read about from a big city gossip blog or talk show host or anything else.
  32. This is precisely what is happening in Australia.
  34. When young people from the south and west suburbs are able to go at it, they get more exposure.
  36. The Australian government has had its own policies aimed at making it easier to find work. The first thing that the Government has put in place is that you can pay for the travel if you're a new user.
  38. There are
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