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/k/ holster recommendations 1.2

blucarpets Feb 8th, 2017 3,958 Never
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  1. /k/ Recommended holsters v1.2
  2. (added leather vs kydex points)
  5. 1) Leather must be reinforced in order for you to be able to safely reholster. Kydex always stays open.
  6. 2) Leather, particularly poorly-formed cowhide, can collapse over the long term (think years). Exposure to water can speed this process up.
  7. 3) Kydex can crack, particularly at belt attachments and other points where the belt puts tension on the holster. Belt attachments should be metal clips, soft loops, or injection-molded polymer wherever possible.
  8. 4) Good leather is more expensive than good kydex, is harder to find, and will almost always take more time to get.
  11. An appendix holster should have one or more of the following:
  12. a) A belt wedge to lever the grip into your stomach (think JM Custom Kydex, Garrity Invictus, JRC Leather Watson Special);
  13. b) A claw or similar mechanism at the belt line to lever the grip into your stomach (think RCS Eidolon, 5 Shot Leather SME);
  14. c) A muzzle wedge to push the gun into your stomach (typically a foam velcro attached pad)
  15. Everything else is basically a straight drop holster. If you want to get away with concealing a full-sized pistol at the appendix position, you'll need one or more of the above features. Others may work just fine for smaller guns (<5" in height).
  16. The claw has become common as of late. Some companies are using kydex to make them, while the smarter ones are buying the RCS injection molded versions. The kydex claws will break on you and should be avoided.
  17. Skinner guys usually have better luck with claw designs than wedge designs.
  20. L.A.G. Tactical (excellent value, generally convertible iwb/owb also comfy appendix)
  21. Bravo Concealment (great OWB holsters, DOS is nice iwb or appendix)
  22. Safariland ALS system (chunky but tough holsters with an excellent retention system, used by LEO/MIL for years)
  23. Raven Concealment (good quality, high prices, long lead times)
  24. Comp-Tac
  25. Crossbreed
  26. On Your 6
  27. Galco (leather, but fairly good quality)
  28. Keeper's Concealment Keeper (wedge) (~8 weeks)
  29. JM Custom Kydex (multiple variants) (~6-8 weeks as of 02/2017)
  30. Dark Star Gear AIWB (claw) (2-4 weeks for Glocks, unknown for others)
  31. Raven Concealment Eidolon (claw) (stocking item)
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