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  1. Blue Wind's Imperial City in the sky above the red shadow flashed, appeared, Feng Xue'er wearing fiery red clothes, the light from the sky floated down and his footsteps gently shifted, In a flash, more than half of the Imperial City had suddenly understood.
  3. Entered the imperial palace, Feng Xue'er to wait for her in front of Cang Yue, Cang Yue raised his eyes and smiled: “Xue'er, you're here.”
  5. Sensed Cang Yue's eyes were deep worry, Feng Xue'er had already guessed, “Sister Cang Yue, is he a profound beast chaos?”
  7. Cang Yue nodded, “This time of turmoil in the Wasteland of Death in the east, and its scale is quite big. I've already made Blue Wind Profound Palace to deal with it, but their strength isn't enough......”
  9. “I understand,” Feng Xue'er immediately understood Cang Yue, including her this time, why would send his Blue Wind Profound Palace's profound practitioners, “I will send people hiding in the dark, If Blue Wind Profound Palace could successfully suppress it would naturally be for the best. If not, then let them out, Elder Sister Cang Yue did not have to worry.”
  11. “I'm truly worried about was not this,” Cang Yue sighed softly, “Half year, it was already the sixth time, and at this time since the last time after only a short half a month, The Xuan Beasts but didn't leave his territory. Moreover, her expression became extremely violent...... I was worried, this is a bad sign.”
  13. “I also think so.” Feng Xue'er said, “... moreover... there is something, I was about to tell Elder Sister. Just three hours ago, Illusory Demon Realm was a place similar to the profound beasts in turmoil.”
  15. “What?!” Cang Yue is startled.
  17. “It was located east of the luxurious Lan Region... also... the entire Illusory Demon Realm from the east.”
  19. Cang Yue's eyebrows abruptly furrowed, said softly, “It seems, absolutely could not be a coincidence.”
  21. Blue Wind Nation, located in the east of the Profound Sky Continent, profound beasts had occurred the most chaotic place, and also the Eastern District of Floating Cloud City, the subsequent gradually began to spread.
  23. Illusory Demon Realm had appeared like the Xuan Beast turmoil appeared in the region, well as the Eastern.
  25. If such a situation could only appear in Blue Wind Nation Eastern was fine, but it also appeared in the distance was very far from the Eastern... Illusory Demon Realm... If it is the same reason, the area of influence is truly too terrifying.
  27. Two people's eyes also looked towards the Eastern, Even Feng Xue'er today the Divine Dao Realm, also felt uneasy.
  29. “Tomorrow, I will personally entered the depths of the Eastern Sea Region ten thousand miles investigate Caiyi, Elder Sister's side is also very concerned about this matter, I believe it won't take long for would be revealed, Sister Cang Yue and there's no need to be so worried.” Feng Xue'er consoled.
  31. “Mm... then... Please Xue'er and Caiyi.”
  33. Left Blue Wind's Imperial City, Feng Xue'er's beautiful eyes were gradually filled with a solemn expression.
  35. The entire region of Xuan Beasts suddenly personality changed, irritation had intelligence, it was most likely because he had felt certain that they were extremely afraid, the aura. But...... Feng Xue'er Profound Sky Continent was the first person in history to truly become a Divine Dao's, and she was now on the level of the entire Profound Sky Continent, and no one was able to affect those weaker profound beast's aura, there is no reason why couldn't sense this.
  37. However, every life profound beasts in the chaotic place, She had personally gone there, but it was to no avail, didn't sense any unusual aura.
  39. This sort of strange and unknown was the most terrifying, She was actually far more than Cang Yue, anyone would feel uneasy.
  41. “I must properly investigate,” Feng Xue'er softly as he muttered to himself, At this moment, she suddenly thought of something. He turned his gaze to the distant Eastern: “Elder Brother Yun said, the Profound Sky Continent to the Eastern, until it is over a million miles away, there is a man named Azure Cloud Continent... the place and there would be... related?”
  43. After muttering to himself, she is just about to withdrew her gaze, Suddenly, the extremely distant horizon, a dark red light is reflected in her eyes.
  45. He was instantly shone, it was as if a needle was suddenly stabbed into her the depths of his pupils, her phoenix eyes subconsciously turned out...... At the same time, she clearly felt that his Soul is like it is being pierced through it, the icy cold feeling spread throughout his body.
  47. .. that... that......
  49. She immediately shifted her gaze back at the Eastern...... However, she directly, searching for a long time, but he didn't see the wisp of crimson light.
  51. Was it an illusion?
  53. Feng Xue'er closed his eyes, After a while, he spread his soul of coldness had completely faded away, As the desired figure involuntarily appeared, her soul had become exceptionally warm.
  55. Four years......
  57. Before a person in Phoenix Perching Valley for a long time, wouldn't feel lonely. However... this... four years... but... so long......
  59. Elder Brother Yun, there is still a year, you'll be back... I beg you... you must come back safely......
  61. Western God Territory, Dragon God Realm, Samsara Forbidden Land.
  63. Ancient One simply quietly Samsara Pure Land, there was a rumble of thunder array formation.
  65. Yun Che'sbody floated in midair, his entire body is bathed in violent surging purple sea, as his arms brandished as countless purple rays of light howling cry, and every single ray of purple light is not only dazzling malevolent, he evidently carried frightening might.
  67. A large white barrier to Yun Che by the space completely enveloped him, allowing the lightning was galloping tore apart, were unable to escape from any more damage, the Samsara Forbidden Land in the slightest.
  69. Barrier in front of him, Shen Xi was wearing a plain white dress, the gentle wind unintentionally the outline of the endless enchanting curves, Her chest was tall, his skin is sparkling white like snow, her appearance is beautiful like a fairy, She quietly stood there and looked at the barrier of Yun Che. His entire person seemed to be bathed in the holy light, emitting an indescribable noble and pure.
  71. He Ling silent footsteps walked over, holding a wisp of white light, The white light was a wisp of spirit liquid. Even though it is only a drop of water, but condensed with He Ling for a day and a night of hard work. She looked at Yun Che, her eyes rippled with lustrous splendor, he couldn't help but ask, “Master, he's very powerful.”
  73. Shen Xi's eyes never shifted away from Yun Che's body, it was gently nodded, “Indeed, he was an out-and-out freaks.”
  75. “Master recently often praised him,” He Ling smiled. Recently, every time heard Shen Xi to Yun Che's praise, she would always inexplicably felt happy in his heart.
  77. Perhaps it was because he had for He Lin's hopes, or is it because she had his own Fate had linked up together.
  79. “On one hand, there has never been anyone who could control the Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning, one side, average ‘ Purple Cloud Arts ’, he put the two blend perfectly, is even able to create such a shocking heavenly might.”
  81. Shen Xi with nature and level, she could have such a heartfelt admiration, Yun Che was definitely the first in history.
  83. “Profound Arts the birth of creation was extremely difficult, leading to several tens of generations of hard work to be close to perfection, Even though Yun Che is created, but such a complicated combination changes, and he had created and strange, and he only used less than a year's time, he had to complete it to this degree...... like him. Under the heavens, there should be no second person.”
  85. Shen Xi's words, Wood Spirit girl eyes glow even brighter. “It's no wonder, he would be recognized by the Sky Poison Pearl.”
  87. Shen Xi turned, looked at the Wood Spirit girl beside her, “Ling'er, in three more days, his Brahma Soul Seek Death Imprint would completely faded away.”
  89. “...... Ah!?” He Ling is startled, Soon after, a cry of alarm, he held onto the spiritual liquid's hand as he closed in, he subconsciously replied, “This...... this quickly?”
  91. “I never thought that it would be so fast,” Shen Xi a voice seemed to be muttering to herself softly. Her pretty eyes were somewhat complicated.
  93. Miracle of Life, the level of the strongest Creation God Technique, not a Creation God Li Suo light source energy, It doesn't have any Radiant Saint meridians, only relying on the mortal strength to cultivate it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.
  95. Yun Che's body Evil God's Profound Veins, cultivated the “Miracle of Life” was not of the barrier, the Shen Xi seemed to be the most difficult to cultivate, In fact, he might only be able to cultivate a “Miracle of Life” , He held a high hope...... but to this very high expectations, is also in a year's time will be able to learn the basics.
  97. However, Yun Che's comprehension of terrifying, overturned her entire life's knowledge.
  99. She spent thousands of years to reach half of the Miracle of Life, Yun Che only used six months!
  101. With the first half of the foundation, After all, he is a short three months had been enlightened.
  103. They two of them dual cultivation of cultivation time, When she was guiding light in Yun Che's profound strength, but in the end, it is Yun Che in to guide her, help her even more quickly comprehended the second half of the Miracle of Life.
  105. Miracle of Life could save for living, cleansing all objects, his body also slowly became a thousand evils could not enter the Sacred Body. With a light of profound strength, Yun Che could feel his body Seek Death Imprint existence. From the traces of enlightenment Miracle of Life and began his daily from Pure Seek Death Imprint, as the Miracle of Life to mature, I had to purify the speed was getting faster, faster.
  107. Now, with his current Honorable profound strength, even if he did not do anything, Seek Death Imprint would be gradually erased, After today, would not be afraid of Seek Death Imprint this curse power even Qianye Ying'er this level experts had planted.
  109. “10 months ago he told you, Seek Death Imprint completely purified by the day, Even if you become the Heavenly Poison Poison Spirit in the future.” Shen Xi looked at He Ling said, “Ling'er, do you have a change of heart?”
  111. Initial shock and was slightly at a loss, the Wood Spirit girl's gaze and quickly turned resolute, “Ling'er...... will absolutely not regret it.”
  113. He Ling's answer, Shen Xi did not surprise, She softly said, “Sky Poison Pearl did not use him as their master, but the ‘ no Spirit ’ and merging with his body, In other words, the current Sky Poison Pearl was his body part of you into the Sky Poison Pearl's Poison Spirit, it was a Poison Spirit for him in the future, you must never along with him, attached to him, in the future, how would they have him.”
  115. “Ling'er know.” He Ling's eyes were still as firm as before.
  117. Shen Xi lightly nodded her head, used a soft voice, “Ling'er, I believe, he will help you take revenge, would you properly. He appeared in your life, but to your Redemption, was also the day for you to make up for it.”
  119. Boom
  121. Even a sound barrier were unable to completely cover this sound, the barrier of lightning rumbled, the surging power, Yun Che was in the sea of lightning drifted through his clothes, long hair fluttered in the wind, and there was a thunder god had descended into this world's power.
  123. With his arms together, wildly surging within the lightning and then quickly disappeared, Within a short two breaths, it completely disappeared without a trace, Not even a slight trace of lightning had not left behind.
  125. Even Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning, he could control with incomparable ease.
  127. Yun Che's hair hung down, he stretched out his hand, and at the center of his palm, his face revealed a satisfied smile.
  129. Finally... finally.........
  131. Jasmine, If you see this, he would definitely be very happy, right?
  133. In the Star God Realm, Jasmine reminded Yun Che the Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning and the Yun Family's Purple Cloud Arts together because of the Purple Cloud Arts might just be a Lower Realm the ordinary Profound Arts, but it had been Yun Family's ten thousand years of heritage of evolution, it was undoubtedly the most suitable for the Yun Family's bloodline lightning Profound Arts. He had the name “Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning Technique” .
  135. Jasmine's words, Yun Che had always kept it in his heart.
  137. In this period of time, he spent every day with Shen Xi's cultivation and comprehension Miracle of Life. As the Miracle of Life of practice, he had created the Light profound strength was continuously changed, his soul was also affected, becoming more and more peaceful and calm.
  139. In this state, he started to slowly fuse with Jasmine pointed at the “Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning Technique” .
  141. Now, ten months passed, As the Purple Cloud Arts, the most powerful Taboo Skill “Deep Prison Lightning Emperor Array” Heaven's Way of the Lightning Tribulation of the successful transformation, His “Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning Technique” is finally formed.
  143. Although he was far from the Great Perfection, However, in a short 10 months would be able to reach such a degree, people in the world knew of, is a miraculous feat.
  145. Even the most knew Yun Che, Jasmine would not have expected him to be in such a short period of time to reach this completion percentage...... After all, this was her gave Yun Che “Eternal Sky three thousand years,” the target.
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