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  1. Official videos and screenshots
  2. ---
  3. Announcement trailer:
  4. Screenshots/art:
  5. Gameplay footage:
  6. Famitsu screenshots:
  7. PvP arena screenshots:
  8. ADP arena:
  9. Grand Archives arena:
  10. Launch trailer:
  11. Launch screenshots:
  13. Streams and media videos
  14. ---
  15. Gameplay from PAX East stream:!nFUhTJTY!sVWEb4jeiteATO9mFWKPmtOuyPQiPI6IKEWXH1uS3qo
  16. Bamco stream (PvP, some weapon stats):!7YNUhbZB!IXABnYIRQR9GQd030iLgOAMR30ExztE-qdV9RdQKysc
  17. Bamco stream (PvE, nothing new):!fYUhiA7b!bb9K_rKuPVb3vg4OLvWAsab5r_7h0TOyO6IxnjKvPi0
  18. IGN PvP gameplay (weapon showcase with shitty players):
  19. IGN PvE gameplay (nothing new before 5:54):
  20. Gamespot first boss fight (SPOILERS):
  22. Datamined stuff, leaks (DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED)
  23. ---
  24. Ringed Knight set screenshots:
  25. Vaati's notes, trimmed:
  26. Original first boss fight:
  27. Weapon stats:
  28. Datamined images (stats, item descriptions, LOADS O' SPOILERS):
  29. WebM demonstrations of weapons (with and without sound):
  30. Collector's Edition item IDs (for dropping yourself the DLC stuff):
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