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Pinkie Pie’s Special Cakes by MisterNonymous

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  1. Pinkie Pie’s Special Cakes
  2. by MisterNonymous
  4. ********  Scat, Watersports, Foodplay  ********
  5. Pinkie Pie x Rarity
  8. This would not do, not do at all! Pinkie Pie was hurrying to prepare the mixture, she could hardly contain herself, after all, it was her ‘Mystery Cake’ day she advertised once in a while.
  10. “Ohhh, now where did I put those silly bananas again?” A series of ‘clanks’, ‘clunks’ and ‘bangs’ later, she had prepared a bowl, filled with several exotic fruits. “That already looks DE-LISH! But I can’t eat it, atleast not yet, and not all of it, oh no no!” She dumped in a copious amount of a brew she had labeled ‘Pinkie Pie Party Pooper’ into the bowl. After stirring it around for a while, she poured it all into a large funnel-looking tube with a tap on the end. “Hooray! Now it’s time for the FUN part!” She positioned herself with her rump in front of the tubes end, and pushed it into her ass as she giggled. She turned the tap with help from her tail. “Ooh, it tickles!” The enema was starting to fill up Pinkie Pie’s ass. “This is going to be the BEST cake batter EVER once it comes out again!~ I SO can’t wait to taste it!”
  12. -
  14. Rarity was gossiping with a few of the mares at the spa as she was getting her beauty treatment, and soon enough the topic was changed to Pinkie Pie’s mysterious cakes.
  16. “Mystery Cakes? but I thought Pinkie Pie’s cakes were all just exotic?” Rarity was not usually for confection, but this had her intrigued.
  18. “Oh yes, She has been making these ‘Mystery Cakes’ once every month for a while now, and they’re quite simply wonderful!”
  20. “Indeed, I had the luxury to taste it once, I wanted to have more the instant I finished it, but she said that she was all out of ingredients.” The other two mares were soon idly gossiping away again at various things as Rarity contemplated giving Pinkie Pie a visit later.
  22. -
  24. Pinkie Pie’s stomach gurgled. “Oopsie! I suppose it’s already ready~! She trotted off to a large bowl she had prepared specially for this, the contents in her ass squishing around. She lifted her rear high up in the air, mostly to add a little splashing effect she loved doing as she relieved herself into the bowl, her cake batter gushing down into the bowl as she rubbed her buttcheeks. “That felt Sooo good!” She leaned down to taste a bit of the batter, and shivered at the taste. “They’re going to love this!”
  26. -
  28. Rarity was trotting along the streets of Ponyville as she made way towards the Sugarcube Corner. “I suppose once in a while, indulging in a bit of pastry is not too bad..”
  30. “HI Rarity!” Rarity, startled, fell backwards onto the ground. Pinkie Pie was looking down at her with a huge silly grin on her face. “What are you doing here? Oh, are you going to buy some sweets? I’ve got all sorts! Come on in, come in!” She pulled Rarity inside her shop as Rarity struggled to stand up on her four hoofs again.
  32. “Pinkie Pie, that is very rude! You do not drag other ponies along the ground! That gets the mane dirty!” Rarity scolded her for a bit until she noticed the large sign saying ‘Mystery Cake Day!’ “Oh, but I almost forgot! I came here to see what all this ruckus your advertisement caused is about.”
  34. “Ooh, You’re talking about my super duper special awesome special delicious exquisite special mystery cakes!” Pinkie Pie was bouncing around Rarity. “I’m so happy that you came, I didn’t think you would, I mean, you’re Sooo considerate about your weight, and you couldn’t fit into all of your dresses if y-” She was stopped as Rarity abruptly interrupted her.
  36. “ANYWAYS, Pinkie... could I perchance try a slice?”
  38. “Oh, sure!” Pinkie was holding up a platter with a slice of the now cut cake. “Dig in!” Rarity took a bite. It tasted weird... but not bad. She took another bite, and another. Soon enough she was licking the plate until she realized what she was doing.
  40. “Well! That was simply MARVELOUS! You HAVE to tell me what you put in it, Pinkie darling!”
  42. “That’s a business secret! You’ll have to Pinkie Pie swear not to tell anypony about it!”
  44. “My, you really are secretive, aren’t you? Very well... Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Pinkie Pie was already bouncing down the basement as Rarity finished her senteance.
  46. “Follow me!”
  48. -
  50. They reached Pinkie Pie’s special basement after a minute, which struck Rarity as a little bit odd, considering the layout of the house. But then again, nothing was odd when Pinkie Pie was around.
  52. “You sure do have a lot of... toys down here Pinkie Darling!” There were all sorts of thingamajigs and semi-phallic objects hung up on the walls.
  54. “Those are for my happy fun times!” They trotted up to the stone-carved table.
  56. “So, about that special ingredient of yours, what is it? Oh, is it kimchee? Or is it perhaps a tinge of pomegranate?” Pinkie giggled.
  58. “No, silly. It’s my poop.” Rarity tried to stagger back at this, but she felt unable to move as she slumped down towards the floor.
  60. “What is this... Pinkie?” Rarity started to sound worried.
  62. “Did you already forget? You made a Pinkie Promise! That means you’ll see how I make my special cakes, and we’ll even use your poop too!” she bounced like a schoolfilly around Rarity, who was still in shock.
  64. “Pinkie, Darling, surely you jest?” Rarity was laughing nervously.
  66. “Nope! Now, let’s get you up on the table...”
  68. -
  70. Rarity was laying on her back, splayed out, showing her genitals.
  72. “You’re... serious about this, aren’t you, Pinkie?” She nodded in response.
  74. “Yep! You’ve eaten of my poo-poo, and so have alot of other ponies in ponyville!”
  76. She prodded Rarity’s butthole with what appeared to be a whisk, but it had a hollow tube through the handle.
  78. “But... that’s so dirty! And- And unsanitary! Ponies could get sick!”
  80. “Nuh uh, not a single pony has ever gotten sick from it, that’s a Pinkie Promise!” She began easing the whisk-esque tool into Rarity’s butt.
  82. “But... but... It’s disgusting, it tastes bad!” Pinkie Pie muffled a guffaw.
  84. “Just a few minutes ago you said it was ‘marvelous’, silly!” she shoved the rest of the tool inside Rarity, and the feces was starting to come out.
  86. “But it’s wrong! You’re not supposed to.. It’s... What would the others say if I-” Pinkie Pie spread Rarity’s asshole apart a bit more as a response.
  88. “You made a Pinkie Pie Promise!” Her hoof was starting to get soiled as she got carried away in the moment. “You know, I’ve never ever ever shown anyone else this before, and I was really hoping you would be more understanding, Rarity!” She hinged up the tool to keep Rarity’s ass spread wide as she scooped up a bit of the poop. “See? I like it!” She licked it.
  90. “Ew, Pinkie...!”
  92. “Here, you try!” she slurped it into her mouth, and french kissed Rarity, playing with her tongue and squishing the shit around, as all Rarity could do was moan in protest. Pinkie Pie broke the kiss with a gasp as her cheeks flushed red. “Well? You liked the cake, right?” Rarity’s mind was a maelstrom of emotions and thoughts, every one of her instincts screaming different things at her, but the one that rung clearest was her phobia of being dirty.
  94. “Please, please don’t... I don’t want to get more dirty, Pinkie, please!” Pinkie Pie licked what feces remained on Rarity’s face.
  96. “Trust me, it’s fun and delicious! Besides, you can always take a good warm bath in my tub afterwards! Ooh, we can share a bath!” Pinkie Pie answered before returning to licking, giggling a bit at her idea.
  98. “But why would ANYPONY even like this?” Rarity tried moving her hoofs, but she couldn’t.
  100. “Because it’s squishy and it tickles and it feels REALLY good!” Pinkie Pie had reached Rarity’s labia, which she was now licking at.
  102. “Why me? Why not... Rainbow Dash? or even Twilight?” Pinkie Pie looked up at Rarity, with a sad and concerned look in her face, something rather rare for the pink pony to have.
  104. “You silly filly, why won’t you realize that I really really super like you?” Pinkie Pie kissed her hard on the lips again, this time without any tongue.
  106. -
  108. After collecting all the shit from Rarity’s ass, Pinkie Pie easily slid a hoof inside as Rarity involuntarily grunted.
  110. “Ooh, you’re squeezing so hard on my hoof, It’s almost starting to hurt!”
  112. “Pinkie Pie...” Rarity was still very sad over all of this, but what Pinkie had said to her earlier had struck her like a lightning bolt.
  114. “I know! Let’s put a few cupcakes up there!” She pulled her hoof out with a slick ‘shlurp’ sound and trotted over to a cupboard, picking out a few of the most juicy looking ones, bounced giddily back and, as if to tease her, shoved her tongue inside Rarity’s ass.
  116. “Mmm! Tastes delicious!” her long tongue rolled around inside with great precision.
  118. “Oh, my..! Haah!” Rarity squirmed with as much strength she could muster.
  120. “Sit still, now! wouldn’t want to get your ‘coiffure’ dirty!” She put one, two, three cupcakes inside.
  122. Rarity’s ass tingled, but she could not deny that it felt good. Pinkie put in a fourth, fifth, a sixth cupcake, pushing in a seventh as there was no more place inside. Rarity almost reflexively tried to squeeze them out, but she wanted to feel them inside at least a bit longer. “So how are you feeling, now? Ready to try again?”
  124. “Oh Pinkie Pie, I... But...” She could no longer control herself. “Yes, Pinkie Pie, I want to try again.”
  126. “Yay! Hooray! Woooo!” Pinkie Pie bounced at a nearly impossible height. “Ooh, Let me go get it then!” In the blink of an eye Pinkie Pie had brought the canister of Rarity’s still humidly heated poop from her large drawer. “Here we go!” She opened the canister and began pouring it out over Rarity’s body, circling her butt and going all the way up to her cheeks. “Do you want more?”
  128. “Yes, darling, please!” Rarity opened her mouth as Pinkie Pie started dumping the rest onto her.
  130. “I am so happy you came to your senses, Rarity! This would not have been very fun otherwise.”
  132. “Hmmnh” Rarity swallowed down the poop. “What ever do you mean, ‘This’?”
  134. “This!” Pinkie Pie was now sitting between Rarity’s hind legs, rubbing her asshole against Rarity’s vulva. She used her hoofs to spread Rarity’s lips apart as she began pooping into her pussy, squishing it around as she giggled. Rarity, regaining a little bit of her strength, started bucking against Pinkie’s butt, squishing her poo around even more. Pinkie Pie squeezed out the last piece and turned around, as she started licking and lapping at Rarity’s pussy, suckling at her clit and slurping down Rarity’s fluids and her own poop. “You taste wonderful, Rarity! Like a whole bundle of joy!” She somehow fit her whole hoof down to her shoulder inside Rarity’s vagina, as Rarity bucked wildly as she had regained all her strength. She was starting to squeeze out the cupcakes inside her butt, the feeling of them falling out one by one making her go wild with pleasure. She started peeing into Pinkie’s mouth, who was happily swallowing it all down. She then ate one of the cupcakes Rarity had squeezed out.
  136. “Juicy!” She took one in her mouth and pulled her hoof out from Rarity as she made her way up on the table, laying down on top of her, grinding their pussies together. She took the cupcake, soiled with poop and sweat, in her mouth before making out with Rarity, who returned the kiss with vigor, the two tongues fighting around, tasting each other off, before Rarity swallowed the cupcake.
  138. “Oh Darling, You were right! This is so much fun I could do this all day!” Rarity was laughing wholeheartedly, with a large blush and a cute smile to accommodate it.
  140. ---
  142. “Did you hear? Pinkie Pie is selling her Mystery Cakes now! We’ll have to hurry, or it’ll all be sold out!” A few mares galloped towards Sugarcube Corner, where Pinkie Pie and Rarity were giggling over something. “Did we miss it? Don’t tell me it’s all sold out!”
  144. “Oh don’t you worry, silly, there’s TONS today!” Rarity smirked as Pinkie said this.
  146. “How do you do it, though? They’re so delicious EVERYPONY in town is talking about them!”
  148. “That’s easy! I just put a little bit of myself into my cakes!” Everypony laughed.
  150. “Pinkie Pie! Rarity!” Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were trotting up to her. “Have you seen Scootaloo? We haven’t been able to find her all day!”
  152. “Oh Scootaloo? I saw Rainbow Dash flying around with her towards her cloud home.” Rarity said.
  154. “Thank you!” the two galloped away.
  156. --
  158. “Darling, I made us a special little cupcake with your ‘topping’ on it... Let’s share it.”
  160. “Okay Rarity~!” The two united in a kiss, sharing the little confection.
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