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  1. Usable operators: : = != !: > < >= <= AND (default) OR " -
  3.     List of fields:
  4.     fulltext (default; search in MEP's name)
  5.     total_score
  6.     country
  7.     group
  8.     committee
  9.     delegation
  10.     is_active
  12.     Here are some examples:
  13.     daniel will search all the MEPs which name contains "daniel"
  14.     daniel country=FR whill search for MEPS which name contains "daniel" and country is France (you can use also country:FR)
  15.     daniel country!=FR will search for "daniel" which country is not France (country=-FR also works)
  16.     daniel total_score>90 will search for "daniel" which score is more than 90
  17.     daniel or Pavel will search for MEPs which name contains "daniel" or Pavel
  18.     "STROŽ Daniel" will search for MEPs which name contains the string "STROŽ Daniel"
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