Spirit Supplement

Feb 3rd, 2019
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  1. Spirit Supplement
  2. Rarity ◊♦♦
  4. A powdery medicine of white powder that can replenish mana when monsters swallow it, or that by hardening it is a solid medicine.
  5. By processing the spirit of men collected by "Golems", keeping in mind an unspecified number of monsters drink it, the individual male's information included in the mana is removed, and pure "Human Mana" is made.
  6. Although the efficiency and quality is far inferior to that obtained from men through intercourse, it can replenish mana immediately with higher efficiency than ordinary meals, and is a useful item to magicians run dry on mana, or as a nutritional supplement when exhausted.
  8. However, this medicine has a reputation of being extremely unappetizing amongst monsters.
  9. To monsters, a man's spirit is a first-rate treat, but what is more delicious than anything else, in addition to the taste of the spirit itself, the taste peculiar to the individual male included in it, and the flavor added through the act of intercourse is lost.
  10. And above all else, due to the strong feelings monsters have towards men, their husband's spirit will be even more delicious.
  11. This "Spirit Supplement" in which none of that is present, is thin tasting itself, and because of the extremely unpleasant sensation of it being tasteless even though it should be their favorite food of spirit, it is generally speaking a substitute which can only be said to be disgusting.
  12. An unmarried monster without a partner will reluctantly drink this when she needs immediate replenishment of mana, and as for monsters with companions, because they know the taste of the best and real thing, they are all the more unable to drink it.
  13. Even in Sabbath, there are many scenes where the recovery of mana is necessary along with magical research and experiments, so you often see the appearance of unmarried witches grumbling complaints of "I want an Onii-chan as soon as possible" every time they drink this.
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