Amakai (S10)

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  1. Name: Amakai
  2. Sex: Female
  3. Race: Diamond dog
  4. Talent: whenever Amakai successfully inspires, all allies receive one less hit of damage on counter attacks from failed rolls for the turn inspire takes effect
  5. Class: Earthsinger
  6. Skills:
  7. -Earthsong
  8. -Animal mastery
  9. -Inspire
  10. Inventory:
  11. -An old, worn ukelele
  12. -A fishing rod
  13. -A huge straw hat
  14. -Wanderer robes
  15. -Some stashes of her 'favorite plant'
  17. Amakai is a free spirit that decided to live away from the underground life to enjoy the wonders of this wide world, becoming a wayward traveler, meeting new people and discovering more about the world and herself
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