Site 86 Rules

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=red>Site 86</color=red></align></size=30></b>
  2. Discord: <link=""><color=#cdf><u></u></color></link> - Please report any and all bugs to the Vice Administrator (<b>redstonedesigner#9530</b>).
  4. <b><size=30><align="center"><u><color=red>Rules</color=red></u></align></size=30></b>
  5. <color=yellow>1) </color=yellow><b>Hacking will get you banned and reported to the Global Moderation team</b>
  6. <color=yellow>2) </color=yellow><b>Don't suicide to avoid playing as a class you don't like or want to play</b>
  7. <color=yellow>3) </color=yellow><b>No advertising</b>
  8. <color=yellow>4) </color=yellow><b>Intentional and unnecessary delay of round is not permitted</b>
  9. <color=yellow>5) </color=yellow><b>Don't be verbally abusive</b>
  10. <color=yellow>6) </color=yellow><b>Excessive mic spam is prohibited</b>
  12. <b><size=30><align="center"><u><color=red>Custom Features</color=red></u></align></size=30></b>
  13. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Hold an item in your hand while in 914 and that item will be upgraded</b>
  14. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Chaos Insurgency spawn announcement</b>
  15. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Disarmed players cannot interact with doors or lifts, and will nwo escape as the following:</b>
  16.     <color=yellow>a) </color=yellow>Cuffed Chaos become MTF
  17.     <color=yellow>b) </color=yellow>Cuffed MTF become Chaos
  18.     <color=yellow>c) </color=yellow>Cuffed Class-D become MTF
  19.     <color=yellow>d) </color=yellow>Cuffed Scientists become Chaos
  20. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Customised loadouts for teams</b>
  21. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Join up to 30 seconds later to be teamed as though you were there at the start</b>
  22. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Chaos Insurgency spawn announcement</b>
  23. <color=yellow>* </color=yellow><b>Player experience (use the player console [accessed using " ' "] and type ".level <username>)</b>
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