Sep 30th, 2014
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  1. We are Gamers
  2. We are alive.
  4. We believe that games are an art form that should be allowed to flourish and evolve naturally and freely
  5. and should thus be protected from the dogmatic rhetoric of a clique of totalitarian ideologues
  6. who seek only to reign over an intellectually monolithic empire.
  8. We believe that the free flow of ideas and information is necessary
  9. for an informed, free democratic society to function
  10. and condemn all attempts to use disinformation, censorship and bullying to disrupt free discussion.
  12. We believe that a Fifth Estate worthy of that name needs to be
  13. ethical, transparent, free from conflicts of interests and independent from undue outside influence
  14. to merit the trust of the public, the real and only source of its legitimacy.
  16. We denounce the mercantilization of debased social justice
  17. and thus believe it is our responsibility to inform sponsors and partners
  18. of the moral corruption they implicitly endorse through their advertisements.
  20. We resist the careerist writers who sacrifice social harmony, human ethics and intellectual honesty
  21. on the altar of Controversy, in their quest for clicks
  22. in attempt to please their corporate owners’ cupidity.
  27. We refuse to forego our legitimate right to think for ourselves, and resist those who want us to serve
  28. as a passive, obedient, subservient audience whose only function is to
  29. listen and believe the propaganda of culture war profiteers and patented gurus who prey on the gullible.
  31. We reject harassment, threats, abuse; and the use of those terms
  32. to mislabel questions, dissent and criticism
  33. which are all essential parts of any rational, logical, respectful social discussion.
  35. We reject the Industry of Outrage and its shame-based economic model
  36. which parades calculated victimhood and fabricated martyrs to distract from its own sins
  37. while panhandling for the sympathy of the morally manipulated masses.
  39. We reject the ideological megaphones who perpetually parrot their prejudiced hate
  40. which they attempt to masquerade as progressive political preferences
  41. to disguise their own self-centered ethically bankrupt behavior.
  43. We reject the meticulous and deliberate manufacturing of self-fulfilling prophecies
  44. by self-aggrandizing and recognition-starved academics
  45. who have neither knowledge nor care for games, developers and gamers.
  47. We believe that misogyny does exist, is toxic, and that trivializing its true gravity
  48. by throwing the term around as a ready-made decoy to stonewall any constructive dialogue
  49. is intellectually dishonest and immoral.
  51. We believe that we are humans first; and that the use of our gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic identities
  52. as mere commodities, to be traded on the open market, in return for ideological brownie points
  53. objectifies, exploits and ultimately dehumanizes us all.
  55. We are of all genders, skin colors, sexual orientations, cultures, creeds, ages, education levels and social classes
  56. To you, those things should divide us
  57. Yet here we stand, united.
  59. Because we are not divided by those identities we didn't choose
  60. We are united by the one identity we did choose.
  62. We are Gamers
  63. We are alive
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