Bat Pony Thread Writers

Jul 12th, 2013
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  1. This is the list of regular writers in the Bat Pony threads in alphabetical order. If you want to be on the list, just ask, and you shall be added. Note that you have to be a regular writer to be added.
  3. Anon and the Batty Bat-pony
  4. We Are The Night
  5. Choose your own adventure stories
  6. Stories with Echo
  7. Anon X Gloom Wing
  8. (N/A)
  9. Knight's Nightlight and various one-shots
  10. The Adventures of Aux Tism
  11. Sylver Light
  12. Living with Echo
  13. "A Feeling of-" Series
  14. Moonlight/Smut (Clop) stories
  15. "Home" Series
  16. Shorts
  17. Renaissance
  18. Echo's adventure
  19. Operators and Mosina
  20. Anon: Vampony Hunter
  21. "Trials" Series
  23. If you'd like to write, just do it, and make sure you're having fun with it, because if you don't enjoy writing, the chances of the reader liking it will not be high.
  25. The list of trusted tripcodes:
  27. Tripcodes allow users on 4chan to identify each other. They are only allowed for content creators, such as the writers and drawers. We have had incidents where a person without one would make a thread, and delete when it has hundreds of posts, causing panic and anger among the Anons. We now usually have tripcode users make the threads to calm everyone down. The following link is the list of the only trusted tripfags in the thread:
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