boxcryptor classic on osx el capitan

Oct 1st, 2015
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  1. So I have to agree with everyone's posts above; given that the only thing needed to support Boxcryptor Classic in 10.11 is a symlink, I think it is BS that they are using this to force people to a different product. It would be one thing is Apple switched the FS layer, but they did not, so there is no technical reason not to support it.
  3. I understand the proposed advantages to Boxcryptor, but I use Boxcryptor Classic precisely since it has encFS support. As such, it's the only package I've found that lets me sync encrypted stuff between Mac, Windows and Linux easily.
  5. Anyway, since they refuse to support it, an even easier way to have full support in El Capitain is:
  6. 1. Download an older version of Boxcryptor Classic. I used 1.5.409.246 (https://www.boxcryptor.com/download/Boxcryptor_Classic_v1.5.409.246_Installer.dmg).
  7. 2. Install the application and open it once (you need to open it before modifying so Gatekeeper doesn't compain to you).
  8. 3. Close out Boxcryptor Classic
  9. 4. Open Terminal.
  10. 5. Run the following command: ln -s /Applications/Boxcryptor\ Classic.app/Contents/MacOS/Filesystems/bccfs.fs/Contents/Extensions/10.9 /Applications/Boxcryptor\ Classic.app/Contents/MacOS/Filesystems/bccfs.fs/Contents/Extensions/10.11 && ln -s /Applications/Boxcryptor\ Classic.app/Contents/Resources/bccfs.fs/Contents/Extensions/10.9 /Applications/Boxcryptor\ Classic.app/Contents/Resources/bccfs.fs/Contents/Extensions/10.11
  11. 6. Enjoy!
  12. 7. If Gatekeeper gives you a message saying Boxcryptor Classic is corrupted, open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and switch "Allow apps downloaded from" to "Anywhere". Open the app, then switch the setting back.
  13. That's all you need to do.
  15. https://forums.boxcryptor.com/topic/boxcryptor-classic-mac-os-x-1011-el-capitan
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