Zero Win Quotes

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  1. [Quotes] ;all of these are written by Slim, also known as @PointyGenmurei on Twitter. he's a really cool dude and a great friend
  2. ;General quotes
  3. victory0 = "Don't get in my way again."
  4. victory1 = "Maybe you should've considered who you were fighting.\nIt would've saved you the embarrassment."
  5. victory2 = "I've fought Mavericks who were more dangerous than you!"
  6. victory3 = "You don't wanna get on my bad side.\nTrust me."
  7. victory4 = "You can try again, when you know how to fight."
  8. victory5 = "You're lucky I didn't leave you in pieces!"
  9. victory6 = "Was that supposed to be a fight?\nThis is a waste of my skills..."
  10. victory7 = "I'm surprised you had the guts to go up against me.\nYou're either brave, or you have a death wish."
  11. victory8 = "Good job. I would've broken a sweat, if I wasn't non-organic."
  12. victory9 = "That'll teach you for picking a fight with me!"
  13. ; Quotes for winning against specific characters
  14. victory10 = "A sandbag? How primitive and rudimentary... Though effective." ; vs Sandbag
  15. victory11 = "W-when did they build Mettaurs this big?! I've never seen one so big!" ; vs Metool Boss
  16. victory12 = "What a mess...\nAn amalgamation of useless scrap metal won't stop me, especially if I destroyed it it once before!" ; vs Ereg-1000
  17. victory13 = "(Why does he look so familiar...?)" ; vs Z-Prototype
  18. victory14 = "Don't be ashamed.\nHumans can only be so strong before being outclassed." ; vs KFM
  19. victory15 = "Suave is hardly befitting of you. That would imply you could get through me." ; vs Suave Dude
  20. victory16 = "Hm? Why do I get the feeling we've met?" ; vs Aile
  21. victory17 = "Kids like you shouldn't pick a fight with a Maverick Hunter!" ; vs Vent
  22. victory18 = "You! You're the man from my..." ; vs Dr. Wily
  23. victory19 = "Your whip doesn't do much against my alloys! Spare yourself the trouble..." ; vs Simon Belmont
  24. victory20 = "...This one. There's something about him." ; vs Rock
  25. victory21 = "There's a reason you're a B Class, X.\nI figured you would've toughened up by now.\nSave the big heart for when it matters!" ; vs Megaman X (and minor variants)
  26. victory22 = "Who are you? Some kind of shoddy impersonator?" ; vs Megaman Zero/Rockman Zero
  27. victory23 = "Messiah? You're a joke... Now quit freeloading in that body!" ; vs Omega Zero
  28. victory24 = "How many of these are they going to build?\nYou can't copy me this easily!" ; vs himself (or other Zeros)
  29. victory25 = "What an odd fellow... Shovels aren't effective enough weapons." ; vs Shovel Knight
  30. victory26 = "Even when I'm outnumbered, you can't beat me!" ; vs Robotnik's Badniks (by Supermystery)
  31. victory27 = "You look like a clown! Try harder next time." ; vs Quint
  32. victory28 = "Hmph. Robots like you are too simple." ; vs E-123 Omega
  33. victory29 = "Why does your voice make my receptors ring...?" ; vs Silver the Hedgehog
  34. victory30 = "Your aim needs work, you old clanker!" ; vs Sniper Joe
  35. victory31 = "Victory being your destiny is a cruel joke." ; vs Meta Knight
  36. victory32 = "Begone." ; vs Bubsy
  37. victory33 = "What kind of an opponent was that?\nNot worth my time!" ; vs Kirby
  38. victory34 = "You're fast, but you can't beat a Reploid's processing." ; vs Fox McCloud
  39. victory35 = "Stick to the skies, birdie." ; vs Falco Lombardi
  40. victory36 = "Maybe if you didn't telegraph your attacks, you would've won." ; vs Captain Falcon
  41. victory37 = "Your energy is too unstable. You'll break apart before you even come close to me!" ; vs Proto Man/Blues
  42. victory38 = "Call me a girly robot again, I dare you!" ; vs Bass/Forte
  43. victory39 = "Speed doesn't matter when you don't have the strength to follow up!" ; vs Sonic
  44. victory40 = "Your little toys don't come close to my specs." ; vs Tails
  45. victory41 = "You hit like a truck, but you're easy to confuse." ; vs Knuckles
  46. victory42 = "Ultimate life form?\nYou'll have to try a little harder to reach that title." ; vs Shadow
  47. victory43 = "Super is hardly any better!" ; vs Super Sonic
  48. victory44 = "You're still not even close to ultimate..." ; vs Super Shadow
  49. victory45 = "What even are you? You look like a scraggly mess." ; vs Werehog (does this even exist?)
  50. victory46 = "Quit shaking your rear at me!" ; vs Mr. Frosty
  51. victory47 = "Fancy name, didn't do you much good." ; vs Galacta Knight
  52. victory48 = "D-does this even count as an enemy?" ; vs Waddle Dee
  53. victory49 = "What kind of name is that? Sounds like some kind of code..." ; vs Ermac
  54. victory50 = "Acid... You're actually a threat." ; vs Reptile
  55. victory51 = "No, you get over here!" ; vs Scorpion
  56. victory52 = "Not cold enough for me." ; vs Sub-Zero
  57. victory53 = "You're inferior to your original, who isn't much to sneeze at himself." ; vs Metal, Mecha, and Silver Sonic
  58. victory54 = "Your creations are nothing but scrap metal with small creatures inside.\nYou match the criteria for Maverick!" ; vs Robotnik/Eggman
  59. victory55 = "You think that walking can opener scares me?" ; vs Death Egg Robot
  60. victory56 = "Don't be so naive, Axl.\nYou've got a long way to go before you even give me a run for my money!" ; vs Axl
  61. victory57 = "You're nothing but a wannabe made from my DNA!" ; vs High Max
  62. victory58 = "Go and rest in the afterlife with your unit." ; vs Slash Beast
  63. victory59 = "You think that tough armor will give you the edge, X?\nYou're mistaken..." ; vs Gaea Armor X
  64. victory60 = "That body is outdated, you stood no chance on a technical level!" ; vs X1 Zero
  65. victory61 = "You're not worthy of being X's copy. Now vanish!" ; vs Copy X
  66. victory62 = "...I'm sorry, X. I never thought that we would fight on these terms...\nI won't let you die in vain. Whoever did this to you will pay!" ; vs Nightmare X / Awakened X
  67. victory63 = "Incredible, that humble appearance is deceptive compared to his power..." ; vs Oliver
  68. victory64 = "Looks like I won. I suppose it's only fair if you chipped in and used your strange powers to perform my repairs..." ; vs Josuke Higashikata
  69. victory65 = "Stick to the ground and fight me fairly!" ; vs Falcon Armor X
  70. victory66 = "Nice armor, too bad it doesn't help you use my old saber." ; vs Shadow Armor X
  71. victory67 = "I guess you're not confident enough to fight me without a little help. I understand..." ; vs Force/Fourth Armor X
  72. victory68 = "This is getting ridiculous with this armor especially, X. Seriously..." ; vs Ultimate Armor X
  73. victory69 = "Tough guys like you aren't worth my time.\nKeep to yourself, or you'll quickly find out why." ; vs Jotaro Kujo
  74. victory70 = "Vampires? Please... But that power, it's identical to the Dark Hold!\nPerhaps it might prove effective on him...?" ; vs DIO/Dio Brando
  75. victory71 = "I don't even feel like I need to dignify you with banter, baldie.\nWe've done this song and dance one too many times." ; vs Sigma
  76. victory72 = "How do you even qualify to be trounced by me?\nYou're a waste of resources...\nHow did you even manage to confront me...?" ; vs shitty characters, i.e. Dark Ruler's Neptunia characters
  77. victory73 = "What a disgusting creature... Although you cannot violate me, it is deplorable how you violate others!\nThere's a special place in Hell just for you, and I'll send you right to it!!" ; vs Kuromaru & other rape characters
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