WooCommerce - Show Your order at side of billing

lorro Aug 15th, 2015 (edited) 198 Never
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  1. /*
  2. WooCommerce, Checkout page
  3. CSS to show the Your order table at the side of billing address, instead of underneath
  4. Only works if you do not have a shipping address
  5. eg ship only to billing address set, or you only sell virtual products
  6. */
  8. .woocommerce-checkout #customer_details {float:left; max-width:550px; width:48%}
  9. .woocommerce-checkout #customer_details .col-1 {width:100%}
  10. .woocommerce-checkout #customer_details .col-2 {width:100%}
  11. .woocommerce-checkout #order_review_heading {float:right; width:48%}
  12. .woocommerce-checkout #order_review {float:right; width:48%}
  13. .woocommerce-checkout #payment {float:right; width:100%}
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