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  1. You are Anon. You just fell through a glowing purple portal and woke up sprawled
  2.  out on a crystal table in an opulent crystal room. Surrounding you are 6 colorful
  3.  ponies, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy,
  4.  just like you know them from My Little Pony. Except they have massive erect
  5.  horsecocks between their hind legs. Twilight says  
  6. > listen
  8. "Hello?" you say.
  9. "Yes," Twilight replies. "I am Twilight Sparkle".
  10. "And I am Anon".
  11. "So, what brings you here? Did Princess Luna send you to bring me some magic
  12.  beans or something?"
  14. > Say "I just woke fell through a portal. Did you summon me to be your cock slave?"
  16. "No! No no no!" Twilight cries. "It's not that! It's just... well it's complicated".
  18. > Look at Twilight's horsecock
  20. You stare at the unicorn pony's horn and see that it is indeed quite large. In
  21.  fact, it looks like it could easily fit inside of her mouth.
  23. > Say "You know, I'm not against the idea. If you want me to suck your cocks, I'd be willing"
  25. "Oh..". Twilight says. "Well, alright then".
  26. Twilight takes out a small pouch from her saddlebags and opens it up. She pulls
  27.  out a pair of blue-and-white striped panties and puts them on. Then she turns
  28.  around and walks over to you
  29. > Open  wide
  31. You take the pouch and put it in your mouth. The smell of the cottony material
  32.  fills your nostrils and you immediately begin sucking on the pouch.
  33. "Ahh, good", Twilight says. "Now, let's try this one"
  34. > continue
  36. The next item Twilight hands you is a purple and black leather collar with a
  37.  gold buckle. She tells you to put it on and you do so. As soon as you do, you
  38.  feel a strong force holding you down by the neck.
  40. > Struggle lightly
  42. You struggle slightly but are quickly held fast. Twilight seems pleased with
  43.  herself for keeping you still long enough.
  44. "There we go", Twilight says. "Now, you can start getting used to this harness".
  45. She goes back to putting on the other items
  46. > continue
  48. As you're strapped into the harness, you hear Twilight say "That should keep
  49.  you nice and tight until we get back home".
  50. "What does that mean?", you ask.
  52. > continue
  54. Twilight explains that she wants you to stay in this room while they return to
  55.  Canterlot. When they arrive, she'll give you a few instructions about how to
  56.  act. Once there, she'll explain everything again.
  58. > Say "You aren't going to use my throat?"
  60. "No, no, no, no!", Twilight screams. "Don't think that I won't punish you if
  61.  you break any of these rules. Now, come on, let's get you ready for when we
  62.  leave!".
  63. Twilight leads you outside where you both enter a carriage
  64. > Feel shame at being exposed in public
  66. You feel ashamed at being seen with another mare. Twilight smiles at you and
  67.  begins driving towards Canterlot.
  68. "See you later, Anon"., Twilight says as the carriage drives off
  69. > Test your harness and collar for tightness
  71. You slowly pull on the leash attached to the collar. It feels very secure. You
  72.  also feel a strange tingling sensation throughout your body. This feeling grows
  73.  stronger as you walk further away from the castle. Finally, you reach the edge
  74.  of town and the sensation stops
  75. > Return to Twilight's Castle
  77. You return to Twilight's Castle and Twilight gives you a big hug.
  78. "Thank you for coming back to me", Twilight says. "I knew you were safe with
  79.  me. We'll meet again soon".
  80. "Yeah, yeah, yeah..". you reply
  81. > Ask Twilight to reward you for your obedience
  83. You decide to play along with Twilight's game.
  84. > continue
  86. Twilight asks you to sit on her lap.
  87. "Aww, don't be shy", Twilight says. "Just lie back and relax".
  88. You obey and do exactly that.
  90. >>>>>>>>>>>>>lost connection, forgot to save
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