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Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Yeah I did say I would try and keep it brief, but im inherently awful at doing so, so imma try and wrap this up within this pastebin:
  3. To wrap up id like to thank all the people who made my time on PS enjoyable. There are quite a few, in a large spread of communities, and it would take too much time to list them all and I would feel bad cos id have missed out on some people. Thats why im not doing s/o's too, and also I just dont think its that deep. The vast majority of the users on PS will join, and eventually leave and move on, and I dont consider that to be a bad thing at all, simply time moving forward which is natural. For the most part I really enjoyed the PS community. In fact the main reason why im quitting altogether, rather than stopping entering tours is because I am quite scared that the community will suck me in and ill fall back into that cycle. Lots of yall are great people from what I can tell at least across the form of text, and I wish yall the best of luck in everything you do!
  5. -racool
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