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  1. Item #: SCP-████
  3. Object class: Euclid
  5. Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Web crawlers are to locate and flag any instance of SCP-████ and any records of its transformative properties. Personnel are then instructed to purge any instances of SCP-████ and containment teams will be dispatched to the location of every IP address belonging to users exposed to a confirmed instance of SCP-████. People who have been confirmed to have witnessed the effects of SCP-████ are to be amnesticized and released upon completion of the containment operation.
  7. Any individuals affected by SCP-████ are to be captured by the foundation and detained in standard containment cells with constant video surveillance and are to be fed a standard equine diet proportionate to their body mass. Bi-weekly visits by Foundation veterinarians and psychologists are to be scheduled to analyze any behavioral changes in afflicted subjects and to monitor the development of their anomalous abilities. Interaction with other transformed individuals should be done regularly to maintain their psychological stability, and are to be strictly supervised. Two armed guards are to be posted on the containment cells at all times, armed with tranquilizers in case of a containment breach. Personnel wishing to interact with afflicted individuals require Level-2 Clearance or higher, with the exception of those wishing to interact with instances of SCP-████-C which should also require being accompanied by security personnel trained with neutralizing psychokinetic SCPs on the aftermath of incident ████-2.
  9. Within the event of a potential containment breach, Site ██ is to be locked down, and a perimeter established within 5km should the breach be initiated by an instance of SCP-████-C.
  11. Description: SCP-████ is a piece of pornographic art depicting a human transforming into a Pony from the children's cartoon series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". The image has no visible artist signature, and has not been traced to any particular artist. Copies of the image manifest its anomalous properties regardless of physical medium unless heavily compressed or censored.
  13. Individuals who reach orgasm while viewing the image will begin to transform into small equine creatures with characteristics respective to those of the show, with the changes reported as occurring within the span of 5 to 30 minutes and being described as agonizingly painful by the afflicted subjects. Sex change has been reported in a handful of cases. These creatures are no more than three feet tall, possess sapience, and initially maintain their human memories and personality. Over time behavioral changes are experienced by these individuals, making them more docile, increasingly sociable, and prone to fits of singing.
  15. Affected individuals also often present a desire of reaching "Equestria", the world where My Little Pony takes place, and often rechristen themselves into a name befitting their "talent". Each individual also presents an unique symbol on their flanks, which is referred by them as their "cutie mark" (See addendum ████-A.) and is to be assigned as an instance of SCP-████-A, SCP-████-B, or SCP-████-C depending on their physical and biological characteristics.
  17. Instances of SCP-████-A present no additional appendages, but present superior strength and endurance when compared to other affected individuals. SCP-████-B instances present a pair of wings consistent with the typical depiction of a pegasus, and are fully functional despite the apparent physical impossibility. These individuals have also been reported as being able to stand on clouds and manipulate them as if they were solid objects. Finally, instances of SCP-████-C present a single horn growth in their foreheads, which provides them the ability to use several kinds of psychokinetic abilities.
  19. Each of these variants are to be studied closely due to their latent potential should they manage to develop their abilities, as per the depictions seen on the show and the threat of containment breach presented after Incident ████-2.
  21. Discovery: SCP-████ came to the Foundation's attention on ████ ██, 20██ after reports that a brightly colored speaking unicorn was sighted in ██████ ████. After containing the creature and disseminating a cover story, the creature confessed to having being exposed to SCP-████ on the "████ ██████████████ General" thread on the /mlp/ board of 4chan. The site was quickly taken down by a foundation driven DDoS attack and the image and all its copies purged from any available sites. A thorough investigation of every user believed to have been seen the image resulted in several more instances of SCP-████ affected individuals being captured by the Foundation, and a related ███████ server was taken down by Foundation agents.
  23. Further research into the origin of the image directed to a torrent of assorted My Little Pony pornographic art on ████████.org, but the original creator of the image has not been identified so far.
  25. Addendum ████-A: List of observed symbols in SCP-████ specimens.
  28. Incident Log ████-2: On ███/██/20██ after a routine psychological analysis, SCP-████-C-4 initiated a containment breach when it was being returned to its containment cell. After using psychokinesis to kill the assigned guards by exploding their heads, the specimen was seen trying to find other instances of SCP-████ affected individuals in an attempt to release them from containment. Upon being surrounded it managed to teleport outside the facility, before being located 12km away from Site ██ and neutralized by members of MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine Tailed Fox") after a brief skirmish. Security has been increased and additional containment protocols have been requested for SCP-████-C individuals pending further review.
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